Lifestyle offers keep workforce happy

first_imgLifestyle offers keep workforce happyOn 1 Feb 2002 in Personnel Today Africa seems largely untouched by the current economic slump, at least asfar as recruitment and retention go. Some companies provide benefits such asstaff hospitals and schools for the children of employees, reports Alan HoskingThe global economic slowdown has not affected staff recruitment or retentionin Tanzania – at least not as far as John Aclan, managing director of De Beersdiamond mine in Tanzania, is concerned: “When I advertise for staff I getkilled in the rush,” is how he bluntly puts it. When recruiting local nationals in Africa, the law of supply and demandallows employers to be highly selective. There are simply more people thanjobs. When Aclan assumed responsibility for the mine, he had to reduce itsstaff from around 1,400 to just fewer than 500 to ensure the operation’s costeffectiveness. Such actions put the balance of power in the employer’s hands, which meanslocal nationals can be recruited quite cheaply. But ‘cheap’ is a relative term.Because of inherited employment practices that are rooted in paternalism, Aclanprovides a full range of benefits to local employees which include a school fortheir children and a fully functioning hospital for staff and their families. The lack of good healthcare and other infrastructures in Africa has led mostlarge multinational employers to provide such facilities for their staff. Thecoin has two sides: one involves social responsibility and good corporatecitizenship, and the other is a business imperative to ensure a workforce’shealth and well-being, enabling the company to meet its production targets. A substantial skills gap typically exists between local and expatriateemployees, therefore recruitment and retention practices differ for the twogroups. Expats in Africa are attracted not only by financial rewards but alsoby lifestyle factors, enhanced for most with a ‘six weeks on, two weeks off’clause in their contracts. South Africans are particularly keen to work elsewhere in Africa as they canearn US dollars and adjust to life fairly easily in an African country for atwo-year contract. Locals, on the other hand, are attracted simply by theopportunity to earn a living. Locals fall into one of three categories: Unskilled (the majority); thosewho have a few basic skills acquired from local job experience; and those whohave been fortunate enough to have been educated elsewhere, such as in the UK,US or South Africa, and who have also gained working experience in a developedcountry. Highly skilled locals are attractive to employers because of their expertiseand knowledge of local customs, cultures and languages, and are therefore morelikely to have greater job mobility. Unskilled and semi-skilled locals dependheavily on their employers, and are less likely to have job mobility. In Africa’s more remote locations, employers provide considerableinfrastructure, such as schools and hospitals for their employees, so theconcept of ‘one job for life’ is not too unrealistic – at least for locals. When Aclan first took over the De Beers mine he also found himselfresponsible for running much of the town in which his employees lived. He tooksteps to privatise shops, for instance, and other measures to encourageentrepreneurial activity. Statistics from a 2001 economic survey in Kenya indicate that the domesticeconomy’s poor performance in 2000 adversely affected employment creation inall sectors. In such an environment, HR directors are not under pressure tofocus on retention strategies. Locals in Kenya face further grim prospects in the wake of the globaleconomic situation, restructuring initiatives in both the private and publicsector as well as businesses downsizing or even closing. As a result, localworkers will take what little work there is. Thousands of university graduateswith what are referred to as ‘baroque degree certificates’ who cannot beabsorbed into the severely constrained job market are also roaming the streetsin search of any kind of work. These ‘baroque’ qualifications are often awardedin obscure and out-of-date fields, and are effectively useless in today’sbusiness world. A much-discussed trend in the Middle East involves the targeting of certainnationalities to fill specific job categories. In a region where there is stilla strong demand for suitably qualified IT professionals, recruiting andretaining them appears to be a science of its own because of the complex andheterogeneous information contained in systems being built. The IT recruitmentindustry apparently refers to such hard-to-find people as ‘purple squirrels’. The trend to recruit from specific nationalities is based on severalfactors: – because different countries use particular software which makes it easierfor nationals from that country to operate a company’s systems – for communication reasons – where specific language skills such as Frenchor Arabic are required – for financial reasons – in that people from the west are inclined to bemore expensive than their counterparts from the east – because the company may already be employing a large number of nationalsfrom a particular country who may resent nationals from another country beingtaken on. With regard to retention in the Middle East, the main reason given by ITprofessionals for remaining with a company was the opportunity to take part in‘interesting, challenging and experience-gaining projects that have concretegoals’. Pay depends a lot on a company’s size. Two people from different companieswho have the same responsibilities could easily have very different packages ifone is employed in a government or multinational organisation and the other ina small- or medium-sized business. According to Arnett and Associates, the ‘menu’ approach to expatremuneration packages that can include a long list of allowances and benefits,even to the point of compensating an expat for money lost in the sale of thefamily car, is changing. Pressure to reduce costs has resulted in expatriates being allocated a sumof money that can be used in whatever way the expat feels appropriate. This hasshifted the contracts away from the ‘don’t worry, we’ll take care ofeverything’ approach to ‘you’re going to have to play your part in making thisa success’. Further legal Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. last_img read more

Stevie Wonder Joins Dave Matthews Band At Concert For Charlottesville, Takes A Knee For Peace [Video]

first_img…our Great American Flag (or Country) and should stand for the National Anthem. If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 23, 2017In response to the President’s comments, several NFL teams made official statements denouncing his rhetoric and supporting the right of their players and all other Americans to peaceful protest. Multiple teams elected not to come out on the field during the national anthem at all for yesterday’s NFL Week 3 games. Taking a knee protest has transcended the bounds of athletics, as “taking a knee” is becoming a universal act of peaceful protest against the hate and engrained bigotry that continues to exist in our country. Stevie Wonder taking a knee at the Concert For Charlottesville marked the second time in as many days that the superstar artist had participated in this protest in a highly public setting. The day before, he had made headlines by taking a knee during his performance at Global Citizen Festival in New York City.After his speech, Wonder joined the band for the DMB debuts of a pair of appropriate numbers: an emotional rendition of John Lennon‘s classic coexistence anthem, “Imagine,” and Stevie’s own “Love’s In Need Of Love Today.” Finally, after happilycalling out to both Dave and the –“Can you imagine this? Stevie and Dave Matthews Band!”–Wonder led the band into a rendition of his beloved hit, “Superstition.” Matthews seemed, understandably, a little starstruck to be playing “Superstition” with Stevie Wonder, and needed a direct invitation from Stevie to help with lead vocals. Once he obliged, smiling and red-faced, the collaboration was clicked right away, as Matthews and Wonder traded lines with excitement.As the song reached its final refrain, Stevie began to ad-lib, inviting the crowd to repeat after him: “I take a knee for justice; I take a knee for unity.” The chant struck a very poignant chord, echoing the sentiments for which the Concert For Charlottesville was organized while also reflecting the anger and unrest that followed the President’s comments on Saturday.These are unsettling times for many reasons. The country is divided in more ways than one. But however you feel about athletes (or musicians, or whoever) “taking a knee,” we should all be able to appreciate people coming together and making their voices heard in the name of love and unity in the face of disillusionment and hate. Where there’s love, there’s hope. And where there’s hope, there’s a future worth working for. Yesterday, Dave Matthews Band put their official hiatus on hold to host the Concert For Charlottesville, a benefit show meant to serve as a call for unity in the wake of this summer’s violent and hateful events in the band’s Virginia hometown. The free concert was held at UVA Scott Stadium, and featured performances from Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Chris Stapleton, Ariana Grande, The Roots, Brittany Howard, Cage The Elephant, and more.DMB’s headlining performance–their first show as a full band since 9/4/16 at The Gorge–was one for the history books. First, the band rattled off a string of fan-favorite originals, including “Don’t Drink The Water,” “Warehouse,” “Satellite,” “Seven,” “You Might Die Trying,” and “Grey Street.” However, while the performance was a welcome return for fans of the band, the evening was not about them. The message of the event was solidified when the band welcomed a very special guest to finish their set with them: Mr. Stevie Wonder.After taking the stage, Wonder took a moment to speak to the audience about the emotional weight of the day. “This is an emotional night for me. Because tonight I know my mother cries in heaven. Because she left me in a world where she believed some day I would be able to see. And I do, but not in the way she imagined. She wanted me to see the birds, the trees, the sky, the Earth, her face, the faces of my children…She wanted me to see all of my friends–my black friends, my white friends, my Asian friends, my friend of all colors. Well, I haven’t seen that, an I probably won’t. And I’m ok with that. But what I have seen in this life of mine…too much of this…is breaking my heart. I’ve seen leaders talking about annihilating life, the very thing they say they love…And then they hate, and then they tell their children who watch them to be good. I’ve seen people killing people in church, mosques, schools. I’ve seen hate marching down the street disguised as a cry for equality. If I can see it, dammit, I know you can see it. But see it, not with your eyes: feel it in your spirit…As he finished, Wonder and Matthews, arm-in-arm, kneeled down onstage–first on one knee, and then on both: “Tonight I pray to begin to build a world where fear can’t put dreams to sleep. And now I take a knee for America, and two knees in prayer for our world.” Hear Stevie Wonder’s speech to the crowd at the Concert For Charlottesville below, via YouTube user GenesisHealthy:The gesture of kneeling rather than standing during the national anthem has grown from a simple action by one athlete into a highly divisive political statement. The tensions surrounding the debate reached their boiling point this past weekend when President Trump spoke out against those participating in the protest:If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL,or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect….— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 23, 2017 Watch pro-shot video of Stevie Wonder and the Dave Matthews Band performing “Superstition” below at their Concert For Charlottesville benefit show below (courtesy of YouTube user Al Bert):Listen to Dave Matthews and Pharrell Williams’s fascinating conversation about the Concert For Charlottesville with Charlie Rose ahead of the benefit below (courtesy of YouTube user Llija Djokovic):last_img read more

Court modifies Rules of Criminal Procedure

first_img Court modifies Rules of Criminal Procedure Appointed lawyers for defendants facing misdemeanor or municipal charges cannot always be dismissed even if it’s certified a conviction will not bring jail time.The Supreme Court made modifications to Rule of Criminal Procedure December 5 on that issue and that also affected pretrial motions, witness attendance, and subpoenas.Comments on the biennial rule amendment package from the Bar’s Rules of Criminal Procedure Committee focused on the misdemeanor representation issue. The court had asked the panel to file a supplemental report after initial comments were received.The court approved changes to Rule 3.111 and new Rule 3.994 to address appointed counsel. It allows appointed counsel for indigent defendants to be dismissed in misdemeanor and municipal code cases if no jail time will be imposed if convicted.But the court also set other conditions, including that the defendant must not currently be incarcerated, since dismissing counsel frequently causes a delay in starting the trial, and leaves the defendant in custody without counsel. Also, the defendant must be represented if probation could be imposed after a conviction and if violating that probation could result in incarceration.The court said those changes were necessary to comply with its recent rulings and with an opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court.On pretrial motions, the court added a note to follow Rule 3.190, which says the court may allow the case to be submitted to the jury and withhold ruling on the merits of a motion to suppress made during trial and on the motion for judgment for acquittal. If the defendant is convicted, the judge may then consider the motion to suppress along with a renewed motion for acquittal or a motion for a new trial.Rule 3.361 on witness attendance and subpoenas was amended to simplify the rule. “These changes provide a single contempt provision for violation of any provision of rule 3.361,” the opinion said. “The changes also clarify that any subpoena issued by an attorney of record of the clerk of court is enforceable through the court’s contempt power and that the attendance requirement for subpoenas is applicable to the production of evidence as well as testimony.”The opinion is Amendments to the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, case no. SC02-230. The full opinion text and changes to the rules can be found on the court’s Web site, Court modifies Rules of Criminal Procedure January 1, 2003 Regular Newslast_img read more

Second male teacher attacked at DGS

first_img Tweet 162 Views   15 comments Share Share Sharecenter_img LocalNews Second male teacher attacked at DGS by: – February 27, 2012 Sharing is caring! Michael Augustine. Photo credit: FacebookAnother male teacher has been attacked at the Dominica Grammar School while performing his duties at that institution.Dominica Vibes News has been reliably informed that Michael Augustine who has been employed at that institution for almost 6 years was attacked while supervising a class on Monday.According to the report he was supervising the class when he was attacked by a male student.His prescription glasses were broken during the course of this attack.Dominica Vibes News will provide further details from the Police Public Relations Officer when it becomes available.Two weeks ago Fari Winston was attacked by a male student and had to seek medical attention at the Princess Margaret Hospital. That incident led to teachers staging a “sit in” in solidarity with their colleague and students protesting in the streets of Roseau and the Parliament building because they were sent home.Domincia Vibes Newslast_img read more

ReadWriteWeb Events Guide, 22 May 2010

first_imgYou’re invited to join ReadWriteWeb for our third event and our first on the East Coast: the ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit, on June 11 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. This is our second Summit on the Real-Time Web, following on from our successful debut event in Mountain View last October. It will follow the same unconference format, which we have gotten a lot of great feedback on.The Real-Time Web is a set of technologies that impacts almost every service, activity and application on the Web. We were one of the first news outlets to analyze the Real-Time Web and we’ve since written extensively about it. Come to the summit to understand how it impacts you, your business and your next development.The ReadWriteWeb team is excited about our first New York event and we look forward to seeing you there!15 – 16 June 2010: New York CityCorporate Social Media Summit The Corporate Social Media Summit is a two day conference focused exclusively on how big businesses can take advantage of social media to enhance their marketing/comms strategy. Featuring: ReadWrite Sponsors Co-located with CloudCamp LondonCo-located with Green IT conferenceFree-to-attend exhibition with seminar and scenario theatreFree-to-attend evening awards presentationHear from leading case studies on how they have integrated cloud computing and SaaS into their working practicesLearn from the key players offering cloud and SaaS servicesEvening networking party for all attendees7 July 2010: Melbourne, AustraliaDigital Sport SummitDigital Sport Summit is Australia’s premier sport and digital media event. Hear from social media pioneers who are changing the face of Australian sport. Learn how social media and mobile technology is taking fan engagement to a whole new level.Speakers on the day will cover a variety of topics including:iPhone application development for sportConvincing management of the case for social mediaHow to monetize social mediaFantasy sportsSocial media from an athlete’s perspectiveWith speakers representing Essendon Football Club, Cricket Victoria, Herald Sun, Football Federation Australia and more. Digital Sport Summit will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.22 – 23 September 2010: SingaporeSocial Media World Forum AsiaSocial Media World Forum Asia is back for 2010. The event will be taking place at the larger venue – The Suntec Conference Centre – before the F1 Singapore night race. Two days of interactive and engaging conference featuring leading key figure keynotes, brand case studies, topical Q&A and debates, exhibition hall, workshops and networking. Speakers include: 5 October 2010: New York CityFinovateFallFinovateFall will return to Manhattan on Tuesday, October 5 to showcase dozens of the biggest and most innovative new ideas in financial and banking technology from established leaders and hot young companies. The Fall event is the original and largest Finovate and features a single day packed with our special blend of short, fast-paced onstage demos (no slides are allowed) and intimate networking time with top executives from the innovative demoing companies.FinovateFall is a unique chance to see the future of finance and banking before your competition and find the edge you need in today’s market. Early bird registration rates are available.29 – 30 March 2011: LondonSocial Media World Forum EuropeSocial Media World Forum Europe: Two days of interactive & engaging conference featuring leading key figure keynotes, brand case studies, topical Q&A and debates, exhibition hall, workshops and networking.Social Media World Forum Europe is continuing to evolve and deliver an event which is second to none, ensuring our audience receive the maximum potential from attending our shows. New for 2011 we have introduced interactive panel discussions, live streamed debate sessions, collaborative learning, break-out group discussions, open Q&A portions in every session, open workshops, with group discussions and interactive zones within the exhibition hall. We have introduced the Online Marketing Toolbox Workshops, educating in all elements of the online marketing mix, such as SEO, Paid Search, Affiliate, Mobile & Apps. The perfect toolbox to complete your online marketing strategy.Download this entire events calendar in iCal format. Blake Chandlee, VP & Commercial Director, EMEA, FacebookNicki Kenyon, Vice President, Digital Marketing APMEA, MasterCardReynold D’Silva, Global Brand Marketing Manager, UnileverPooja Arora, Brand Manager, P&GThomas Crampton, Asia-Pacific Director, 360 Digital Influence, Ogilvy Public Relations WorldwideLito S. German, Marketing Director, BMW Group AsiaRanjeet-Shandu Singh, Digital Project Manager, Ogilvy One SingaporeDerek Yeo, Head of Marketing, Tiger Airways 25 – 27 May 2010: Denver, ColoradoGlueGlue is the only conference devoted solely to exploring the problem-sets facing architects, developers and IT professionals in a “post-cloud” world. Glue focuses on the APIs and protocols (Twitter, Facebook, Websockets, PubSubHubBub, XMPP), formats and standards (RDF/Linked Data, JSON, Microformats, HTML5), platforms and providers (Amazon, Rackspace, Google App Engine,, Eucalyptus), Identity Protocols (OAuth/WRAP, SAML, OpenID, SPML) emerging NoSQL data models (Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, Riak, HBase), and other mechanisms that are building the post-cloud world.ReadWriteCloud will be blogging live from Gluecon and CloudCamp, and ReadWriteWeb’s Alex Williams will be moderating the “Managing Complexity in the Cloud” session. Please join us May 25-27 in Denver, Colorado. ReadWriteWeb readers can receive 10% off of registration by using the code “RWW12”.27 – 28 May 2010: Beijing, ChinaGlobal Mobile Internet Conference The Global Mobile Internet Conference is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, executives and influencers to understand and capitalize on the growing opportunities in mobile internet. Though focused on opportunities in Asia, much of the conference dialogue is intended to compare and trade best practices across borders, especially between the East and West. Around 1000 industry leaders from Asia, Europe and North America are expected to attend. The conference will be in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 4 – 6 June 2010: Chicago, ILBlogs with Balls 3 The bright future of sports media gathers for Blogs with Balls 3 in Chicago at the legendary Wrigley Field. This third installment of the conference focuses on sports and local media, the ever-changing face of traditional media, as well as all the ways that mobile and emerging technologies are changing the world of the sports fan (and the companies trying to reach him or her) today. Feature speakers from established players like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! Sports & The Sporting News and emerging blogging/podcasting personalities and sports new media entrepreneurs, not to mention former professional athletes who are bolstering their brand through digital.Register before May 15 and save more than $50 off the full ticket price at Use discount code RWWxBWB11 June 2010: New York City Practical and relevant insights from peers who have already used social media successfully20-plus corporate speakers (including PepsiCo, Whole Foods, Dell, McDonald’s, General Motors, Citi, Johnson & Johnson),Best practice, benchmarks and practical next steps you can use to take advantage of social media in your businessA tightly-focused agenda with 14 in-depth, practical workshops giving you knowledge on only the most critical business issues surrounding corporate use of social mediaSave $400 if you quote RWW400 when booking. Book here.21 – 25 June 2010: San Francisco, CaliforniaSemTech 2010SemTech 2010 is the world’s largest, most authoritative conference on semantic technology. The programs covers semantics in enterprise computing, consumer applications, search, Linked Data and social networking. SemTech is the place where the entire community gathers to do business – entrepreneurs and investors, researchers and product developers, marketers and customers.This year we have in-depth focus on industry applications in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Open Government, Publishing, Finance and Advertising. Case studies will be provided by early adopters including Best Buy, Biogen, Blue Cross, Boeing, Cleveland Clinic, DoD, Group M, Merck, Nokia, Pearson, Pfizer,, US Air Force, University of Texas and the World Bank. The conference hashtag is #SemTech.22 – 24 June 2010: Santa Clara, CaliforniaVelocity Now in its third year, Velocity – the Web Performance and Operations Conference from O’Reilly Media – is dedicated to helping people build a better Internet that is Fast by Default. Join hundreds of web developers and experts under one roof from June 22-24, 2010 in Santa Clara, CA Velocity packs a wealth of big ideas, know-how, and connections into three concentrated days. You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned immediately for high impact results and you’ll come away prepared for what’s ahead. O’Reilly Velocity 2010 is the premier conference dedicated to building industrial strength sites, at internet speed. Velocity”>Register Now and save 25% with discount code “vel10rww”. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Events Guide#web 28 May 2010: Beijing, ChinaGlobal Mobile Internet Conference – Innovation Show & Startup Competition The Global Mobile Internet Conference Innovation Show intends to be a launch pad for innovative mobile internet startups from around the world. Innovation Show finalists will have the opportunity to present their company to an expected 1,000 investors, industry leaders, and press. Finalists will be judged by and receive feedback from a team of respected venture capitalists and angel investors. The judges will choose one company as the GMIC Innovation Show Winner. Startups must apply by April 4. There are lots of interesting events on the horizon (including the ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit), but one taking place this week that’s worth noting is Glue, “the only conference devoted solely to exploring the problem-sets facing architects, developers and IT professionals in a “post-cloud” world.” Can’t make it to Denver for the event? Don’t worry, we’ll be live blogging it.How do you like your events guide? You can import individual events into Google Calendar using the link beside each entry, or download the entire thing as an iCal (and Google Calendar-importable) file, or even view it as a world map. Know of something cool taking place that should appear here? Let us know in the comments below or contact us. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts 29 – 30 June 2010: LondonCloud Computing World Forum The 2nd annual Cloud Computing World Forum is the perfect event to learn and discuss the development, integration, adoption and future of cloud computing and SaaS. Building on the success of the 2009 show, this two day conference and free-to-attend exhibition will provide a focused platform for the global cloud and SaaS industry. Show highlights include: 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Inquirer 7: Hopefuls who stood out in the 2017 PBA Draft Combine

first_imgKin of Misamis Oriental hero cop to get death benefits, award — PNP MOST READ Stronger peso trims PH debt value to P7.9 trillion QC cops nab robbery gang leader, cohort Jett Manuel. PBA IMAGESAll the UP standout needed was a chance, and when he was given one, he truly made the most of it.Manuel brandished his full talent in the two-day combine, showcasing his elite playmaking ability as well as his deadly offensive game alongside higher touted peers.Though he’s still confessedly a level below to the Kiefer Ravenas and Jeron Tengs of this batch, the 6-foot-2 guard remains as a decent selection, a dark horse perhaps, for any team looking for a shot of youth in the backcourt.Louie Vigil. PBA IMAGES(4) Louie Vigil – Guard (6-3, 26 years old, UST)If there’s one guy who truly made the most of the combine, it’s definitely Louie Vigil.Surprising scouts with his improved all-around game, the UST stud was a threat from all over the floor as he made his teammates look better in the mini-tournament.It remains to be seen, though, if his impressive outing will be enough to get him picked in the draft.Julian Sargent. PBA IMAGES(5) Julian Sargent – Forward (6-3, 26 years old, La Salle)Scouts and coaches may look at the stats, but the numbers do not perfectly elaborate how good Julian Sargent’s game was.The Fil-Am forward was Mr. Intangibles in the two-day event as he did all the dirty work on defense for his teams. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Read Next Eric Menk wants PBA Draft abolished: ‘System is broke’ LATEST STORIES Japan ex-PM Nakasone who boosted ties with US dies at 101 Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasacenter_img CPP denies ‘Ka Diego’ arrest caused ‘mass panic’ among S. Tagalog NPA Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:03DOH drafting order to lower prices of expensive medicines00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC But make no mistake, the La Sallian is still a threat on the offensive end, and with his improved conditioning, it shouldn’t come as a shock that teams are intrigued with what Sargent could do for their teams.(6) Jon Gabriel – Center (6-6, 24 years old, Colegio de San Lorenzo)Jon Gabriel. PBA IMAGESTalk about coming out of nowhere.Jon Gabriel tested his talents alongside famed counterparts and boy, did he deliver.Showing that he could compete with not only the best of NAASCU, but his fellow amateurs as well, the Colegio de San Lorenzo bruiser turned a lot of heads with his solid play down low, which could be pivotal as he eyes to shoot up the draft boards come Sunday.(7) Ervin Grospe – Forward (6-4, 23 years old, JRU)Photo by Tristan Tamayo/ INQUIRER.netComing off a confidence-boosting campaign in JRU, Ervin Grospe may just have picked the right time to make the jump.At 6-foot-4, the Bulacan native is still seen as undersized at his position, but it’s his grit that’s making him shine among his fellow big men, and if there are teams willing to gamble for hard-nosed players like Grospe, they may just have found their man. View comments But it didn’t stop the other aspirants from making a case for themselves in the hopes of getting picked come Sunday.Here’s seven names who we feel made the most of the combine and shot themselves up in the draft board.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout(1) Robbie Herndon – Guard (6-3, 24 years old, San Francisco State)Robbie Herndon. PBA IMAGESThe Fil-Am scorer made a solid case for himself in the combine, thriving alongside fellow bluechip recruits and showed his potential as a solid contributor for any team that picks him. Herndon’s outburst was no surprise for fans who have seen him play in the PBA D-League, but more than his offense, it was his playmaking and defense which shone  the most which may just be enough to boost for his candidacy in the draft on Sunday.(2) Lervin Flores – Center (6-5, 25 years old, Arellano)Lervin Flores. PBA IMAGESIn a field that doesn’t have much ceiling as compared to the batches prior, the Arellano center’s solid play stood out the most.Flores’ defensive showing is a sight to behold, and although there are still quirks on his game that he needs to improve on, his effort make up for those deficiencies as he is seen to fare well once he makes it to the pros.(3) Jett Manuel – Guard (6-2, 25 years old, UP)ADVERTISEMENT Less than a week before the 2017 PBA Rookie Draft, 43 of the 44 applicants were given a chance to make last ditch efforts to impress scouts and coaches in the two-day 2017 Gatorade PBA Draft Combine.As expected, cream always rises to the top and top-flight aspirants were able to standout from their peers.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

No evidence Russia tried to influence 2018 World Cup bid: FIFA

first_imgRussian officials did not attempt to influence the choice of the 2018 World Cup host country in their favour by offering gifts to members of the FIFA executive committee, a report by the world football’s governing body on the inquiry into the bidding process has said.FIFA published a full report on Tuesday about the investigation into the organisation’s decisions to award the World Cups of 2018 and 2022 to Russia and to Qatar, respectively, reports Sputnik news agency.”The gifts offered by the Russia Bid Committee to FIFA ExCo Members were, as far as evidenced in the documents provided and testimonies given, of a symbolic and incidental value. Even though the travel and accommodation costs for FIFA ExCo Members (partly accompanied by their families) were fully assumed by the Russia Bid Committee, such cost coverage was acceptable under the FIFA Rules of Conduct in force at the relevant time,” the report said.The report added that there was no evidence reasonably indicating that either the Russian bid committee or Russian government attempted to unduly influence the bidding process through members of the FIFA executive committee, football development projects, or friendly matches.Within the framework of the investigation, which went on for about a year, FIFA had questioned more than 75 witnesses and collected some 200,000 pages of material. However, the full version of the report has never been published before, something which has been criticised by many officials.One such official includes Michael Garcia, the chairman of the investigatory chamber of the FIFA ethics committee, who resigned in 2014, soon after the partial release of the report.advertisementlast_img read more

Anti-doping body condemns WADA over Russia U-turn

first_imgLos Angeles, Sept 18 (AFP) The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (INADO) warned WADA against lifting Russia’s drug ban, saying the country had not done enough to justify readmission to the sporting community. In a strongly worded statement from the Berlin-based alliance of drug testing agencies, INADO accused the World Anti-Doping Agency of seeking to fast-track Russia’s reinstatement at any cost. “Any reasonable person would conclude that Russia has not yet fulfilled its obligations to the global sporting community,” INADO said. “WADA must make its decisions based on consistent application of principles and not simply out of expedience pandering to the will of a powerful nation. “The sporting community is eager to see Russia return as an equal participant but not at any cost.” INADO’s criticism comes as WADA chiefs prepare to meet in the Seychelles on Thursday to discuss Russia’s possible reinstatement. INADO said the meeting would address “perhaps the most crucial decision WADA has ever faced.” WADA last week disclosed that its compliance review committee had recommended lifting the three-year suspension of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) after being satisfied that Moscow had met the final two outstanding conditions of a “roadmap” to rehabilitation. Reinstating RUSADA would pave the way for Russian athletes to return to competition across all sports. The WADA compliance committee’s recommendation has been widely criticized, with the United States Anti-Doping Agency accusing the agency of dealing a blow to “millions of clean athletes.” (AFP) ATKATKlast_img read more


first_imgIn recent days several affiliates from Queensland have been asking why the deadline for affiliation with Touch Football Australia (TFA) has changed from June 2006 to October 14, 2005. Question: As a Qld affiliate, originally we understood that we had a year to become a part of the model. Why do we now have to sign up before 14 October? Answer: The situation has changed. Since the new constitution was passed on 25 June, the management of the four regions (NQ, CQ, SWQ and SQBD) have formally declared that they oppose the new model and are actively campaigning against it. The sport suffers while there is ongoing uncertainty about which affiliates will be part of the model and which will not. People involved in the sport have better things to do than play politics. The longer this drags on the more time and resources are wasted when they should be being used to develop the sport. An independent audit found the structure of the sport in Qld to be `dysfunctional’ and recommended a new structure. Only the four regions in Qld do not want to be a part of the new model; the rest of Australia is already moving forward. The declaration by the management of the four regions that they will not be part of the new structure (in opposition to the rest of Australia) has forced the timetable forward. Touch faces challenges from competitors in its own market – Oz Tag, Premier Touch, NTRA etc. They have capitalised on our own willingness to compete against ourselves rather than cooperate for the good of the development of the sport. Touch also faces competition from other codes and other sports. We will lose participants the longer uncertainty reigns. The sport in Qld cannot be left to suffer until June of 2006. We need to move ahead and can only do so knowing exactly who our members are.last_img

Video shows argument between Wolastoqew student and St Thomas University administrator over

first_imgKeyaira Gruben and her daughter Cedar. Gruben filed a human rights complaint against St. Thomas University. Photo: Angel Moore/APTNAngel MooreAPTN NewsKeyaira Gruben never expected that protecting her rights as an Indigenous student at university would lead to an argument in the classroom with the social work program coordinator.“That this is really sad that this is how this issue comes to light when it should have been brought into light and addressed a long time ago and instead it was addressed in this manner which was not professional,” Gruben told APTN News.Gruben has been in a battle with St. Thomas University since she started the Mi’kmaq Maliseet social work program two years ago.She said she has right to bring her baby to class.The university disagrees.Gruben filed a human rights complaint against the university in October 2018.She said the video shows what’s really going on.“The fact that something like this which displays a quite different reality than what they’ve been portraying it doesn’t leave me surprised one bit that they would be trying to deny or distort or discredit the evidence in front of them,” she said.Watch Angel’s story about Keyaira Gruben here.  The video shows a confrontation between Gruben and the coordinator in front of other students in the class.The coordinator is clearly upset that Gruben went public with her complaints.At times both voices are raised.The coordinator tells Gruben if she doesn’t like the way the program is run she can leave.Along with being a student, and mother, Gruben is also a band councillor of Kingsclear First Nation.She has the support from her community.Chief Gabriel Atwin said that after watching the video, it’s clear St. Thomas is not supporting Indigenous students to succeed.“Talking to Keyaira in a condescending I would say way unfortunately us as Indigenous people have gone through so much,” he said.When Gruben applied for the program two years ago, she heard that it was child friendly.“So I just assumed I’d be able to attend the program with my child,” she said.“I also have other friends who have gone through the cohort and they had their young infants and toddlers with them through the whole program.”When classes started in October 2017, there was already another infant in the classroom.“It felt very communal like there was a lot of maternal love that i felt in the program from a lot of the different women and they all connected with the babies for the most part,” Gruben said.But a few months later, people complained that the infants were disruptive.There was no baby policy in place and a solution could not be reached.(Jeffrey Carleton says the university won’t be reviewing video of confrontation between Gruben and administrator. Photo: Angel Moore/APTN)Jeffrey Carleton, spokesperson for the university said accommodations were made.“St. Thomas has been known as an accommodating place for mothers and nursing mothers,” he said.“And for many years professors individually would deal with issues if it arose in the classroom and make accommodations for students.”A separate room was designated for the mothers and babies and a policy was developed – allowing babies in the classroom only to be breastfed or in emergency situations.“In the additional room we added internet and Skype so that the nursing mothers could continue their studies while the class was going on if their child was being disruptive,” said Carleton.Brandy Stanovich, the interim president of the Indigenous Women’s Association of the Wabanaki Territories, said children are medicine and St. Thomas has an obligation to honour mothers and children.“They need to support our traditional roles and help revive our culture and not put up blockers like that,” she said.(Brandy Stanovich, the interim president of the Indigenous Women’s Association of the Wabanaki Territories. Photo: Angel Moore/APTN)Gruben said the separate baby room compromised her education.She tried to appeal the decision, but her efforts made no difference.“I got an email from the director of the social work program stating that if any child was brought to class that the teachers would stop teaching,” said Gruben.“So I said perfect this would be a good opportunity for me, us to finally have a talking circle then and she replied that there would be no talking circle.”The next day, Gruben was in the baby room, when the program coordinator called her into the class.An argument ensued and was recorded on video.Soon after she received a letter from the university saying if she didn’t comply with their new baby policy she could be withdrawn from the program.Carleton said he hasn’t seen the video and won’t look into it.”I didn’t know about the video but what’s positive about going to human rights route is that there is very specific language and requirements set down by the New Brunswick human rights commission by which the student’s complaint will be measured by.Gruben said she’s not surprised the university is ignoring the video.“That’s really how privilege works, they get to pick and choose what they share, what they don’t share, what they erase and what they minimize,” she said.“And that’s what these colonial institutions have always done to indigenous voices.Keyaira Gruben talks about why she got in the program and whether it met her expectations Atwin said the video needs to be investigated.“I believe it was very unprofessional and it needs to be investigated.Gruben is waiting on the decision from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.She has one year left in her program.Her daughter Cedar now goes to [email protected]@angelharksenlast_img read more