BENS BLOG Its now officially against the law to have a joke

first_img[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ix HSBC bankers have been sacked for staging a piss-take, mock-execution, when out on a jolly-up go-karting day. Err…WHY? What’s it got to do with ANYONE else? They are a bunch of lads, on a day out, having a laugh and a joke. GOD FORBID ANYONE EVER OFFENDS ANY MIDDLE-CLASS-LEFTIES (that aren’t even around!).Ever since I watched ‘Pierrepoint’, with the superb Timothy Spall, I’ve regularly been practising mock-hangings, on my right-hand-man, Gaul Wood. And I’m not IN THE SLIGHTEST..!!In other news:I visited Boulestin” alt=”last_img” />