9 rules for giving directions in Ireland

first_img Source: markjhandel6. RoadsNo need for M this and N that, roads can be distinguished by their condition or any stand-out cattle grids you may encounter. The standard unit of measurement must be given in traffic lights. Source: Jimmy Harris7. Offer alternativesSure if you get lost look out for someone. You’ll only have to wait a few hours. Source: jimmyharris8. Let them know what they shouldn’t see“You can’t see the house from the road, but if you see the graveyard you’ve gone too far.” Source: infomatique9. Directions don’t stop once you reach your destinationBe sure to comment on the condition of the roads and intricacies of the specific route taken. You’ll be asked, anyway.“Did you go behind Fanning’s there?”“No sure I came up by the school off the motorway, fine aul road.” Source: infomatiqueCan you pick out the Irish scenes in this amazing GoPro video?>Prince William and Taylor Swift join Bon Jovi on stage for a sing-song> GOOGLE MAPS TRANSIT launched a handy route planning tool for Ireland today. While it’s cool and all, it’s not nearly as specific as the directions we’re used to receiving in this country.Here are nine golden rules to help those lost souls get from A to B.1. Start by stating the obviousMake them feel like an eejit, they’ll be much more likely to listen to you that way. Source: Shutterstock2. Pubs must be used as the main point of referenceWell out-of-towners can read, can’t they? Source: infomatique3. Ignore all road signs“I know you want Roscrea, and the sign may SAY Roscrea, but you drive by that and take the next right.” Source: Craig Kirkwood4. Get creative when distinguishing fields from each other“The field with the round bales in it, the one opposite the field of rectangle bales. That one, yeah, go by that one.” Source: Robert Paul Young5. Constantly use specific names of people related to youlast_img read more