Pretty Lights Leaks Red Rocks & Northerly Island Dates To 50 Lucky Fans With A USB Full Of Unreleased Music

first_imgJust weeks after announcing the 2017 Pretty Lights episodic installations at the Gorge in George, Washington and the Island of Light festival in Puerto Rico, Derek Vincent Smith has upped the game with two more announcements – only they aren’t fully public quite yet. In an attempt to keep the news organic and available to his fans first, PL anonymously sent 50 lucky #PLFamily members a FedEx package with a wooden USB drive filled with 20+ unreleased live “flips” from Euphoria (2017), Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival (2017), and Telluride (2016). The recipients, 25 to Colorado and 25 to Chicago, were instructed to not only share the music across the Internet, but to also spread the news that Pretty Lights Live will officially be returning to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO on August 11-12 as well as Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island in Chicago, IL on August 18th-19th.Check out the soft announcements below: [Photos by Coleman C. Holloway and Bobby Toth]It is in the hands of these recipients to distribute the live “flips” to the enormous Pretty Lights fanbase, who can now confirm that they will return to both Colorado and Chicago in 2017.As a pioneer of using a live band during his performances, Pretty Lights has been constantly refining and evolving how to incorporate other musicians into his act since the inception of the the Analog Future Band back in 2013, Pretty Light’s first exploration of the idea. After the Analog Future Band disbanded last year, Smith put together a new band, Pretty Lights Live, to help him continue innovating on his integration of other musicians during his Pretty Lights sets.Pretty Lights Live brings a more freeform aspect to its shows because of its focus on group improvisation and, more or less, group jamming. The keystone to this live improvisation is “flips,” moments when Smith slowly fades out a produced track and the band takes over, switching over to a more electronic sound and moving through a completely live, improvised instrumental segment. Learn more about “flips” here.We last experienced an iteration of Pretty Lights’ innovative approach to live music in New Orleans, when he led a non-traditional second line through the streets on the final day of Jazz Fest, and ended up under an overpass to perform a surprise pop-up show. It was there that he debuted a new song “The Sun Spreads In Our Minds,” of which we are excited to share more details about, from the mouth of Derek Vincent Smith himself, tomorrow on L4LM.[photo by Phierce Photo]last_img read more

The whys of religion vs. evolution

first_imgIn America’s dysfunctional society, people need God more than Darwin.That was the summation Wednesday of prominent evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, a University of Chicago professor of ecology and evolution who has worked for years to counter creationists’ anti-evolution arguments.Coyne, author of the 2009 book, “Why Evolution Is True,” cited surveys that indicate American acceptance of evolutionary theory is near the bottom among its peer nations. A 2006 survey showed that just 40 percent of Americans accepted the truth of the statement that “Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals.” That was roughly half the number in France, Japan, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In fact, out of 34 countries, America’s acceptance of evolution was next to last, only ahead of Turkey.Other surveys show that 40 percent of Americans believe God created humans as they are and that just 12 percent believe that evolution should be the only theory of how species originated that is taught in American science classrooms.Coyne called the situation “a national embarrassment” and traced America’s low acceptance of evolution ultimately to a dysfunctional society, with high levels of income inequality, drug use, infant mortality, and other negative measures, relative to other industrialized democracies.This social insecurity promotes high levels of belief in religion, whose tenets disagree with the central ideas of evolution, Coyne said. He cited a 2009 study that showed that the more dysfunctional a society, the higher its level of religious belief.“If you live in a society that is dysfunctional and unhealthy, where people are doing better than you, you need solace from somewhere. You get it from religion,” Coyne said. “The thing that blocks acceptance of evolution in America is religion.”In his talk, sponsored by the Harvard Museum of Natural History as part of its “Evolution Matters” lecture series, Coyne gave an outline of evolutionary theory along with specific examples that bolster its accuracy.He addressed the common “it’s only a theory” argument by pointing out that the understanding of “theory” in everyday speech and in scientific terminology is different. Among scientists, a theory is not the same as a guess or a hypothesis. A scientific theory is an explanation of a natural phenomenon that is bolstered by data. With enough supporting data, a theory approaches fact. He compared the theory of evolution to “atomic theory” (the idea that matter is made up of atoms) and “germ theory” (which posits that diseases are caused by germs), both widely accepted as fact today.The overall trend in the fossil record presents a strong argument for evolution, Coyne said. If evolution is true, one would expect to see more complex creatures evolving from simpler ones over long reaches of time, with ones most resembling today’s creatures found among most recent fossils, which is the case.Other evidence in favor of evolution continues to mount, with scientists directly observing evolution in action for some 300 species and uncovering more and more transitional species in the fossil record. Birds have long been thought to have evolved from reptiles, because they share some characteristics and because reptiles are found much further back in the fossil record. In recent years, Coyne said, paleontologists have uncovered feathered dinosaurs, further bolstering the idea that birds evolved from reptiles. Another example is the fairly complete record of horse evolution from a smaller, many-toed relative to the large animal we know today that runs around on one large toe on each foot.The evolution of whales and dolphins is another example. Scientists have long held that they descended from air-breathing land mammals, but that has been doubted by creationists because of the radical changes required in their body plans. Fossil evidence has slowly filled in the transitional species, Coyne said, until today there is a fairly complete record of what was a rapid transition over just 8 million years from four-legged land mammals to fluked and finned deep-diving whales.More evidence comes from embryology, where vestiges from ancestral species still crop up. Dolphin embryos, for example, still bear rear leg buds, and human embryos develop a hairy lanugo coat, normally lost 36 weeks into gestation. Genetics also shows evolution’s traces, with inactive genes identified from precursor species. In humans, genes exist to manufacture vitamin C, something we, along with gorillas and chimpanzees, lost, presumably because of our ancestors’ fruit-rich diet. There are also genes for enough olfactory receptors that our sense of smell could rival that of dogs and cats. In both cases, the genes have been silenced.“Our genome is a graveyard of dead genes,” Coyne said.Despite this evidence, many Americans refuse to believe in evolution because they hold tightly to religious beliefs, most of which are taught in childhood well before young people learn of evolution, Coyne said. Three-quarters of Americans profess an absolute belief in God, and 63 percent believe in angels.The problem with evolution from a religious point of view, Coyne said, is that it doesn’t just assail religious views of human origin, it also erodes the religious underpinnings of the idea that humans are somehow special, that our lives have purpose and meaning, and that we need to be moral. He cited another poll that asked Americans what their response would be if presented with a scientific fact that contradicted their religion. Sixty-four percent said they would reject fact in favor of faith.The answer, Coyne said, is to address society’s ills so Americans live in a more secure and level society.“We should create a society that is more just, more equal, more caring,” Coyne said. “Regardless of how you feel about religion, I think that’s one thing we can all care about.”last_img read more

SMC objects to violence

first_imgIn 2009, Saint Mary’s College received a three-year grant valued at $299,893 from the U.S. Department Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women, which the College used to create Bells Against Violence Office (BAVO), a program that addresses the various forms of violence women may encounter. According to Assistant Director for BAVO Connie Adams, the program strives to educate women about violence. “The aim of the Belles Against Violence Office is to increase the College’s capacity to appropriately and effectively respond to violence students might experience and head off future incidents by educating students on domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking,” Adams said. Adams said one in every six women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime, and college-aged women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted. Adams said BAVO concentrates on the issues of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking in a three-part method. “Professional staff provide support and advocacy for students in a confidential environment,” Adams said. “Students who experience violence or abuse are able to find a listening ear and discuss options and resources with BAVO staff.” According to Adams, BAVO strives to educate women about these issues. “Events are offered throughout the year to raise awareness of violence against women issues and provide opportunities for students to take a stand against violence and abuse,” she said. BAVO will also provide training opportunities for students to learn how to handle violent situations that may arise in their lives. “With the aim to enhance the response of the Saint Mary’s College community to violence and abuse, training sessions are offered to students, staff and faculty,” Adams said. On Sept. 2, BAVO hosted a kick-off event where over 100 students had the opportunity to decorate t-shirts to take a “stand against violence.” “BAVO also plans to start one-day training sessions that will provide an opportunity for students to find actions which they can realistically incorporate into their lives,” Adams said. Adams said students should contact BAVO directly for more information at 574-284-4081 or read more

Low food prices

first_img Beef and veal. The CPI for beef and veal is expected to increase another 2-3 percent this year. Pork. The pork CPI is expected to increase 2-3 percent this year as pork and beef supplies decline. Poultry. The CPI for poultry is expected to be unchanged in 2000, after rising only 0.4 percent in 1999. Fish and Seafood Dairy Products 1.9 1.9 2 to 2.5 Processed Fruits & Veg. -0.3 0.9 2 to 3 Food Away from Home Meats. Retail meat prices are forecast up 2 to 3 percent in 2000 as combined red meat and poultry production slips from a record 81.2 billion pounds in 1999 to 80.7 billion pounds in 2000. Other Meats All Food -4.7 -2.0 2 to 3 1998 Forecast 1999 Forecast 2000 Meats Cereals & Bakery Products Sources: Historical data, Bureau of Labor Statistics; forecasts, Economic Research Service, USDA. Eggs Fish and seafood. Despite larger imports of shrimp, tilapia, and salmon, slower growth in U.S. catfish output should lead to an increase of 2 to 3 percent in the fish and seafood CPI for 2000. Eggs. The CPI for eggs is expected to decline just 1 to 2 percent this year. Dairy products. With lower prices during the first half of 2000,milk prices for dairy products are expected to remain unchanged in 2000. Fresh fruits. In 2000, the CPI is expected to rise 2 to 4 percent. Fresh vegetables. In 2000, the CPI is expected to return to trend growth, up 2 to 4 percent. Processed fruits and vegetables. The CPI is expected to increase 2-3 percent in 2000. Sugar and sweets. The CPI is projected up 1.5 to 2.5 percent in 2000 as demand remains strong in the bakery and cereal sector. Cereals and bakery products. This food category accounts for almost 16 percent of the at-home food CPI and most of the costs to produce cereal and bakery products are for processing and marketing — more than 90 percent in most cases — with grain and other farm ingredients accounting for a fraction of total cost. The CPI is forecast up 2 to 3 percent in 2000. Nonalcoholic beverages. The CPI for nonalcoholic beverages increased 0.9 percent in 1999, led by higher soft drink prices, and is forecast to increase another 2 to 3 percent in 2000. Pork Poultry -1.9 0.5 2 to 3 2.2 2.1 2 to 2.5 5.7 2.2 2 to 3 1.6 2.0 2.2 Unadjusted Percent Change 4.3 8.2 2 to 4 Sugar & Sweetscenter_img 0.3 0.4 -1 to 1 Fresh Vegetables -3.3 -3.5 -2 to -1 -0.2 1.7 2 to 3 Fruits & Vegetables Fats & Oils 3.6 4.8 -1 to 1 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 3.7 1.6 1 to 2 Consumer Food Price Forecasts – 2000 Food at Home All Items 2.6 2.5 2.5 to 3 Fresh Fruits Nonalcoholic Beverages 10.9 -3.8 2 to 4 1.7 1.9 2 to 3 Consumers are benefitting from a low general inflation rate, with food prices having increased only 2.1percent in 1999. They are forecast to increase 2 to 2.5 percent in 2000, in part because of large suppliesof meats. Food price increases have not been so low since the early 1990s — when prices increased 1.2percent in 1992 and 2.2 percent in 1993. The inflation rate for the all-items Consumer Price Index (CPI)was forecast to be 2.1 percent in 1999 and is forecast at 2.2 percent in 2000. The at-home component ofthe food CPI, which increased 1.9 percent in 1999, is forecast to increase 2 to 2.5 percent in 2000. Theaway-from-home component, which increased 2.5 percent in 1999, is expected to increase 2.5 to 3percent in 2000. This component is heavily influenced by competition among restaurants, fast-foodestablishments, and meals offered by supermarkets. Food price changes are key in determining what proportion of income consumers spend for food. In 1998, 11 percent of household disposable income went for food — with 6.7 percent for food at home and 4.4 percent for food away from home. The downward trend should continue in 2000. 1.6 1.4 1.5 to 2.5 Beef & Veal 2.0 2.1 2 to 3 -0.9 1.2 2 to 3 2.6 1.9 2 to 3 7.3 2.6 2 to 3last_img read more

Blue Spruce Farm begins generating CVPS Cow Power

first_imgBlue Spruce Farm begins generating CVPS Cow PowerBRIDPORT – Fifteen-hundred Bridport dairy cattle of all ages, from first-calf heifers to mature milk cows, have become the newest generators in Vermont. Blue Spruce Farm has begun producing electricity by burning waste methane gas for CVPS Cow Power(tm), a first-in-the nation program directly linking CV customers, farm generation and the environment.”The girls are now officially producing two streams of income, a milk check and a power check,” said Earl Audet, who owns the farm along with his brothers and their families. “This is one more way to diversify the farm, improve our bottom line, and manage our manure responsibly.”CVPS Cow Power(tm), Vermont’s first voluntary renewable pricing program, has been awarded the Agency of Agriculture’s Commissioner’s Choice Seal of Quality. Customers can sign up to get all, half or a quarter of their energy through CVPS Cow Power(tm), which collects 4-cents per kilowatt-hour for the environmental benefit of the energy. That payment, along with 95 percent of the market price for energy, goes to the farm generator. If not enough farm generation is available, the funds support other forms of renewable energy in the region, or the CVPS Renewable Development Fund, set up to provide incentives to Vermont farms to build methane generators.”Our goal is to create a brand new market, allowing customers a renewable energy choice, and providing farmers with new income and manure management opportunities, and we’re off to a good start,” CVPS program director Dave Dunn said. “CVPS Cow Power(tm) gives new meaning to the old saying: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”The concept is relatively simple. Manure is collected in a large concrete tank, where it is heated up, and methane is collected and produced. The gas is collected and fuels the generator, and the manure byproduct that is left, which contains no pathogens, little odor and no viable weed seeds, can be spread on fields as fertilizer, or the dry solids can be used for animal bedding.For Blue Spruce Farm, use of the byproduct for bedding could save up to $60,000 annually. The farm received incentives from CVPS and state and federal grant programs to help get started. The farm has a larger share of the investment of its own funds in the project.More than 1,000 CVPS customers have signed up for CVPS Cow Power(tm) since the Vermont Public Service Board approved the concept in August, with dozens more enrolling each week. About half enrolled for 25 percent Cow Power, with the remainder evenly split between 50 percent and 100 percent.”Many of our customers want to vote for renewable energy with their wallets,” spokesman Steve Costello said. “Support of farmers, the environment, and renewable energy are key factors. People seem to like that it’s local, it’s practical, and it’s benefiting people who work the land and help keep Vermont looking like Vermont.”Blue Spruce Farm is expected to produce about 1.7 million kWh of energy per year. Numerous other farms are considering the idea, some by combining their manure. It takes a farm with about 500 milking cows to produce enough energy for the Cow Power concept to be economically viable.For the Audet family, today marked the end of several months of hard work and planning, as well as a new beginning.”We’re not just raising cows now,” Ernie Audet said. “We’re raising awareness about renewable energy.”last_img read more

River Right: Special Advertising Section

first_imgBeneath the summer sunshine and craggy Appalachian peaks, the rivers are running. It’s the perfect time to explore the best of our mountain waterways. From flatwater family-friendly lakes to raging whitewater rapids, River Right is your guide to water play in the mountains. In the following pages you’ll find profiles of featured river outfitters, as well as popular riverside destinations and events. For anglers, we also highlight some of the best fishing locations in the region, including world-class creeks and streams to catch bass and trout. Check for updates and discounts on River Right online at VIRGINIA WHITEWATERWest VA WhitewaterIt’s no exaggeration when West Virginia claims to hold America’s Best Whitewater. The Mountain State’s world-class rivers hold a range of paddling and whitewater rafting opportunities for everyone from the adventurous novice to the seasoned expert.The NewKnown as the second-oldest river in the world, the New shows its wild side in West Virginia, as it drops 240 feet over one 14-mile stretch and cuts its way through a 1,000-foot-deep sandstone gorge. The New’s class I to V rapids make it one of the most popular runs in the country. The mild Upper New is perfect for beginner fun with float and fishing trips, while the Middle New beefs up the excitement with class II and III rapids. The famed Lower New delivers stomach-dropping excitement with class IV-V rapids through the heart of the gorge and underneath the longest steel arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere.The GauleyEvery fall, hardcore kayakers and rafters wait for a chance to run the mighty Gauley. Ranked one of the best whitewater runs in the world, the Gauley is a combination of heart-stopping excitement and breathtaking scenery. It boasts more class IV and V rapids than any other eastern river and offers one of the most intense experiences in commercial raftingThe CheatNorth of these two rough and tumble rivers, lies the boulder-strewn canyon of the Cheat. Snowmelt and spring rain give the Cheat more than 30 technical rapids in the class III to IV • 800.225.5982ADVENTURES ON THE GORGE, WVPlay wild! Stay Civilized.Adventures on the GorgeAt Adventures On the Gorge, Southern West Virginia adventure vacations are much more civilized than they once were. Although there are still plenty of primitive campsites and pure wilderness for guests seeking the traditional experience, “roughing it” is no longer required. Now the whole family can STAY CIVILIZED while you PLAY WILD!When you PLAY WILD, your inner adventurer is unleashed. Our top-notch equipment and 40 years of expertise help you attempt things you’ve never done before and discover the excitement and serenity of the great outdoors. Whether you’re paddling exhilarating whitewater, soaring through the treetops, scaling sandstone cliffs, or tearing up the trails, you’ll be completely immersed in nature and forever changed by the experience.But every great vacation needs some down time to let the excitement of the day soak in. Take advantage of free onsite entertainment and amenities like Canyon Falls Swimming Hole, hiking and biking trails, easily accessible gorge overlooks, sand volleyball courts, outdoor movies, disc golf, live music, and our children’s playground.And because you really work up an appetite when you PLAY WILD, three award-winning onsite restaurants serve up hearty fare with our trademark hospitality. When it’s time to turn in, diverse lodging options from five stars to under the stars let you decide how much to “rough it” while on your adventure vacation.For more information or to start planning your • 888.383.9933TUCKER COUNTY, W. VA.Tucker CountyTucker County’s fishing options are numerous with most freshwater species able to end up bending your rod. Most rivers contain good populations of trout including Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and West Virginia Golden.The Blackwater River (upstream from the Canyon) is heavily stocked and one of West Virginia’s favorites. Many native Brook trout streams can be found if you look hard enough. April through June is a good time to pursue these trout using spinning gear. There are two special regulation areas that are accessible, including the Red Run fly-fishing-only stream and the Blackwater Canyon catch and release area.Red Run contains a good population of Native Brook Trout while the Canyon sports trophy Brown and some Rainbow. Clear running streams such as the Dry Fork, Shavers Fork, and the Glady Fork offer some fantastic fly-fishing opportunities during most of the year. These streams also hold good populations of Small Mouth Bass that are active in the summer and fall.A great outing consists of floating the Cheat River, where the Small Mouths are making a comeback. Blackwater Outdoors Adventures can get you on the fish. Speaking of bass, most of the beaver ponds in the north end of Canaan Valley contain some nice Large Mouths. It makes for great fun on surface lures on a quiet summer • 800.782.2775RIVER AND TRAIL OUTFITTERSAt the three corners of MD, WV and VARiver and TrailEnjoy affordable adventure outings close to DC! River & Trail Outfitters offers fun for all ages. Mellow tubing for ages 5 and up, rafting for ages 7 and up, scenic paddling tours to award-winning wine, beer, and spirits for ages 21 and up, and much more. Multi-generation activities are a specialty for our 3-generation family-run, company!Convenient. Affordable. Easy. Doesn’t that sound perfect?• Convenient and accessible to the Washington DC/Baltimore metro area• Located near the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers and Historic Harpers Ferry, WV• 40th Anniversary season as the oldest adventure company in the Harpers Ferry region means exciting specials for guests, all season long!Water and land-based adventure outings. Adventure packages mean maximum fun for you, while we take care of planning, logistics, gear, and guides.• Whitewater rafting trips with family and friends on the Shenandoah, Potomac and Savage Rivers, and Antietam Creek• Paddle & Pour kayaking/canoeing guided tours to award-winning local Tarara Winery, Barley & Hops Brewery, and new for 2012, Cello Distillery.• Bicycle rentals for scenic (flat!) biking on the historic C&O Canal Towpath• Climbing wall and team building for groups• Complete Paddle Sports Store with top brands like Wilderness Systems, Perception, Dagger, Wenonah, gear, clothing and more.Get out of the city and enjoy your Metro DC / Baltimore Adventure Backyard with • 301.695.5177 • 888.IGOPLAYHEADWATERS OUTFITTERSRosman, NCHeadwatersHeadwaters Outfitters is your source for river style outdoor family fun. We offer canoeing and kayaking river trips, fly fishing, destination paddling adventures, and water safety courses.Our paddling trips can last from three hours up to a two-day river/camping trip, or you can cool off with a lazy float down the beautiful French Broad River on our popular tubing trip. Most of our trips are self-guided, but all of our seasonal special trips include knowledgeable guides and special arrangements can be made for individualized guided trips.The stellar fly fishing programs we offer are with licensed guides on the rivers of western North Carolina. Our guides will lead you to trout or smallmouth, teach you to cast, and help you choose flies that will increase your success on the water.Headwaters Outfitters stocks the best selection of canoes, kayaks and fly fishing gear to outfit you for your next big adventure. We provide personalized service and product knowledge, and a great location on the French Broad.We are conveniently located just outside Brevard, between Asheville and Highlands. We are an easy one-day trip from Charlotte, Greenville, or Raleigh, and a great weekend getaway from Atlanta, D.C., or Knoxville. So when planning your next vacation (or stay-cation) to the mountains, call us at 828-877-3106, pack a picnic lunch, bring your fishing rod, and gather your friends and family to join us for an unforgettable adventure! • 828.877.3106GO WILD! WASHINGTON COUNTYWashington County, NCGo WildIf you want to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind and instead seek close encounters with nature, then Washington County is the place for you. Discover a place still wild more than 300 years after the English arrived—where eagles soar above the ancient Roanoke River while black bear, deer, and small game roam the woodlands and fields, and wild geese and tundra swan cover sparkling Lake Phelps. Whether your interest is in photography, bird watching, paddling, camping, fishing, or hunting, Washington County surrounds you with forest, field, swamp, game, and fish.For those interested in paddling, cruising, and fishing in undeveloped waterways, the Roanoke River Basin and the Albemarle Sound, Lake Phelps in Pettigrew State Park, the Scuppernong River in Creswell, and over a dozen other streams are sure to provide you enough to explore again and again. Freshwater fish are abundant, including largemouth bass, striped bass, bream, speckled perch, and white perch.The wildlife and natural surroundings here will amaze you, as ancient cypress trees along the shoreline serve as home for nesting osprey. Relax by the water or camp in the wild forests. What the county lacks in population, it makes up for in outdoor adventure. Instead of the dull roar of traffic and congestion, you will only hear the wind in the trees and the calls of birds.  Find out more by visiting our website or call us.  Your adventure awaits in Washington County! Go Wild! • 252.793.3248RIVER AND EARTH ADVENTURESBoone, NCRiver and EarthRiver and Earth Adventures is a guide owned and operated adventure outfitter with headquarters in Boone, N.C. and outpost locations in Asheville, N.C. and Elizabethton, Tenn.Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality outdoor adventure in the world. We guarantee you a safe, thrilling, and memorable experience by offering expert guides, pristine wilderness, top-of-the-line equipment, and the best lunches on the river. From exploring hidden caves or relaxing on languid river cruises, to high adventure rafting, we allow you to explore the best natural secrets of the Appalachian Mountains.At River and Earth Adventures, we are dedicated to world-class adventure, eco-education, and healthy, sustainable living. Your adventure is your time to connect with friends and family, while challenging yourself in the most breathtaking natural areas of the Southern Appalachians.Among the many adventures we offer, you can choose from rafting, cave exploration, guided hikes, kayak instruction, kayak, canoe, and tube rentals, steep creek tours, gem mining, rock climbing, and even accredited merit badge programs. We also specialize in custom trips featuring local and organic foods.It’s easy to sign up for a trip or even design your own adventure. Give us a call and we’ll chat about your budget, comfort level, and experience, and we’ll help you find the adventure that is perfect for you and your family.With River and Earth Adventures, you have friends in the High Country! • 1.966.411.raftMATTHEWS COUNTY, VIRGINIAThe place to experience the natural worldMatthews CountyAlthough categorized as Virginia’s second smallest county, Mathews claims over 200 miles of Chesapeake Bay shoreline—more than any other county in the state. Rich in Maritime tradition, and with over 20 public water access points, this Pearl of the Chesapeake offers a charming and friendly atmosphere abundant in history, wildlife, scenery and art.Visitors are encouraged to explore, whether that be by way of Paddling and Bicycling, Birding and Wildlife Trails, Historic Walkabouts, or Fishing and Water Sports. Spend the night in one of Mathews’ many Historic B&B’s or rent a picture-perfect Cottage after dining at one of our fine local restaurants.Mathews’ true spirit is most evident at their annual community events: Longest Yard Sale, Market Days, Gwynn’s Island Festival, Tour de Chesapeake, and Open Studio Tour. In the mood for entertainment? Experience Donk’s Theatre, Courthouse Players, Concerts by the Bay, and live music at local eateries. For those of you who just want to drop on by, there’s always the Farmer’s Market, The Poddery, Art Galleries, Artists’ Studios and Gift Shops.Home to the third oldest lighthouse on the Bay, a cultural arts center, two museums, nature preserves, and an active artisan community, Mathews County offers something for everyone.We’ve been waiting for • 804.725.4229BLUE RIDGE HIGHLANDS FISHING TRAILBlue Ridge HighlandsAnglers can’t beat the experience of escaping to the mountains and exploring the seemingly endless offerings of the Blue Ridge Highlands Fishing Trail. Follow the trail and experience casting among some of the most scenic and secluded terrain in southwest Virginia. The trail highlights premiere fishing destinations in four counties—Smyth, Wythe, Washington, and Grayson—including big rivers, secluded streams, and quiet lakes.Grab your rod and visit one of the trail’s many natural gems, including the New River, second only to the Nile as the oldest river in the world and ranked as one of the top 5 best smallmouth bass fisheries in the country. Trout lovers should seek out the high country flow of Whitetop Laurel Creek, set in the vast wilderness of the Mount Rogers National Recreational Area. Starting in in Smyth County near Sugar Grove, the South Fork of the Holston River is one of the premier trout fisheries in the Commonwealth, ready for you to pull plenty of wild rainbows and brown trout.If you prefer lake fishing, the Virginia portion of the South Holston Reservoir offers anglers more than 1,600 surface acres of water for finding bass, walleye, catfish, and crappie. Located at the top of 3,600-acre Clinch Mountain, Laurel Bed Lake, a tranquil waterway shrouded by second growth hemlock and mixed hardwoods with opportunities to catch smallmouth bass, sunfish, and trout.Come experience the best fishing in the Blue Ridge. On your trip, stop by the H.L. Bonham Tourism Center in Smyth for more • 877.755.9925EXPLORING THE BLUE RIDGEIn Botetourt, VirginiaExploring Blue RidgeSee the Blue Ridge Mountains as you’ve never seen them before as you paddle the Upper James River though Botetourt County, Virginia. At river level you won’t just see the mountains; you’ll interact with them as you meander through valleys and past rolling farmland keeping a watchful eye out for native wildlife. Some Class I and Class II rapids make it a fun day for all members of the family by canoe, kayak or tube.The unspoiled beauty of the river is more accessible than ever through the Upper James River Water Trail. The trail was created to encourage residents and visitors to experience one of the county’s greatest natural treasures and protect the beauty and character of the river for generations to come.Paddler, anglers and families can get back to nature and enjoy the sights and sounds of 45 miles of the Upper James, including 14 pristine miles designated as a Virginia Scenic River.If you’re bringing a canoe or kayak, there are numerous public access points with free parking. For those needing gear, private outfitters are ready to help make your trip a memorable experience with expert advice, equipment rental and shuttle service.Plan your entire trip, including ideas for lodging, dining and activities in Botetourt County at and discover a new way to experience the Blue • 540.473.1167CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIAchesapeakeIt doesn’t get much better than exploring the scenic landscape of Coastal Virginia on the water. The historic city of Chesapeake has plenty of surrounding natural treasures for paddlers and boaters, including 22 miles of fresh and salt waterways.A major highlight is the Dismal Swamp Canal, which connects southeastern Virginia to northeastern North Carolina and is recognized as the oldest, continuously operating waterway in the United States. The canal flows through the heart of the Great Dismal Swamp, offering outdoor enthusiasts magnificent views of the coastal wild and glimpses of its diverse wildlife. Atlantic white cypress trees line the canal banks as deer, river otters and the occasional black bear romp in the surrounding idyllic refuge. Explorers navigating the canal during spring and fall migration can also spot neo-tropical birds passing through the region during their bi-annual pilgrimage.Other staples include Lake Drummond, the state’s second-largest natural lake, which sits as a tranquil, wooded escape for both paddling and sport fishing. Water lovers should also visit Northwest River Park and Campground, which features the flowing Northwest River, as well as a 300-acre lake and plenty of opportunities to spot local wildlife.On June 9-10, Chesapeake will host KayaXpedition, a two-day paddling event with a range of activities for kayak enthusiasts, including fun paddle races, skill demonstrations for both beginners and experts, safety tips and guided kayak tours covering the city’s secluded • 888.889.5551LAUREL HIGHLANDSIn Southwest PennsylvaniaLaurel HighlandsEvery year, hundreds of thousands of whitewater boaters flock to Ohiopyle State Park to run the rumbling rapids of the Youghiogheny River. Situated at the southern end of Pennsylvania’s majestic Laurel Highlands, the park holds the most exciting stretches of the Yough, offering a range of whitewater experiences for all levels from beginner to expert. With exhilarating class III-IV rapids, the seven-mile stretch of the Lower Yough is a popular choice for those seeking an adrenaline rush, holding the busiest section of whitewater east of the Mississippi. The Middle Yough is a tamer class I-II option that’s just right for a beginning kayak trip or a whitewater rafting outing for families with young children.Last year, another whitewater paddling option was opened in the Laurel Highlands at Stonycreek Canyon. A new valve in the Quemahoning Dam now enables scheduled whitewater releases through the canyon, offering adventurous boaters an amazing 15 rapids in four miles—the highest concentration in the eastern United States. More mellow paddling options can be found on Quemahoning, and kayakers can hone their skills at Whitewater Park, which holds Pennsylvania’s first set of constructed rapids in the Stonycreek River, about three miles south of Johnstown.On August 18, you can join fellow paddlers at the 14th Annual Ohiopyle Over the Falls Festival. Boaters travel from across the country to experience the one day each year they are allowed to run the tumultuous 18-foot Ohiopyle • 800.333.5661last_img read more

A River Runs Through It

first_imgThe Geology of WhitewaterAs I steered my heavily-patched and atrociously purple canoe towards the infamous “Notch” rapid in the Green River Gorge, I was fairly certain I knew what was coming. I had seen the drop in person before, and had just wasted a week in the office conducting extensive “video-scouting” through the wonder of YouTube. Having driven the same 12 foot monster of a boat through Go Left and Die the previous weekend, I was riding high and felt ready to step up. After all, a 12 foot canoe sporting two sixty-inch airbags can dwarf a lot of river features, and I fully expected to glide right through The Notch without taking on a drop of water. This expectation quickly faded as I dropped off the tongue of green water and into the churning hole below. It felt as if all 12 feet of my boat would be sucked under as water flooded into the boat. I held on to a desperate hanging draw stroke to keep moving towards the salvation of the eddy ahead, maintaining my line as the green tongue crashed onto my stern, tossing the bow into the air and giving me a final push out of main current.  As I dragged my boat ashore to dump water before running Gorilla, I was acutely aware that I had underestimated the power of the southeast’s most famous steep creek.The Greenriver NotchThe Notch itself is fairly understated in appearance compared to the crashing, 20 foot high flume of Gorilla just downstream. The challenge it presents to boaters, however, has led more than a few to opt for a “chimp” run, in which a paddler carries around The Notch to run only Gorilla with a guaranteed clean entry. While this respect for The Notch seems inconsistent with its modest height, the energy which the Green River possesses as it funnels into the drop is almost unbelievable and sufficient to require the full attention of the world’s most talented paddlers. The story behind this dynamic feature, and the rest of the Green’s intense rapids, lies in the changes the river experiences as it veers off of the Blue Ridge Plateau and into the Narrows gorge. Most river systems become widen and flatten downstream as they collect more water from feeder streams. A sudden narrowing and steepening of a river channel forces the water to accelerate, focusing its energy to cut into bedrock and ultimately produce a steep-sided gorge. Collectively, the Notch and Gorilla represent the Green at its most powerful, where the channel is simultaneously at its narrowest and steepest. The result of funneling the entire river into such a concentrated jet is violently turbulent water, capable of carving into solid bedrock and tossing boats and their drivers around like features on much larger, high-volume rivers.If streams typically lose gradient downstream as they carry a larger amount of water, why does the Green suddenly become so steep while other area rivers, such as the French Broad, lack comparable gorges? The answer can be found at the I-26 exit for Upward Road (and the Green Narrows put-in), where construction work occasionally uncovers rounded river rocks with no river in sight. This is the former course of the Green River, a reminder that it in the distant past it meandered uneventfully across the Blue Ridge Plateau to join the French Broad River. Through a process known as stream capture, a tributary of the Broad River, which flows to the Atlantic Ocean, eroded into the margin of the Blue Ridge Plateau and diverted the Green River off of the Plateau and into a steep course to the Piedmont 1,000 feet below. This sudden change in course profoundly steepened the Green, giving its waters great energy to carve the impressive gorge through which it flows today. The gorge is still growing and advancing towards the Green River headwaters, which still follow their flat, pre-capture course before dropping into the gorge. The whitewater zone of the Green River Gorge will continue to slowly creep upstream through the Green and its tributaries until the entire Green River basin has been eroded down to an elevation that matches the rest of the nearby North and South Carolina Piedmont.The Green River is certainly not the only southern Blue Ridge stream whose whitewater is the direct result of stream capture by Atlantic River systems. The Linville River was almost certainly the former headwaters of the Nolichucky River prior to being captured into the Catawba River system. The nearby Rocky Broad River, which has excavated the impressive Hickory Nut Gorge, was captured from the French Broad system like the Green. The steep streams of the Jocassee Gorges are also the “victims” of stream capture; the Whitewater, Thompson, Horsepasture, and Toxaway Rivers are all former headwater streams of the ever-shrinking French Broad River system. Even the Chattooga and Tallulah Rivers owe their whitewater to capture events; they are the former headwaters of the Chattahoochee system which were diverted into the Savannah River system. The unusual history of all of these rivers is still reflected in their courses upstream of the steep stretches of whitewater. All of these streams travel relatively quietly through broad valleys before dropping into their rugged gorges; these flat upstream reaches offer a glimpse of what the entire river would have looked like before being captured and steepened. In addition to indicating river history, these long headwater reaches on the Blue Ridge Plateau are essential to producing the boat-compatible whitewater found in the gorges. Most streams of similar gradient to the Green Narrows and other capture gorges occur near ridge crests and are extremely small, lacking enough drainage area to permit descent after even the largest rain events. The captured streams of the southern Blue Ridge, on the other hand, drain large areas before steepening to produce the geologically unusual combination of volume and gradient sought after by whitewater paddlers.Captured DiagramThe Blue Ridge Plateau headwaters of the Green and similar streams also raise unique questions about land use and conservation. While the gorges surrounding the whitewater zones appear remote and pristine, much of the upstream land is agricultural and, in some cases, moderately populated. Runoff from farm fields and feed lots, sediment from collapsing stream banks, and roadside litter enter these rivers upstream (and out of sight) of your favorite rapid, potentially harming water quality for stream life and recreational users alike. While most Escarpment whitewater streams have avoided considerable impairment, unchecked development and irresponsible land use make the future of these outdoor playgrounds uncertain. While the flat headwaters of the Green and other captured streams may not receive much attention, we must remain aware of the incredible beauty that lies downstream in order to protect the geologically unique whitewater resources here in the southern Blue Ridge. Rapids like The Notch and Gorilla offer are already stressful enough without added worry over water quality.*Read about how one Paddler ran the Linville River, which also experiences Stream Capture, three times in one day!last_img read more

Second Republican Debate Sets Up Trump So Others Can Knock Him Down

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York View image | As if we needed another example that life isn’t fair. Poor George Pataki, New York’s favorite governor (if we exclude all the others), was left off stage for the big GOP debate and had to settle for the second string at 6 p.m., instead of CNN’s main event at 8 o’clock featuring The Donald and all his detractors.Not even his mentor, Alfonse D’Amato, without whose help none of us would probably have ever heard of the Peekskill Republican, had the decency to support Pataki this time around. D’Amato is pulling for another governor, Ohio’s John Kasich, who barely held his own at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. Even pseudo-moderates have a tough row to hoe in this very conservative field.Pataki’s absence reminded me of a New Yorker cartoon showing our governor campaigning for president in the Iowa primary four years ago, earnestly introducing himself to a disinterested cow chewing a stalk of grass beside a barnyard fence. No other species in sight. Last night, he might as well have been talking to himself since he’s just not a household name west of the Hudson, yet he was the governor of New York for a dozen years.How many voters tuned in early to hear Pataki denounce Trump, the only New Yorker to make the first string, who happens to be leading in the polls?“Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States or the Republican Party’s nominee,” said our ex-governor. Probably one of the truest statements uttered the whole night. You can be sure that Pataki won’t be invited to Trump’s next wedding.Democrats I know watched the prime-time proceedings with a mix of horror and fascination. The CNN stage set, with Reagan’s shiny Air Force One jet as backdrop, could be mistaken for a Boeing ad at first glance. The producers made sure that Trump had center-stage so the camera wouldn’t have to move every time he butted in.On one side of him was Ben Carson, the only African American included, who happens to be a brain surgeon. Carson, whose bumper stickers I’ve seen around LI, once made the assertion that “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery.” It sounds like Carson skipped one too many American history classes in college while studying for his MCATS. Certainly, the good doctor doesn’t have to worry about his own health insurance. Despite all the other nutty things Carson has said recently, his measured demeanor and eloquence must have resonated along the way because he went into the debate just trailing Trump in the GOP surveys.On the other side of The Donald was his purported Republican establishment candidate, Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor who took a lot of shots defending his brother’s war record. Unlike W, this Bush doesn’t have the same folksy style, nor does he mince words or mangle the English language, except when explaining why he’s fluent in Spanish and why his wife’s being from Mexico doesn’t disqualify her as a patriotic American. View image | Gov. Chris Christie, leaning heavily on his podium at the end of the stage, saw his opening and took it, however illogically, to wage his version of class warfare.“You’re both successful people. Congratulations,” he said. “The middle class in this country who’s getting plowed under by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, let’s start talking about those issues tonight and stop this childish back-and-forth between the two of you.”No one else thought to bring up Christie’s dismal economic record in New Jersey. The state lost 14,000 jobs in July, more than 26,000 since June, prompting the Asbury Park Press to editorialize recently that “Christie wants to brag about a job recovery under his leadership that isn’t even close to so many other states, including some of our closest neighbors, like New York and Pennsylvania…”There were many strange moments, like the candidates speculating on what their Secret Service code names might be, or whether their moms belong on the 10-dollar bill, but one of the weirdest—or at least the most ballsy—had to be when Christie turned to the camera and said, “The question is, who’s going to prosecute Hillary Clinton?” He wants the Justice Department to investigate the former Secretary of State, who happens to be the leading Democrat running for president, for the way she handled her emails while in office.But Christie is already under federal investigation for abusing power as epitomized by the Bridgegate Scandal, when his underlings shut down the George Washington Bridge to penalize the mayor of Fort Lee. Weeks ago, as a result of the ongoing inquiry into this blatant act of political payback, it was revealed that Christie’s hand-picked choice to be the Port Authority Chairman, David Samson, who resigned in 2014, had forced United Airways to set up a direct route from Newark so he could spend weekends at his family’s place in South Carolina.For his role in this special flyway, the CEO of United resigned last week. Samson hasn’t been indicted—yet. But a federal prosecutor is still probing Christie’s cronies, and a grand jury has indicted three of his key appointees: David Wildstein, a high school buddy of his (until Christie said he hardly knew him); Bill Baroni, another Port Authority patronage worker; and his former top aide, Bridget Anne Kelly, who took the fall for her boss when her name showed up on a revealing email that it was “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”Well, Christie will never get elected president, let alone get the Republican nomination, because, let’s face it, he’s from Jersey, but more important to us New Yorkers, he still can do mischief to our commute.As for the Republican frontrunners, at least we can admire their hubris. But if one of them ends up taking the Oath of Office in 2017, it would be a disaster. Too bad Pataki’s time—and his party—have left him far behind. View image | And that brings us to one of the more ominous themes of the evening. Of all the Republicans running for president in 2016, only Jeb Bush seemed willing to rationally criticize Trump’s outrageous claim that he would round up 14 million “illegal” immigrants and deport them. Bush actually raised the specter of families and communities being ripped apart, evoking, without saying it directly, the scenes of our country’s shame from World War II when tens of thousands of loyal Japanese Americans were put in camps where the guards pointed the guns at them. And those folks were citizens.How would treating undocumented workers harshly not put us on a slippery slope to becoming just like the enemies we defeated in the Great War? We might as well melt down the Statue of Liberty and sell it for scrap metal. Nevertheless, the candidates apparently like the idea of building a wall around the United States as tall as possible. Wonder who will get that juicy government contract?One highlight, such as it was, came when the two business moguls, Trump and Carly Fiorina, dressed in blue not Republican red, clashed over their business prowess. The former CEO of Hewlett-Packard brought up Trump’s bankruptcies, adding them up on camera: “not once, not twice, not three times but a record four times.” The Donald’s face grew crimson with suppressed rage. He had already had to defuse the recent attack he’d made on Fiorina’s appearance in a Rolling Stone interview, when he said, “Look at that face!”She has turned the personal attack into a compelling fund-raising ad, saying that she’s earned “every line” on her 61-year-old countenance. At this debate he denied that he had ever called her ugly. Last night, he said she had a beautiful face. She retorted, “I think women all over the country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.”Trump, not to be undone, attacked Fiorina’s leadership at Hewlett-Packard, saying it was so bad that’s why she was fired. Indeed, despite laying off tens of thousands of workers, her company was failing fast and she was canned—but not without being given a multi-million-dollar golden parachute. That’s the way they do it at the top. To counter Trump, she claimed that she was very successful, a great executive, in fact, and that the guy who got of rid of her has since recanted.last_img read more

Instilling ownership and accountability in a virtual environment

first_imgAdjust your leadership style. You may have one team member who only needs a clear goal and can work independently and autonomously. Another employee may need more specific direction and instructions. It’s important to know the working style of each of your employees, and how you can support them best. Daily check-ins may make one employee feel micromanaged, yet may be necessary to keep another employee on track. Don’t frustrate your employees who are naturally accountable and take initiative by micromanaging their daily work. Create structures that work to support how your employee works best. A good practice is to ask each employee in your next one-on-one call. Here are some examples of what you might ask: Institute collaboration software. Collaboration software such as MS Teams or Asana can help to manage projects and deadlines, particularly if you have multiple employees working on a project,. I know several virtual teams that use collaboration software on a regular basis to track projects. Having a public forum like a software program to list who owns a task and important deadlines can provide the necessary peer accountability for an employee to take action. It does take some effort to keep projects and tasks on track. As a leader, your job is to facilitate the best performance from your employees by adjusting your leadership style to coach them through challenges and obstacles, and supporting them to meet objectives. Working from home can have its perks—no commute, more family time, and less distractions. But it can also be challenging to lead a team that you don’t see in the office every day. Several leaders have expressed frustration that some team members aren’t as responsive, or they lack follow through since they have been working from home. The lack of personal interaction can make it more challenging to check-in with team members who aren’t pulling their weight.So how do you instill a sense of ownership and accountability in a virtual environment?Establish goals and outcomes. Although there may be less distractions when employees are working from home, it also can be challenging to focus. As a leader, it is important to set clear goals, outcomes, and deadlines for projects and tasks so that each of your team members know exactly what your expectations are. Focusing on outcomes allows an employee to take ownership of a task or project, and alleviates you from having to micromanage the process. When creating an outcome, think about what the end result would look like and communicate that to the employee. At the beginning of the week, communicate exactly what you are expecting for each employee to complete, the deadline for completion, and how they should submit their work. 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Laurie Maddalena Laurie Maddalena is a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker and leadership consultant. She writes a monthly online column for next generation leaders for CUES and has published articles in Credit … Web: Details How is this check-in structure working for you? Would you prefer to meet more often? Less often?After working virtually the past two months, what have you noticed works best for you to accomplish your tasks? Is there anything you would change about how we are communicating?center_img If you notice a drop in production or missed deadlines, use your next one-on-one call to coach the employee. Don’t avoid the discussion, approach the employee in a non-confrontational way so you can support him to get back on track. Examples of questions might be: “I’ve noticed the past two weeks that you have missed three deadlines. What can you do differently going forward to ensure you are meeting your deadlines?” “What got it the way of finishing the project?”“What will you do to make sure this is completed today?” Create structures.  This is not the time for a completely hands-off approach. As a leader, it is important to create structures that will support the achievement of tasks to move projects forward. You want the right balance between giving your team members some freedom to come up with their own solutions and manage their own time, while providing guidance and support when needed. For employees who are self-starters and manage their time well, a weekly check-in may be sufficient for communicating progress. For employees who need more direction or guidance, a daily call may be necessary. Another structure could be weekly “office hours” you make available for employees to schedule time with you to ask questions or get support. last_img read more

Unai Emery explains why Lucas Torreira isn’t playing as a defensive midfielder for Arsenal

first_imgUnai Emery explains why Lucas Torreira isn’t playing as a defensive midfielder for Arsenal Advertisement Advertisement Lucas Torreira impressed in his conventional role against Argentina earlier this week (Picture: Getty)MORE: Lucas Torreira proves Arsenal manager Unai Emery wrong with superb defensive midfield display for Uruguay‘We need that position for the capacity to build up, it’s a big responsibility.‘He needs to achieve confidence, achieve more matches and more experience to take the confidence to do that.‘He can play as a defensive midfielder but we need a defensive midfielder [to be] offensive because the build up for us is very important.‘Lucas can learn and improve but to give him that responsibility of building up and creating a lot of combinations with our team, he needs more time to learn or improve in that issue.’MORE: Lucas Torreira has a ‘big future’ at Arsenal, insists Unai EmeryMORE: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette will leave if Arsenal don’t improve, warns Martin Keown Comment Lucas Torreira is reportedly unhappy with Unai Emery after he change his role in the Arsenal team (Picture: Getty)Unai Emery insists Lucas Torreira needs to improve his playmaking abilities before he is trusted to play at the base of Arsenal’s midfield.The combative Uruguay international impressed last season following his transfer from Sampdoria, having been identified by the club’s former head of recruitment Sven Mislintat.Torreira’s form, however, tailed off towards the end of last term and, after arriving back late following international commitments in the summer, he has been in and out of Emery’s side.When he has appeared, the 23-year-old has been asked to play in an unfamiliar, more advanced role. Torreira’s agent claimed earlier this week that Emery’s tactical demands were a source of frustration to his client who has been heavily linked with a return to Serie A, amid reported interest from Napoli and AC Milan.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTAsked why Torreira hadn’t been featuring as a conventional defensive midfielder ahead of Saturday’s must-win match against Southampton, Emery said: ‘But what is a defensive midfielder? Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 23 Nov 2019 10:01 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link763Shareslast_img read more