In Washington Annan voices hope that US and UK will discipline soldiers

“In all these situations, when it comes to the treatment of prisoners of war, we have to respect international humanitarian law,” Mr. Annan said in response to press questions in Washington, D.C. “I am encouraged that the US Government is taking it seriously and intends to discipline those involved, and I think that is extremely important, because the images going around the world have been damaging,” he said. The United States and United Kingdom must “take a strong and firm stand to ensure that those kinds of activities are not repeated, because it does do damage, as you can see from reactions in the region,” he added. The Secretary-General also pointed out that “the US is in Iraq, as it has indicated, to also try and establish democracy and law and order” making it all the more important that Washington “be seen as dealing very firmly with this.” To questions about the transition to Iraqi sovereignty, Mr. Annan said the country’s people are “keen to see the end of the occupation” and are counting on this taking place on 30 June. “Any attempt to pull it back can be difficult and can raise tensions,” he cautioned. “So I believe we should do everything to make sure that the June deadline is met.” For its part, the UN is “trying to facilitate and work with the Iraqis and the CPA [Coalition Provisional Authority] to come up with a new government” based on broad consultations with the Iraqi people. He also predicted that the Security Council would pass a resolution before 30 June on a multinational force in Iraq. read more

New clothing text book service desk and cash back program at the

It’s been a busy summer of planning for the Campus Store and students will benefit from the changes.With the first day of classes around the corner, the Campus Store “is excited about the new initiatives that we are bringing to our customers,” says Director Dan Lewis.“Last year we kicked off the dynamic pricing model for textbooks where we compare prices daily with competitors and this year we have continued to identify ways to add value and source affordable options for the students at Brock.”Along with opening a textbook service desk and sourcing more used and rental book options, the Campus Store has launched the Campus Store Cash program where students receive $5 of Campus Store Cash for every $100 spent on textbooks. The cash can be redeemed on any regular priced item at all of the Campus Store locations.In the clothing department, results of the successful Would U Rep It event have hit the retail floor.“The new ‘Student Choice’ line is identified in store by a gold sticker that indicates products that were voted on by our customers,” Lewis says, noting 400 students participated.The new product line brings brands such as Campus Crew, Cutter and Buck and 47 Brand into the mix along with fashion-forward styles that resonate with the student body.Also new this year is a partnership with the Goodman School of Business, where a Goodman product line will be sold in the store with a percentage of the proceeds going back the Goodman student“The product line is in its infancy however the possibilities are endless,” says Lewis.He said the Campus Store continues to evolve to meet the needs and wants of Brock students.“Continual improvement is important to us and ensuring that we are enhancing the Brock student experience is at the forefront of our decisions” says Lewis. read more