Aminess launches “Aminess Gourmet Lab” with the aim of educating chefs, waiters and bartenders

first_img“We believe that Croatia has a rich and professional gourmet scene, and by cooperating with the greatest professionals in this field we want to provide our employees with the opportunity to learn from the best, develop their competencies and raise the level of service. With this project we want to make a creative step forward in the popularization of hospitality professions, as well as tourism in general.”, Said Sanja Žužić, head of human resources at Aminess hotels and camps. One of the trainings is related to confectionery, which will be taught by Marko Stojević from the company Higis and who will dedicate his time in Aminess to summer fruit monoportions. Sous vide cooking will be presented by Mario Čepek, a restaurant consultant, who will talk about plans for spending on board meals. Certified Saké Sommelier and Master Sommelier Suwi Zlatić will talk about improving sales through body language and rhetoric as a secret weapon. The head of the Aminess Maestral Hotel service, Tihomir Kramarić, will bring the members of the Aminess Gourmet team closer to serving festive meals and setting up a festive table, while Lorena Radetić will talk about norm control and other valuable knowledge gained as the head of the Aminess gourmet department.  Marin Vanjak, a pizza specialist at the O’Hara restaurant, winner of numerous dough awards and a synonym for quality pizza in Croatia, will hold a workshop dedicated to making bread, but in a slightly different way. “We will learn how to make bread products that you can’t really find in the standard offer – from fresh, carefully selected ingredients, the highest quality flour and yeast that ferments in bread for two days. It is a different approach that requires more time, which is why most people do not use it due to daily obligations and haste. We want to pass on our philosophy of the healthiest product without additives, preservatives and dyes to new generations of chefs. ”, said Vanjak.  “Apart from the Aminess Gourmet Lab, Aminess employees regularly have the opportunity to participate in various trainings, workshops and seminars. The topics are wide – from leadership skills, to those of communication and presentation and computer knowledge. In addition to numerous career advancement opportunities in a motivating and friendly environment, Aminess also provides its employees with a stimulating income that increases from year to year, accommodation and hot meals. “ conclude from Aminess. Education on top quality coffee, craft beer, meat and various culinary and other techniques specific to tourism The topics are gin and tonic and modern mixology, and the training will be led by the famous bartender Vjenceslav Madić Kishoni, who runs a successful company specializing in bartender education.  In any case, a great rounded story, which will educate its employees with top educators from practice and directly raise the quality of their services. These trainings represent a significant step forward in improving the quality of service and the complete experience of staying in hotels, and I believe that with this project we will greatly contribute to the development of all participants, said Chef Skoko and added: “As part of the Aminess Gourmet Lab, I will continue to demonstrate to them how to make the best use of and promote homemade food. The focus of my workshop will be on small blue fish that can be prepared in more ways than we usually do – different types of marinades, countless ways of presentation”, said Chef Skoko. The first level sommelier course will be organized by the Croatian Sommelier Club, while the bartender training will be held by one of the most competent Croatian mixologists and experts in spirits, Vjenceslav Madić Kishoni.  Otherwise, pThe rumors about the launch of the Aminess Gourmet Lab are a continuation of a successful collaboration with David Skok. That’s how the idea came about “Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights”, exclusive dinners in which chef Skoko with the Aminess gourmet team prepared exciting interpretations of fish specialties with an emphasis on local ingredients.  The training program also includes the topic of risotto and pasta, which will be discussed by Robert Perić, a professional teacher of cooking and confectionery at the School of Tourism, Catering and Trade in Pula. Professional barista from Franck, Josip Novačić, as part of a workshop on making coffee, will show participants different methods of preparing coffee and espresso and latte art. At the craft beer workshop, lecturer Zvonimir Pelko will talk about the history of beer, the craft beer revolution in the world and in Croatia, and the serving and serving of bottled beer. Owner of the first meat boutique in Croatia Beef Shop, Mišo Pešić, will lecture on the preparation and maturation of meat and the preparation of marinades for meat made on a natural basis.  Travel company Aminess has launched Aminess Gourmet Lab, a project that, led by chef David Skoka, aims to educate young chefs, waiters, bartenders and other members of the Aminess gourmet team. The project will bring together the greatest experts from various hospitality areas, and trainings will be held during February and March in the restaurant Loop in Aminess Maravea Camping Resort.last_img read more