The Marijuana Advertising Double Standard Is Stifling Our Industry

first_img 5 min read Guest Writer While the future legality of recreational cannabis use is hotly debated at both state and federal levels, there is a broad consensus that medical cannabis is a promising, non-toxic treatment for a variety of illnesses. Despite the fact that 33 states and the District of Columbia now permit the use of medical cannabis, and numerous bipartisan bills that would allocate federal funds to research its effect on treating PTSD in veterans, there remains significant obstacles in promoting via TV and digital ads. As government policy increasingly treats medical cannabis as a promising new treatment worth exploring, media companies continue to operate and make decisions based on misinformation that is becoming harder to justify.There is no clearer example of this than CBS’s rejection of a Super Bowl ad from Acreage Holdings that shared real life stories from people who have been treated with medical cannabis. Rather than working with Acreage Holdings to address what was deemed problematic, CBS simply dismissed the ad as inconsistent with policy. For those of us in the industry, the decision was not a surprise, but I am continually baffled by the double-standard (dare I say hypocrisy?) which is on display.Related: Here’s the Medical Cannabis Super Bowl Ad CBS Refused to RunTo be fair, this is not a CBS problem, but a media problem writ large. Cannabis ads, we now know, are forbidden on television and in traditional print outlets. Even Facebook and Google, the two largest online ad platforms, have banned cannabis companies from making ad-buys. In each instance, cannabis ads are deemed inappropriate, all while advertisements for condoms, Viagra, beer, liquor and dozens (if not hundreds) of problematic, highly-addictive prescription drugs flood our screens and televisions.Big Pharma spent $3.7 billion on TV ads in 2018, featuring nearly 200 different commercials for 70 different drugs. These ads ran hundreds of thousands of times. At the same time, Budweiser, Coors and Heineken are staples of broadcast advertising, and since 2012, even hard liquor has been allowed to advertise, albeit during evening hours. The impact is clear: a 2016 study by Rand Corp found that on average, children are exposed to three alcohol advertisements each day; we now know that Big Pharma marketing was a key driver of the opioid crisis; and, Juul relied on digital ads to purposefully target children. The notion that this is about responsibility is simply untrue.Related: Spike Jonze Directed a MedMen Commercial About Cannabis. And It’s Pretty Epic.This all begs the question: what makes medical cannabis “inconsistent” with policies that have, for years, fueled addiction and substance abuse? These marijuana misanthropes typically argue that we don’t need to normalize another substance that could attract new users. This is misleading for two reasons: first, in states that have legalized recreational cannabis, there are no increases in its use or abuse and among pre-teens and teenagers, marijuana use has remained steady and even fallen in some places; and second, the ads in question are focused on medicinal cannabis, something 85 percent of Americans support. Medicinal marijuana is non-lethal and proven effective and it should be allowed to advertise to consumers to ensure they have all options available to them. So long as you are accepting ad dollars from pharmaceutical and alcohol companies, there simply is no valid, rational argument for rejecting an ad explaining the benefits of medicinal cannabis.Not only do these ad bans deprive Americans of important innovations in health care, they further cement the existing stigma and make serious, fact-based discussions increasingly rare. Our young industry already has proven to be far more ethical than the leading sponsors of addiction mentioned above, and proactive in our efforts to market responsibly. We all have taken steps to ensure we do not market to non-users, and work tirelessly to ensure children do not see the ads. That is why some cannabis advertising companies have found alternative routes, such as advertising through geo-targeting tools like AdLink, to ensure that we promote this increasingly legal product in a safe and responsible way. If CBS and others would be willing to work with us, I am certain we will be able to develop self-regulating standards that inform consumers based on fact, not fear.Related: Baby Boomers Smoking Reefer in Record AmountsMedical cannabis has proven effective in reducing symptoms associated with cancer; it can serve as a substitute to opioids for people who suffer from chronic pain as a result of HIV/AIDS; it can improve the appetite of people undergoing chemotherapy; it is even showing promise as an alternative treatment for our veterans suffering from PTSD. The American consumer, long held hostage to the whims of Big Pharma who pump us full of drugs, deserve to know about natural alternative treatments. They deserve to know that synthetic, often times lethal, prescriptions full of side effects are not the only way to treat illnesses. They deserve to know the truth and it is time for the marijuana misanthropes to work with the cannabis community and not against us. Listen Now February 28, 2019 –shares Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Josh Segal Next Article Image credit: ChrisSteer | Getty Images The Marijuana Advertising Double Standard Is Stifling Our Industry It’s infuriating that networks ban cannabis ads while raking in billions from Big Pharma to advertise drugs with frightening side effects. Advertising Green Entrepreneur Podcast Add to Queue Each week hear inspiring stories of business owners who have taken the cannabis challenge and are now navigating the exciting but unpredictable Green Rush. CEO & Founder of AdLooplast_img read more

Chipotle Cooks Up New Stricter Food Safety Rules Amid E Coli Fiasco

first_img Former West Coast Editor Chipotle Mexican Grill says it’s cleaning up its act in the aftermath of several recent foodborne illness-related outbreaks linked to its food.Scrambling to restore consumer confidence, the fast-casual chain announced today that it is taking “aggressive actions” to roll out stricter food safety practices that it claims go above and beyond current industry norms.“We have carefully examined our operations — from the farms that produce our ingredients, to the partners that deliver them to our restaurants, to the cooking techniques used by our restaurant crews — and determined the steps necessary to make the food served at Chipotle as safe as possible,” the company said in a statement.Related: After Numerous Health Incidents, Chipotle Has a Big Perception ProblemSpecifically, some of those steps include: marinating raw chicken in re-sealable plastic bags instead of in bowls; testing chicken and steak more often; scalding several fresh produce items (including onions) in boiling water to sanitize them before being chopped; and blending cilantro into steaming hot rice to kill microbes in the herb, according to the Associated Press. Additionally, some ingredients, including cheese, will be prepped at centralized locations, then delivered to nearby restaurants. All 64 ingredients that Chipotle uses will be closely scrutinized, the company claims.”Nothing is more important to me than serving my guests food that is safe” -Chipotle founder Steve Ells— Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) December 16, 2015To help implement and uphold its new, more stringent food prep guidelines — and to hopefully overcome the daunting challenge of not being “the food chain most associated with vomiting and diarrhea,” as our own Raymond Hennessey so eloquently put it — Chipotle has partnered with IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group. The Lake Forest Park, Wash.-based food safety testing consultancy is tasked with improving Chipotle’s employee food safety training processes.While Chipotle publicized its sweeping protocol changes today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also heralded some big news of its own — the federal agency is officially joining the growing E. coli investigation surrounding the restaurant. The FDA will assist the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with its ongoing probe.Related: FDA Bans Some Cilantro Imports After Finding Feces and Toilet Paper in FieldsEarlier this week, the CDC said it was looking into the latest E. coli episode connected to the 1,900-location burrito chain. This time, five people who recently ate at the restaurant, identified in Kansas, North Dakota and Oklahoma, have been infected with a rare strain of the bacteria. The incident is the latest in a string foodborne illness outbreaks traced to Chipotle in several states scattered throughout the U.S., some dating back to last summer.In a sweaty appearance on NBC’s Today Show last week, Chipotle founder and co-CEO Steve Ells said the new rules would make Chipotle a leader in food safety. “We’re putting in place practices that will not enable this to happen again,” he said, “practices that are so far above industry norms today [that] we will be the safest place to eat.”Related: At Least 80 Boston College Students Sick After Eating at Chipotle Next Article December 23, 2015 Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Chipotle Kim Lachance Shandrow Add to Queuecenter_img Image credit: Chipotle | Facebook 3 min read –shares Chipotle Cooks Up New, Stricter Food Safety Rules Amid E. Coli Fiasco Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. Enroll Now for $5last_img read more

Amplifyai and AdLingo Bring Conversational AI to Display Advertising, the industry’s first enterprise-class conversational AI platform, announced its integration with AdLingo, a conversational advertising platform built within Area 120, Google’s incubator for experimental projects. This partnership will enable to provide new, innovative display ad experiences with two-way, natural language interactions between brands and consumers, creating a unique method to effectively drive user ad engagement.Brands want to meet their customers and prospects where they are, and with messaging’s rising dominance of digital communication in recent years, brands are increasingly challenged to figure out how to support an ever-growing diversity of messaging-based “conversational surfaces.” addresses that challenge with one of the industry’s first enterprise-class Conversational AI platform. Core elements of the platform include a common Machine Learning/AI foundation, native messaging-optimized NLP (natural language processing) system, and an abstraction layer supporting any arbitrary conversational surface. enables persistent conversations across all the leading rich-media communications channels with the ability to seamlessly move from one modality to another; e.g. start a conversation on your desktop computer and move to a mobile device without interruption or loss of context. In addition to the messaging solutions like AdLingo powered by Google’s RBM (Rich Business Messaging) platform, supports: RCS, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, “Instagram, WhatsApp, native chat on desktop and mobile web and in-app integrations. With, brands can deploy conversational experiences that dynamically adapt to the capabilities and limits of each channel, supporting the full messaging-based conversational UX spectrum, from text-only to full media-rich-plus-text experiences.Marketing Technology News: Zype Playout Wins a Product of the Year Award for B2B Streaming at NAB Show 2019“Truly conversational interaction is a game-changer for display advertising, enabling deep and effective engagement directly within the ad experience,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO and co-founder of “We’re excited to integrate with AdLingo to bring this exciting new capability to both our current consumer brand clients and to many new ones seeking the persuasive power of conversational marketing at superhuman scale.”Marketing Technology News: Vimeo To Acquire Magisto To Power Video Creation For Any Business“Our integration with enables us to bring conversational experiences globally and at scale with consumer brands,” said Vic Fatnani, co-founder and General Manager of AdLingo. “Through conversational display ads we believe all brands will have the opportunity to create a 2-way communication channel and begin helping their customers in real-time at the moment it matters.”Marketing Technology News: Pegasystems Honored with Multiple Awards for Helping Organizations Digitally Transform Their Business and AdLingo Bring Conversational AI to Display Advertising MTS Staff WriterApril 18, 2019, 4:12 pmApril 18, 2019 Advertising PlatformAIAmplify.aiMarketing Technologynative messaging-optimizedNewsRBM Previous ArticleBeeswax Announces “Bid Models” to Power Programmatic In-HousingNext ArticleHuawei Announces that the Atlas AI Computing Platform is Ready for Commercial Scalinglast_img read more

NexJ Systems Revamps Industry Leading CRM with IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform

first_imgNexJ Systems Revamps Industry Leading CRM with IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform PRNewswireApril 29, 2019, 8:10 pmApril 29, 2019 customer relationship managementIBM Cloud DatabasesIBM Cloud PrivateLisa CanhamMarketing Technology NewsNewsNexJ Systems Previous ArticleCMC Honors AARP with the 2019 Marketer of the Year AwardNext ArticleHUAWEI CLOUD Signs MoU with Multiple Companies at the Singapore Summit, Joining Hands with Partners to Unveil Cloud + AI Innovations Small and Medium Wealth Managers first to benefit from latest offering leveraging IBM Cloud Private NexJ Systems Inc., the pioneer of intelligent customer management for the financial services industry, announced that it has chosen IBM Cloud Private to host its customer relationship management (CRM) platform for small and medium enterprise (SME) wealth managers.Wealth managers in need of CRM solutions are increasingly recognizing that workloads containing sensitive customer information can have complex requirements when being moved back and forth across various cloud and IT environments. In order to tap into the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of the cloud while maintaining compliance and security across multiple, dispersed data sources, NexJ needed a first-class hybrid cloud strategy to support its CRM platform.NexJ chose IBM Cloud Private due to IBM’s experience designing hybrid cloud strategies for the financial services industry, and the access to advanced services IBM Cloud Private provides. With IBM Cloud Private, NexJ is leveraging a suite of services like IBM Cloud Log Analysis with Kibana, IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch, and IBM Cloud Object Storage for mass data storage, all orchestrated through IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Istio. Now, NexJ’s wealth management customers can securely streamline how they move and manage customer data across environments, freeing them up to spend more time focusing on driving new revenue streams and providing better experiences for customers.Marketing Technology News: Vendasta adds MyCorporation to MarketplaceNexJ’s deep vertical product has long been recognized by industry analyst firms including Aite (Top CRM Vendor for wealth management), and Celent (Best CRM for Wealth Management), and selected by the wealth management divisions of notable financial services firms including Wells Fargo, UBS and RBC. NexJ’s hybrid cloud strategy with IBM Cloud Private allows them to leverage the success they have had refining their offerings in the largest banks, insurers and financial services firms in the world, and now bring their products to SME wealth managers looking for lower cost and more flexible offerings.Matthew Bogart, Vice President of Marketing at NexJ Systems Inc. spoke about the advantages of selecting IBM as its provider: “We wanted to deliver the CRM chosen by world’s leading Blue Chip financial services institutions to SME firms. By building this solution with IBM technology and collaborating with the IBM Partner Ecosystem team to bring it to market, we can offer a best of breed customer management software on an industry-leading cloud platform.”Marketing Technology News: Conduent Launches Innovation Center to Drive Customers’ Digital Transformations“NexJ Systems recognizes the importance of today’s hybrid cloud opportunity as its customers are demanding more flexibility and secure access to advanced cloud technologies in order to revamp their CRM strategies,” said Lisa Canham, Director of Partner Ecosystem, IBM Canada. “Our priority right now is helping these businesses migrate and modernize applications for the cloud in order to speed up their business transformation.”Marketing Technology News: Blueshift Appoints LendingTree’s Former VP of Marketing, Josh Francia, as Chief Growth Officerlast_img read more

New book examines various phases of intervention research in hospice and palliative

first_img Inform readers how to conduct intervention research toward identifying best care; Advise readers on design, implementation and evaluation of research; and Provide step-by-step templates to develop an intervention study. Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)May 3 2019Behavioral Intervention Research in Hospice and Palliative Care: Building an Evidence Base sets forth research considerations and guidelines to build evidence-based interventions to improve end-of-life care.The new book by George Demiris, PhD, a Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor in Penn Nursing’s Department of Biobehavioral Health Sciences, is an in-depth introduction to implementation research and showcases how a clinical need is identified to inform an intervention. The book extensively examines the various phases of intervention research, including design, implementation, evaluation, dissemination and translation. The book focuses on methodological, ethical and practical issues in order to: It includes mock protocols from successful intervention trials and synthesizes lessons learned by established intervention researchers in hospice and palliative care.”The science behind the quality of hospice and palliative care lags behind that of traditional medical practice, despite the continuous growth of palliative care interdisciplinary teams,” said Demiris. “Researching, developing and testing strategies is essential to advancing the effectiveness and value of this care.”center_img Source: read more

UChicago Medicines 2019 report highlights South Side communities top health priorities

first_img Community Health Needs Assessment Strategic Implementation Plan Community Health Needs Assessment (includes Community Profiles) Strategic Implementation Plan Individual Community Profiles Related StoriesDiet and nutrition influence microbiome in colonic mucosaNutritional supplements offer no protection against cardiovascular diseases, say researchersMosquito surveillance in Madagascar reveals new insight into malaria transmissionThese objectives are described in UChicago Medicine’s Strategic Implementation Plan, which was published in tandem with the CHNA. It outlines the health system’s plans to address the identified health priorities.The 2019 CHNA also features community profiles of 27 South Side community areas-; from Oakland to Riverdale -; which provide data about demographics and social determinants of health, as well as health behaviors, outcomes and resources.”The comprehensive scope and detailed data available in the Community Health Needs Assessment makes it a valuable tool for residents and health-focused community organizations to better understand our communities’ health needs, as well as areas where advocacy, education and funding would be best dedicated,” said Sherida Morrison, who chairs the Maternal and Child Health Working Group of UChicago Medicine’s Community Advisory Council. Morrison is the founder of Demoiselle 2 Femme, NFP and the Chicago Coalition on Urban Girls.”The report also demonstrates how UChicago Medicine is addressing the health and social needs of South Side communities through research, collaboration and participatory problem-solving,” she said.UChicago Medicine worked extensively with its Community Advisory Council, along with faculty and staff, to determine the CHNA’s health priorities.To conduct the research, analysis and community outreach, UChicago Medicine partnered with the Alliance for Health Equity, a collaborative of 37 hospitals working with health departments and regional and community-based organizations to improve health equity.As part of its mission and as a federal requirement for nonprofit hospitals, UChicago Medicine and Ingalls Memorial conduct a CHNA every three years, and publish an accompanying Strategic Implementation Plan designed to addresses their communities’ top health priorities.For the Ingalls Memorial service area, which covers a population of nearly 261,000 in the south suburbs, health priorities are: preventing and managing chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, and asthma), increasing access to maternal services through prenatal care, and promoting cancer awareness (breast and prostate).Individual CHNAs and strategic implementation plansUChicago Medicine Hyde Park “The Community Health Needs Assessment provides powerful data and valuable insight to help UChicago Medicine ensure its programs and resources are promoting health equity by supporting the most relevant and pressing health concerns in the communities that we serve,” said Brenda Battle, RN, BSN, MBA, vice president of the Urban Health Initiative, which oversees community benefit initiatives. “Through this analysis, and with extensive community collaboration and outreach, we have developed a strategic implementation plan that seeks to not only address the most critical health concerns, but also the underlying social determinants that exacerbate them.”UChicago Medicine currently works with community partners to offer programs and resources to mitigate the health concerns associated with asthma, diabetes and trauma resiliency, which were identified as priorities in prior CHNAs. These include, for asthma, the South Side Pediatric Asthma Center; for diabetes, South Side Fit and the Diabetes Empowerment Education Program; and for trauma resiliency, the Violence Recovery Program and Rapid Cycle Violence Prevention and Recovery grant program.To address health concerns associated with social determinants of health, UChicago Medicine collaborates with the South Side Health Collaborative -; which includes 30 community health centers and community hospitals comprised within the South Side -; and offers the Medical Home and Specialty Care Connection to improve access to care; for food insecurity, Feed1st; and for unemployment, Cara Connects and other workforce programs. UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial Preventing and managing chronic diseases (asthma and diabetes) Building trauma resiliency with a focus on violence recovery and mental health Reducing health inequities by addressing social determinants of health (access to care, food, and employment) Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Jul 11 2019Residents on Chicago’s South Side have identified chronic diseases, the need for violence prevention and trauma resiliency, and health inequities as key health concerns that they face, according to the University of Chicago Medicine’s 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).These issues mirror some of the concerns found in the 2016 CHNA, which identified pediatric asthma and obesity, cancer, violence, diabetes and sexually transmitted diseases as health priorities for UChicago Medicine’s South Side service area. This service area represents 23% of Chicago’s population and includes 12 ZIP codes that span 35 community areas.For the first time, the 2019 report includes a thorough analysis of social determinants of health, which are the root causes of health inequities, including higher prevalence of chronic diseases and violence in the community. These determinants include education level, poverty, unemployment, violence and community safety, access to care, and food insecurity, which results from the lack of nutritious, reliable, and affordable food sources. According to the 2019 CHNA, 53% of the service-area population lives in poverty, almost double the state poverty level, and nearly half of the community residents are at risk for food insecurity.The CHNA is used to identify community health priorities and make decisions on where to commit resources that can most effectively improve community members’ health and wellness. Priority health areas were determined through extensive data collection and analysis, including from community resident surveys and focus groups as well as from state, county and city public health and crime data.For South Side communities, the priorities for 2019-21 are: The Community Health Needs Assessment establishes which community health concerns require UChicago Medicine’s attention and resources, and we respond accordingly with strategic programs and collaborative partnerships, including those related to asthma, diabetes, violence prevention and more. Based on the latest findings and analyses of social determinants of health, our work will focus on increasing access to food for patients with food insecurities, expanding access to health care and providing more employment opportunities for community residents.”CHNA contributor Doriane Miller, MD, associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for Community Health and Vitality at UChicago Medicine Source:University of Chicago Medicinelast_img read more

Shared electric scooters surge overtaking docked bikes

first_img In this Dec. 5, 2018, photo a rider maneuvers a Lime brand electric scooter on a sidewalk past workers on Capitol Hill in Washington. Electric scooters are overtaking station-based bicycles as the most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Citation: Shared electric scooters surge, overtaking docked bikes (2019, April 17) retrieved 17 July 2019 from In this Dec. 5, 2018, photo Skip brand electric scooters are left on a sidewalk on Capitol Hill in Washington. Riders took 38.5 million trips on shared electric scooters in 2018. That eclipsed the 36.5 million trips riders took on shared, docked bicycles, according to a report released Wednesday, April 17, 2019, by the National Association of City Transportation Officials.(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) In this Dec. 6, 2018, photo a Lime scooter customer uses his mobile app to lock up his scooter on the sidewalk after finishing his trip in downtown Washington. Companies are jockeying for strategic position in the so-called micromobility revolution, where consumers are embracing ride-hailing services, scooters, bikes and shared cars that can be hailed and paid for by smartphones. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Riders took 38.5 million trips on shared electric scooters in 2018. That eclipsed the 36.5 million trips riders took on shared, docked bicycles, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Association of City Transportation Officials.Scooter companies are facing challenges from every direction including vandalism, theft, rider injuries, intense competition and aggressive regulations in cities across the U.S.Yet the scooter industry persists, and venture capitalists, ride-hailing companies and traditional auto manufacturers continue to pour millions into the fledgling companies.Companies are jockeying for strategic position in the so-called micromobility revolution, where consumers are embracing ride-hailing services, scooters, bikes and shared cars that can be hailed and paid for by smartphones. In this Dec. 4, 2018, photo a man rides a scooter near the White House in Washington. Electric scooters are overtaking station-based bicycles as the most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) Explore further In this Dec. 4, 2018, photo a couple rides scooters near the White House in Washington. Electric scooters are overtaking station-based bicycles as the most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) In this Dec. 4, 2018, photo a man rides a scooter near the White House in Washington. Electric scooters are overtaking station-based bicycles as the most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)center_img Electric scooters are overtaking station-based bicycles as the most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars. In this Dec. 5, 2018, photo a police officer directs a rider on a Skip brand electric scooter to move off the street on Capitol Hill in Washington. Scooter companies are facing challenges from every direction including vandalism, theft, rider injuries, intense competition and aggressive regulations in cities across the U.S. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) In this Dec. 6, 2018, photo Bird scooters are parked besides a bike sharing docking station in downtown in downtown Washington. Electric scooters are overtaking station-based bicycles as the most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) © 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Uber Jumps into electric scooters in Europe In this Dec. 5, 2018, photo Skip brand electric scooters are left on a sidewalk on Capitol Hill in Washington. Riders took 38.5 million trips on shared electric scooters in 2018. That eclipsed the 36.5 million trips riders took on shared, docked bicycles, according to a report released Wednesday, April 17, 2019, by the National Association of City Transportation Officials.(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Indiana Jones Meets Star Wars in Archaeology From Space Enter to Win

first_imgWhat is it like to uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations … from space? Archaeologist Sarah Parcak is a pioneer in the field of space archaeology, using images from satellites orbiting high above Earth to detect long-buried signs of cultures that thrived millennia ago. Her work in Egypt resulted in a breakthrough map of the legendary city of Tanis, made famous in the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” But while Parcak’s fictional counterpart Indiana Jones dug through dusty sand and crawled through jungles to reach remote sites, much of Parcak’s work is conducted on computers, analyzing images that use infrared and lasers to peer below the ground and reveal ancient secrets hidden far below.OTD in Space – July 17: X-15 Breaks Altitude RecordOn July 17, 1962, the American test pilot Bob White broke the world record for the highest altitude flight. He took off from Edwards Air Force Base in a rocket-powered X-15 aircraft and made it to an altitude of 314,750 feet. That’s almost 60 miles! At the time, the Air Force considered the edge of space to be 50 miles above the Earth. So White received astronaut wings for his record-breaking spaceflight.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放OTD in Space – July 16: Apollo 11 Launches to the Moon00:43关闭选项Automated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0000:3400:34  In Parcak’s new book “Archaeology from Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past” (Henry Holt and Company, 2019), she offers readers a tantalizing glimpse of the technologies that make space archaeology possible; she also reveals extraordinary discoveries that satellites have brought to the surface for the first time in thousands of years. Live Science sits down with Parcak on Facebook Live today (July 12) at 11:30 a.m. ET, for an interview about her book and her two decades of field work spanning five continents. We’ll also be giving away two copies of “Archaeology from Space” (one copy per winner). To participate, leave a comment on the post by 12:01 a.m on July 15. Winners will be selected at random. The contest rules are below. Don’t forget to check Facebook and Twitter for updates on this contest and other live-video events. ‘Archaeology From Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past’ Giveaway Official Rules NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of 50 U.S & D.C., 18 or older. Employees, agents, officers & directors of Future plc (“Sponsor”), its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates & advertising & promotion agencies (collectively with Facebook, Inc., “Released Parties”) & members of their immediate family (spouse, parent, children, siblings & their respective spouses, regardless of where they reside) & persons living in the same household, whether or not related, are not eligible. Void where prohibited. Subject to all applicable federal, state & local laws. HOW TO ENTER: At any time between 11:30 a.m. ET on Friday, July 12, 2019, and 12:30 a.m. ET on Monday, July 15, 2019 (the “Entry Period”), visit the Live Science page on Facebook (“Event Page”), find the post about the giveaway and leave a comment to the post. If, for whatever reason, the Event is cancelled or postponed, this giveaway will not occur. Entries generated by script, macro or other automated means or by any means that subvert the entry process are void. Limit one (1) entry per person/Facebook ID. Multiple entries will be void. Entries become the sole property of Sponsor. Entry must not be offensive or inappropriate, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any entry and remove any comment that it determines, in its sole discretion, is not in compliance with these Official Rules or is otherwise not in keeping with Sponsor’s image. WINNER DETERMINATION: Three winners will be randomly selected from the eligible individuals who posted comments during the Entry Period. If, by the end of the Entry Period, no eligible comments are provided, the prize will not be awarded. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. WINNER NOTIFICATION: Potential winners will be notified via a comment on his/her winning post and via Facebook Messenger & he/she will have 24 hours from notification to respond to Sponsor. The failure to respond to such notification or the potential winner’s noncompliance with these Official Rules may result in disqualification, & at Sponsor’s sole discretion, prize may be awarded to an alternate winner. Prize: A copy of “Archaeology From Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past” (2 prizes available). Approximate Retail Value: $30.00. Total Prize is awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either express or implied. Winner is responsible for all federal, state & local taxes. Winner may not substitute, assign or transfer prize, but Sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to substitute prize (or portion thereof) with one of comparable or greater value. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash. All prize details are at Sponsor’s sole discretion. GRANT OF RIGHTS: By submitting an entry, each entrant grants to Sponsor and its licensees, successors and assigns an irrevocable, perpetual, unlimited, royalty-free, fully paid-up license to reproduce, distribute, display, exhibit, exploit, perform, edit, create derivatives of, & otherwise use the entry & all elements of such entry, together with any other material, and the name, user name, city & state of residence, voice, image and/or likeness of entrant, in any & all media now known or hereafter devised, in any manner, in whole or in part, worldwide, without compensation or notification to, or permission from, entrant or any third party, for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation, for purposes of advertising or trade.  CONDITIONS: By participating, each entrant agrees: (a) to abide by these Official Rules & decisions of Sponsor & judges, which shall be final & binding in all respects relating to this giveaway; and (b) to release, discharge & hold harmless Released Parties from any & all injuries, liability, losses & damages of any kind to persons, including death, or property resulting, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from entrant’s participation in the Giveaway or the acceptance or use of prize.  Released Parties are not responsible for (i) lost, late, incomplete, damaged, inaccurate, stolen, delayed, misdirected, undelivered or garbled entries; or (ii) errors or difficulties of any kind, whether human, mechanical, electronic, computer, network, typographical, printing or otherwise, relating to or in connection with the giveaway, including, without limitation, errors or difficulties which may occur in connection with the administration of the giveaway, the processing of entries, the announcement of the prize or in any giveaway-related materials.  Persons who tamper with or abuse any aspect of the giveaway or the Event Page, who act in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner or who are in violation of these Official Rules, as solely determined by Sponsor, will be disqualified & all associated entries will be void. Should any portion of the giveaway be, in Sponsor’s sole opinion, compromised by virus, worms, bugs, nonauthorized human intervention or other causes which, in the sole opinion of the Sponsor, corrupt or impair the administration, security, fairness or proper play, or submission of entries, Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to suspend, modify or terminate the giveaway & if terminated, at its discretion, select winner as deemed fair & appropriate by Sponsor. Information submitted in connection with this giveaway will be used in accordance with Sponsor’s Privacy Policy, available at   WINNERS’ NAMES: Winners’ names will be posted on the Event Page following the end of the giveaway.  Sponsor: Future plc, 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, New York, New York 10036. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to Sponsor & not to Facebook. 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Huntsman Spider Devours Possum in Viral and Terrifying Photos

first_img Eight-eyed huntsman spiders in the Sparassidae family deliver venomous bites with their sharp fangs, paralyzing small prey. Credit: Courtesy of Justine Latton In Australia — where else? — a large spider recently demonstrated the dominance of arachnids over puny mammals, as it chowed down on an unfortunate pygmy possum. Southern Tasmania resident Justine Latton shared her husband’s photos of the gruesome meal on June 14 in the Facebook group Tasmanian Insects and Spiders. He captured the images at a lodge in Tasmania’s Mount Field National Park while doing light repair work, Latton said yesterday (June 18) on the radio program “Tasmania Talks.” Members of the Facebook group identified the arachnid as a huntsman (also known as a giant crab spider); these large, long-legged spiders in the Sparassidae family live all over Australia. In the photo, the huntsman hangs head-down from a door hinge and grips its prey by the neck. The dead marsupial — which appears to be a pygmy possum, according to commenters — dangles limply from the huntsman’s mandibles. [In Photos: A Tarantula-Eat-Snake World] The animal commonly known as a possum in North America (actually an “opossum,” which belongs to a different order) can grow to be as big as a cat; were that the case here, the spider would easily be the size of a large dinner plate. But pygmy possums (Cercartetus lepidus) are the smallest possums in the world, measuring about 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7 centimeters) long and weighing about 0.2 ounces (7 grams), according to Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service. On average, a huntsman spider’s leg span can reach up to 6 inches (15 cm), while their bodies measure about 0.7 inches (2 cm) long, the Australian Museum reported. In Photos: The Amazing Arachnids of the World Originally published on Live Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeVikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 min and see why everyone is addicted!Vikings: Free Online GameUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoKelley Blue Book2019 Lexus Vehicles Worth Buying for Their Resale ValueKelley Blue BookUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndoArticles VallyDad Cuts Daughter’s Hair Off For Getting Birthday Highlights, Then Mom Does The UnthinkableArticles VallyUndoNucificTop Dr. Reveals The 1 Nutrient Your Gut Must HaveNucificUndo In Photos: Tarantulas Strut Their Stuff Goliath Birdeater: Images of a Colossal Spider Latton’s husband was conducting repair work at the lodge when he noticed the spider lurking on the door just above his co-worker’s head, Latton told “Tasmania Talks.” The two captured the spider in an empty ice-cream container and released the huntsman outside the lodge; the arachnid skedaddled and left its possum meal behind, Latton said. Huntsman spiders are ambush predators, and they use their large and powerful fangs to deliver venomous bites. Spiders are commonly thought to suck the liquids from their prey; in reality, they vomit digestive fluid onto their meals, chew the saturated flesh and then slurp up the dissolved nutrients, Rod Crawford, curatorial associate of arachnids at the Burke Museum in Seattle, wrote on the museum website. Huntsman spiders’ usual prey includes many types of insects, reptiles and even other spiders. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that small mammals are also occasionally on the menu. Numerous spider species worldwide are known to eat bats, and researchers recently recorded the first evidence of tropical spiders preying on mouse opossums, in the Peruvian Amazon, Live Science previously reported. Amazon Spiders Hunt Frogs, Fish, Lizards…And MammalsFor small animals in the tropics, spiders and their arthropod cousins are responsible for “a surprising amount of death,” scientists say.Volume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Better Bug Sprays?01:33 facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0001:0601:06Your Recommended Playlist01:33Better Bug Sprays?01:08Why Do French Fries Taste So Bad When They’re Cold?04:24Sperm Whale Befriends Underwater Robot00:29Robot Jumps Like a Grasshopper, Rolls Like a Ball02:31Surgical Robotics00:29Video – Giggly Robot关闭 last_img read more

Naveen Patnaik takes oath as Odisha CM for fifth consecutive term

first_imgTwenty newly-elected BJD MLAs also took oath as ministers, including 11 of Cabinet rank Naveen Patnaik, who led his Biju Janata Dal (BJD) to a landslide victory in the Assembly elections, took oath as the chief minister of Odisha for a record fifth consecutive term on Wednesday. He was administered the oath of office and secrecy by Governor Ganeshi Lal at the Idco Exhibition Ground in Bhubaneswar.Twenty newly-elected BJD MLAs also took oath as ministers, including 11 of Cabinet rank, at the swearing-in ceremony attended by a host of dignitaries. President Ramnath Kovind spoke to Naveen Patnaik and congratulated him on taking oath as the chief minister. “The President conveyed his good wishes to him and his entire team for the development of the state @Naveen_Odisha, the President’s Secretariat tweeted.Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Patnaik shortly after he took oath. “Congratulations to Shri Naveen Patnaik Ji on taking oath as Odisha’s Chief Minister. Best wishes to him and his team in fulfilling the peoples aspirations. I assure complete cooperation from the Centre in working for Odisha’s progress,” Modi tweeted.Soon after taking oath, Patnaik tweeted: “It’s nostalgic and personal journey for me to reminiscence the past 19 years. Today while I take oath of office for the 5th term, I humbly accept the responsibility that comes with the faith my 4.5 crore family members have reposed on me, yet again.” Union Minister and senior BJP leader Dharmendra Pradhan said he was hopeful the state government would “proactively support the Centre in uplifting the lives of Odia people.” The BJD, which won 112 seats in the 147-member Assembly in the recently concluded elections, held simultaneously with the Lok Sabha polls, has been in power in Odisha since 2000. It is for the first time that the 72-year-old Patnaik, who won from his home turf Hinjili in Ganjam district and Bijepur in western Odisha, has taken oath in an open public ground. In 2000, 2004, 2009 and 2014, the swearing-in ceremony was held at the Raj Bhavan.Apart from chief minister’s elder brother and businessman Prem Patnaik, sister and noted writer Gita Mehta, around 7,000 dignitaries including captains of industries, writers, artists, musicians and intellectuals attended the event. A large number of BJD supporters and women grassroots leaders as also MPs and MLAs attended the function.The CabinetThe 11 MLAs who took oath as cabinet ministers are Prafulla Mallick, Bikram Keshari Arukh, Niranjan Pujari, Tukuni Sahu, Ranendra Pratap Swain, Arun Sahoo, Sudam Marndi, Pratap Jena, Padmanabh Behera, Sushant Singh and Naba Kishor Das. The nine ministers of state are Padmini Dian, Ashok Chandra Panda, Sameer Ranjan Dash, Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi, Dibya Shankar Mishra, Premananda Nayak, Raghunandan Das, Tusharkanti Behera and Jagannath Saraka.The new ministry, which includes two women, is a blend of experienced and fresh faces. The 10 new faces in the Patnaik ministry are Premananda Nayak, Tukuni Sahu, Sameer Ranjan Das, Naba Kishore Das, Padmini Dian, Raghunandan Das, Dibyashankar Mishra, Jagannath Saraka, Jyotiprakash Panigarhi and Tusharkanti Behera.Bikram Arukh, Pratap Jena, Niranjan Pujari, Prafulla Mallick, Ashok Chandra Panda and Sushant Singh are among the legislators who retained their ministerial berths.The council of ministers has four Scheduled Tribe (ST) members – Sudam Marndi, Pramamand Nayak, Padmini Dian, Jagannath Saraka. Similarly, two new ministers belong to Scheduled Caste (SC) – Padmanabh Behera and Tushar Kanti Behera.At least 13 of the 30 districts remained unrepresented in Patnaik’s new ministry. They are Angul, Bhadrak, Boudh, Deogarh, Jajpur, Gajapati, Kandhamal, Kendrapara, Nabarangpur, Nuapada, Malkangiri, Sambalpur and Sundargarh. At least nine members, including two women, of the previous ministry have been dropped by Patnaik.The members who have been dropped are Usha Devi, Snehangini Churia (both women), Badri Narayan Patra, S N Patro, Prafulla Samal, Sashi Bhushan Behera, Nrushigha Sahu, Anant Das and Chandra Sarathi Behera. S N Patro, however, is likely to be made the Assembly Speaker. While former Minister Maheshwar Mohanty lost the polls in Puri, Bijayshree Routray did not contest.The BJD won 112 Assembly seats while the BJP 23 and the Congress nine in the just concluded polls. An Independent and the CPI (M) secured one seat each. While Odisha has 147 Assembly seats, polling in Patkura constituency was postponed twice following the death of a candidate and then due to cyclone Fani. May 29, 2019 0 Naveen Patnaik taking oath as the chief minister of Odisha in Bhubabaneswar. Photo: Biswaranjan Rout   –  The Hindu government Kalinga King: Naveen Patnaik sails through the Modi wave Orissa Odisha Governor invites Naveen Patnaik to form govt COMMENTcenter_img RELATED state politics Published on COMMENTS SHARE Patnaik retains Hinjli seat, leads Bijepur by 56,000 votes SHARE SHARE EMAILlast_img read more

Tamil Nadu NIA busts terror module planning attack

first_imgTamil Nadu: NIA busts terror module planning attackThe NIA on Saturday carried out searches at the house and office of accused Syed Mohammed Bukhari in Chennai city and houses of Hassan Ali and Harish Mohammed in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, the agency said in a statement. advertisement Arvind Ojha New DelhiJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 21:25 IST The NIA had learnt that all the three accused and their associates had collected funds and made preparations to carry out terrorist attacks with the intention of establishing Islamic rule in India. (File Photo)The National Investigation Agency carried out four raids in Chennai and Nagapattinam district and busted a Tamil Nadu-based terror module who conspired to wage a war against the Government of India. The raids were conducted in a case pertaining to Ansarulla terrorist gang.The NIA on Saturday carried out searches at the house and office of accused Syed Mohammed Bukhari in Chennai city and houses of Hassan Ali and Harish Mohammed in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, the agency said in a statement.The investigation agency had learnt that all the three accused and their associates had collected funds and made preparations to carry out terrorist attacks with the intention of establishing Islamic rule in India.A case had been registered against the three on July 9 under various Sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and UA (P) Act after NIA received credible information that the accused persons were conspiring and conducted consequent preparations to wage war against the government.During searches, the NIA have seized nine mobiles, 15 SIM cards, seven memory cards, three laptops, five hard discs, six pen drives, two tablets and three CDs/ DVDs besides documents including magazines, banners, notices, posters and books.(With ANI inputs)ALSO READ | NIA raids 10 places in Tamil Nadu over suspected Islamic State linksALSO WATCH | Islamic State claims responsibility for serial blasts in Sri LankaFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySnigdha Choudhury Nextlast_img read more

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People just out to kill anybody.. President Barack Obama has told the nations involvedthose with the most at riskto step up to the plate to do the fighting, “but when will he build a temple in India? you don’t have to (pay a fee). and even when hes in fresh air,Fuglseth told police the shooter was about 6 feet 2 inches tall and he did not recognize the man’s voice. in the end, an accountant and Mr Owoseli Samuel, during a visit to Liberty University in Virginia the worlds largest Christian college "In my opinion Donald Trump lives a life of loving and helping others as Jesus taught in the great commandment" Falwell said shortly before Trump mispronounced the name of one of the Bibles prominent books Blessings like these that have helped Trump make inroads with a voting bloc his rivals are counting on especially in places like Iowa where 57% of GOP caucus-goers identified as evangelical in 2012 If Trump can maintain his share of support among values voters the Republican frontrunner will be tough to beat Some rivals have sought to undermine Trumps courtship of Christian conservatives As the Iowa draw closer Cruz has been assailing his "New York values" tying Trump to the "socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay-marriage” views of the Big Apple But interviews with prominent evangelicals suggest this line of attack may be missing the meaning of Trumps connection with social conservatives “Donald Trump basically gave voice to the idea that Washington is broken and needs to be fixed” says Bob Vander Plaats an Iowa evangelical leader supporting Cruz “People right away resonate with that” Tony Perkins president of the Family Research Council believes many evangelicals feel "beaten down" by political correctness especially on issues such as gay marriage "Now they see Donald Trump who is taking on that same elitist politically correct mindset and not backing down" Perkins says "They find common cause in this guy even though he comes from a completely different world" In an election driven more by foreign policy than social issues "fear is dominating more than faith" Perkins continues "Fear of what has happened to our nation and fear of what may happen" It is an odd twist especially since the Bible cautions against an attitude of fear "God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind" the apostle Paul wrote in a New Testament letter to his disciple Timothy Randall Balmer a religious historian at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire says Trumps support illustrates that self-identified values voters still assess candidates through a pragmatic lens In the holy trinity of politics power and faith "religion is at the bottom" Balmer says "Its about politics and its about power" Meet Donald Trump’s Family Left: Ivanka Trump with her mother Ivana in 1992; Right: Ivanka in New York City in February 2015 Ben Coster—Camera Press/Redux; Gilbert Carrasquillo—Getty Images Left: Donald Trump Jr and Donald Trump in 1988; Right: Donald Trump Jr in New York City in April 2011 Ron Galella—Getty Images; Gilbert Carrasquillo—Getty Images Left: Eric Trump and Donald Trump in 2007; Right: Eric Trump in New York City in October 2013 James Devaney—Getty Images; Astrid Stawiarz—Getty Images Left: Marla Maples and Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany on March 19 1996 in New York City; Right:Tiffany Trump attends Barbie and CFDA Event on Sept 5 2014 in New York City Gregory Pace—Sygma/Corbis; J Carter Rinaldi—Getty Images Left: Donald Trump’s son Barron with his mother Melania at the FAO Schwarz in New York City; Right: Barron Trump with his father Donald Trump and mother Melania Knauss on Feb 16th 2015 Left: Jamie McCarthy—Getty Images; Right: Mike Pont—NBC/Getty 1 of 5 Advertisement That conclusion is supported by Trumps poll numbers He does far worse among Latino evangelicals than he does among whites which might be explained by his hardline stance against illegal immigration "There are a lot of inconsistencies here" says Rev Sam Rodriguez Jr, July) LONDON.

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