80km/h limit is too dangerous for Rockhill Road, warns Cllr

first_imgCllr Kevin Bradley is calling for the speed limit on the Rockhill Road outside Letterkenny to be reduced from 80km/h to 60km/h.The Letterkenny-Milford Councillor says that the width of the road at Bomany is a factor in his call for a speed limit change.“I drove the road myself at 80 kilometres and it is dangerous,” Cllr Bradley told the council meeting. He added that the speed is a risk for the high number of cyclists and pedestrians who use the road.Cllr Bradley raised the motion after being contacted by local residents of Rockhill who do not agree that the road should have the same speed limit as the main road from Letterkenny to Newmills.In response, the council said that the Bomany Rockhill Road would be listed for review at the next speed limit review.80km/h limit is too dangerous for Rockhill Road, warns Cllr was last modified: November 14th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Q&A: A’s pitcher Fernando Rodney takes us under his crooked cap

first_imgFor more 2019 MLB preview stories, check out our Bay Area baseball guide.It’s safe to say Fernando Rodney is comfortable in his own skin. What else would you expect from the game’s eldest statesman and the No. 2 pitcher on the active saves leader list?If 45-year-old Bartolo Colon retires, the 42-year-old Rodney will assume the mantle of MLB’s most senior citizen.Playing for 10 different teams over 16 seasons, the right-handed, three-time All-Star has amassed 325 saves — second only to Craig …last_img

Must Have Cinematography Gear for Under $100

first_imgMost cinematographers are crazy about gear – it helps us do our job. But sometimes, gear can get quite expensive. In this post, I share a list of affordable products that I trust.As a camera operator, I’m constantly trying out new gear.  From my own experience, I’ve compiled this list of useful cinematography gear that you can find for under $100. I find each piece of equipment useful in my day-to-day work.Is there an inexpensive piece of cinematography equipment that YOU absolutely rely on? I want to know!  Share in the comments below.Do your job better…without emptying your wallet:Camera sling bag (~$75)Sling bags are great for carrying a light load of lenses and photo/video equipment when running-and-gunning. Fast access to your equipment.P&C Pico Flex Dolly with ball head ($100)This neat little dolly/slider alternative from P&C allows you to make some awesome angled sliding moves on a flat surface.  Perfect for DSLRs.Boom Boy boompole holder ($30)This is a boompole holder that mounts into a C-stand. Simple and effective.Velcro straps ($3)This one was mentioned in the comments below. Velcro straps are super useful in any situation to wrap cables.Gaffer tape ($15)Gaffer tape is an absolutely ESSENTIAL tool on set. Buy a couple rolls and keep them in your camera kit at all times.  Any seasoned video pro will tell you, this stuff is magic.Capture Camera Clip system ($80)This is a camera clip that holds your DSLR secure and close to you. Great for situtations when your shooting with multiple cams or need your hands free!Zoom H1 ($100)Pocket audio recorders are very handy. I use them all the time to record audio during weddings. An easy way to record audio in unique shooting situations.Good Stereo headphones ($70)You’ll need to check audio levels when setting up mics and listening to captured audio. These are headphones that aren’t going to break the bank.LCD viewfinder (~20)When shooting handheld with a DSLR, it is very helpful to use an LCD viewfinder (ask anyone that’s had to shoot in super bright light!)  Here is list of cheap ones that get the job done.Reflector ($40)When shooting outside, it is always handy to use a reflector to give your subject more natural bounce light – useful for both still photographers and videographers. This is a neat 5-in-1 reflector.Canon 50mm f/1.8 ($125)I know this is over $100, but if there is one lens I tell new photographers and cinematographers to purchase, it’s this one. Super cheap, while performing great in low light and still being sharp.Adobe Creative Cloud ($50 per month)This is for the all-around cinematographer/editor. If you use Adobe’s software suite, it is totally worth it to invest in Creative Cloud. You get download access to all of their applications for a monthly subscription fee.Gear will not make you a better cinematographer, but it will sure make it easier for you. What other cinematography gear for under $100 do you use?last_img read more

Chinese soldiers join celebrations

first_imgIndian and Chinese soldiers celebrated Deepavali at the Bum La border post in Arunachal Pradesh on Wednesday.A ceremonial Border Personnel Meeting (BPM), the last of 2018, was held on the occasion. Delegations led by Colonels Prasenjit Kar and Yang Zi Ming exchanged greetings in a cordial atmosphere, a sign of improving military-to-military ties at the ground level.The meeting began with the hoisting of national flags and included lighting of traditional lamps and the ceremonial address. Both sides highlighted the importance of maintaining peace and tranquillity along border areas, besides ensuring the sanctity of the Line of Actual Control. The delegation leaders emphasised upon the need to maintain and continuously improve relations at the ground level which would act as a ‘catalyst’ at the strategic and diplomatic levels to foster cordial ties.There were colourful performances by cultural troupes showcasing the spirit of India.last_img read more

Mattis Returning to Stanfords Hoover Institution

first_img ADC AUTHOR Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is re-joining the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in May as the Davies Family Distinguished Fellow.“I believe we have an obligation to pass on the lessons we’ve learned so that future generations can study, learn and become better,” Mattis said in a press release. “Hoover has made this part of its mission, and I look forward to returning.”Mattis was a fellow at Hoover until he became secretary in January 2017. He left DOD at the end of 2018.DOD photo by Lisa Ferdinandolast_img

Google takes aim at imposter websites with new Chrome warning

first_img Tags 12 Comments Share your voice Security It’s hard to be sure where you are on the internet these days. Carefully checking the URL is one approach to avoiding danger. Trouble is, many fraudulent websites use tricks to make their URLs look like the real deal. Now, Google wants to call them out.To do that, the company is developing a new warning in its Chrome browser that appears when you’re visiting a site that’s mimicking a well-known web page. The warning could ask you, for example, if you actually meant to go to “paypal.com” when you were headed to a lookalike scam site called “paypa1.com” instead.The warning is intended to take the pressure off you to notice when something’s wrong with the URL. That’s important because most people don’t notice when they’re headed off to a scam site, Google Chrome engineer Emily Stark said in a talk on Tuesday at the Enigma Conference, a security and privacy event. “What people are seeing in the URL bar really just isn’t helpful to them as a security mechanism,” Stark said.The warning could help make it harder to carry out on one of the most pervasive and effective hacking attacks out there — phishing. If users heed Chrome warnings, it could save them from entering usernames, passwords or credit card information into websites controlled by criminals. It could also keep them from downloading malicious software at scam websites that could do things like encrypt their data and demand a ransom.Scammy websites use a number of tricks to look legitimate in that URL field at the top of your web browser. They might use a slight misspelling, or swap out the number one for a lowercase letter L to look like a legitimate website. The latter is called a homograph attack, and it’s powerful because it usually involves characters that the untrained eye will miss. The new warning, which is still being tested, alerts users to the fact that they aren’t heading to a popular website or a website they’ve engaged with in the past. If the user wants to keep going in that direction, they can click “ignore.” Stark said her team wanted to throw up a flag for users without overselling the danger.”We designed this warning to be informational rather than scary,” she said. The talk follows comments Chrome security experts made in September about security problems involving URLs. At the time, Google said its engineers were researching how to make changes to the way Chrome handles URLs in order to improve safety. On Tuesday, Stark said changes Google and other software developers propose should be “incremental.” Still, no idea is too crazy to at least consider, she said.”Website identity is so, so broken that all ideas should be on the table,” Stark said. Hacking Privacylast_img read more

For the girls by the girls

first_imgTo commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, a UN-declared international observance day to support greater opportunities for girls and end gender discrimination, teenage girls from marginalised communities stepped into the roles of traffic policemen and manned the traffic in the national Capital.European Union Ambassador to India, Tomasz Kozlowski inaugurated the takeover and distributed badges to the girls. He said, “Ensuring that girls feel respected and valued in society is the first step to breaking down the barriers of discrimination. Today, on International Day of the Girl Child, we remember that empowering girls and women is not just our moral duty, it is also the solution to many of the greatest challenges we face in the quest for development and peace: Investing in girls is investing in peace and prosperity”. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf120 girls manned traffic for two hours at multiple locations in Delhi- Rajpath, Mandi House, Baba Kharak Singh Marg and Windsor Circle. They were assisted by traffic police personnel, most of whom were women. They also displayed signage and posters on gender equality as well as girls’ rights. Passersby were handed stickers with the message ‘Be the Driver of Change’.The celebration of the International Day of Girl Child is part of a 3-year collaboration between the European Union (EU) and Plan India for promoting gender equality and combating discrimination against the girl child. The EU currently funds 3 large initiatives on the rights of the girl child in India, with a specific focus on eliminating sex-selective abortions. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveOn the occasion, Bhagyashri Dengle, Executive Director, Plan India said, “Despite significant progress over the last several decades toward girls’ and women’s equal participation, gaps still remain. By occupying such spaces and places where they are rarely seen or heard, it is a step towards promoting gender inequality and claiming their rights.”Besides manning traffic, the girls also took over important roles even in corporate houses, media publications and radio stations for a day, last week to commemorate International day of the Girl Child. Going forward, 10 metro stations in Delhi will also have signage and people will be requested to pledge their support for a safer Delhi, from October 11-20.  Plan India, a member of Plan International Federation, is a nationally registered independent child development organisation committed to creating a lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable and excluded children, their families and communities. Plan International celebrates this day to support the movement for girls’ rights and development so that girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide and thrive.Champa, studying for a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, comes from a family of six. She has been involved with Plan India as a youth advocate for the past four years, ensuring that her community is safer for girls and that they are more aware of their rights. She said, “We must work together to ensure girls and young women are aware and have access to justice. Informed and empowered girls can stand firm against injustice and demand their rights. Doing this together allows us to share our challenges and innovative ideas to overcome them.”last_img read more

Mozilla optimizes calls between JavaScript and WebAssembly in Firefox making it almost

first_imgYesterday, Mozilla announced that in the latest version of Firefox Beta, calls between JS and WebAssembly are faster than non-inlined JS to JS function calls. They have made these optimizations keeping two aspects of engine’s work in mind: reducing bookkeeping and cutting out intermediaries. How they made WebAssembly function calls faster They have optimized the calls in both directions, that is, from JavaScript to WebAssembly and WebAssembly to JavaScript with their recent work in Firefox. All these optimizations have been done to make the engine’s work easier. The improvements fall into two groups: Reducing bookkeeping: This means getting rid of unnecessary work to organize stack frames Cutting out intermediaries: This means taking the most direct path between functions How they optimized WebAssembly to JavaScript calls The browser engine has to deal with two different kinds of languages while going through your code even if the code is all written in JavaScript: bytecode and machine code. The engine needs to be able to go back and forth between these two languages. When it does these jumps, it needs to have some information in place, like the place from where it needs to resume. The engine also must separate the frames that it needs. To organize its work, the engine gets a folder and puts this information in it. When the Firefox developers first added WebAssembly support, they had a different type of folder for it. So even though JIT-ed JavaScript code and WebAssembly code were both compiled and speaking machine language, it was treated as if they were speaking different languages. This was unnecessarily costly in two ways: An unnecessary folder is created which adds up setup and teardown costs It requires trampolining through C++ to create the folder and do other setup They fixed this by generalizing the code to use the same folder for both JIT-ed JavaScript and WebAssembly. This made calls from WebAssembly to JS almost as fast as JS to JS calls. How they optimized JavaScript to WebAssembly calls JavaScript and WebAssembly use different customs even if they are speaking the same language. For instance, to handle dynamic types, JavaScript uses something called boxing. As JavaScript doesn’t have explicit types, they need to be figured out at runtime. To keep track of the types of values, the engine attaches a tag to the value. This turns one simple operation into four operations. This is the reason why WebAssembly expects parameters to be unboxed and doesn’t box its return values. Since it is statically typed, it doesn’t need to add this overhead. So, before the engine gives the parameters to the WebAssembly function, the engine needs to unbox the values and put them in registers. It has to go through C++ again to prepare the values when going from JS to WebAssembly. Going to this intermediary step is a huge cost, especially for something that’s not that complicated. To solve this, they took the code that C++ was running and made it directly callable from JIT code. So, when the engine goes from JavaScript to WebAssembly, the entry stub unboxes the values and places them in the right place. Along with these calls, they have also optimized monomorphic and built-in calls. To understand the optimizations well, check out Lin Clark’s official announcement on Mozilla’s website. Read Next Mozilla updates Firefox Focus for mobile with new features, revamped design, and Geckoview for Android Mozilla releases Firefox 62.0 with better scrolling on Android, a dark theme on macOS, and more Mozilla, Internet Society, and web foundation wants G20 to address “techlash” fuelled by security and privacy concernslast_img read more