Sevilla’s wardrobe is already excited about the return of Rakitic

first_imgThe Covid-19 crisis announces a market with very few movements and still less investment. TO Rakitic will hardly fit one year contract in Barcelona with an important chip. Sevilla’s challenge is to get him out of the Camp Nou for the least possible investment, since the footballer he is 32 years old, and content him with a contract that may be the last of his career. In addition, the Croatian will find in Nervión the best possible environment: a hobby that mostly wishes your return and a wardrobe that sees him from the beginning as a luxury reinforcement, even as a probable captain. Precisely the captain of the Sevilla squad Jesus Navas applaud the possible movement: “Ivan is a great friend of mine. I appreciate you very much. As a companion is also a excellent person. Socceristically little more can be said about him … he is a magnificent soccer player. I always I wish him well and take the opportunity to send him a big hug him and his family. He has the affection of all the sevillismo “, he affirmed in Nervion Pride. Rakitic and Los Palacios they coincided in the Sánchez Pizjuán locker room for two seasons and a half from January 2011 to June 2013, when Navas left for Manchester City. “Right now talk of transfers does not apply“he said these days the sports director Monchi, in another of the movements (this one forced) of the slow chess game that Sevilla will play for sign Ivan Rakitic. The Croatian himself He did not want to raise the hare a few days ago, when in a telematic interview For Movistar he affirmed, smiling, that nobody of the Nervión club I had still called him. “I don’t know if Monchi has lost my phone or blocked me,” he joked. But that is not entirely accurate: your communication with the sports director, if only because they are good friends, is usual. To serbian Nemanja Gudelj, who arrived last summer in Nervión, also would love to have a partner to the midfielder Croatian: “Ivan Rakitic is a great player. Everyone knows how good it is. With his experience, in addition, it could mean a lot for Sevilla again. He is an important footballer and from the references I have, I also know that he is a very good person and companion. Would a huge plus for Sevilla if they could finally come. “ LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 23, 2020last_img read more