Moroccans in Peru Denounce Ban Kimoons Biased Statements Against Morocco

Lima  –  Members of the Association of Moroccan expatriates living in Peru have denounced biased statements of UNSG Ban Ki Moon on the Sahara.In a statement to MAP, the association expressed its refusal of Ban’s statements and actions during his recent visit to the region, deeming that the UNSG should abide by the principles of neutrality and integrity.While reiterating their unwavering attachment to the Moroccan identity of the Sahara and to the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, the members of the Moroccan community in Peru called on the UN to work in a constructive way and respect the sovereignty of its member states, while avoiding negative actions that could threaten the region’s security and stability. The foreign ministry had underlined, on Tuesday, that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s statements are more than a mere Misunderstanding and cannot be justified nor obliterated, reiterating Morocco’s willingness to engage in responsible and constructive dialogue about the crisis provoked by these statements.With MAP read more