22 Creative Real Estate Marketing Tactics To Inspire You

first_img 3D viewchatbotchatbotsMarketing StrategiesMarketing TechnologyMessengerPartnershipPinterestreal estate marketingSnapchatSocial Media Previous ArticleNew Study Reveals Why In-House Programmatic Teams Struggle To Optimize Digital MediaNext ArticleMarTech Interview with Michael Lagoni, CEO and Founder, Stackline Sean Clancy SEO director Edge OnlineWith the number of licensed real estate agents in the country continuously growing, a real estate professional like you needs to bring your A-game to your marketing strategies to stand out among the competition!Fortunately, the digital space has allowed more marketing methods to emerge. Couple this with a little creativity and your properties will be selling like hotcakes!Ready to level up your marketing game? Check out these 22 creative real estate marketing tactics!Have a mega open house tour that will leave your guests in aweInvite everyone in your database, the neighbors, and every potential buyer that matches your target market. With a promise of good food and a good time!Then bring out your alas to bringing the life in your open house tour. Invite food trucks or catering services. Bring some music to the venue. If you’re inviting prospects with kids, a bounce house is a must!Tip: Since this is a mega open house tour, limit your showing to just one open house. With a limited schedule, more people will show up.https://ctt.ac/3GbTd [click-to-tweet]Give a virtual tourIf you want to convince your leads more that this property is worth their every penny, immerse them with a virtual tour.In these tours, the layout of the property is laid out in a 3D view, where they can interact with the video to check each area of the house.These tours also give prospects from foreign countries to check out the property first before they hop on a plane and ask for a tour!See these VR tour samples for inspirations:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcvI-MAWc2Uhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFr4mnMwhZ8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKypb8cBuUMTry out experiential marketingExperiential marketing is all about building a connection with your leads and network, with the intent that they’ll associate you or your property with a positive experience. Which, hopefully, will lead them to do business with you.Partner with local brandsBuilding rapport in the local community can help you build credibility as a buyer/seller’s advocate. And more exposure for your brand, too.You can partner with local builders and work a partnership where in exchange for free or discounted repairs/remodels, you’ll advertise them to potential clients.Or a local furniture shop, where you can put in a good word about them in exchange for lending you a piece of furniture to complete the property’s looks.You can also work a deal with local businesses, like local diners for example, where you’ll provide them with supplies with your branding on them.Read More: How AI will Change the Game for Influencer MarketingGet on SnapchatFacebook is getting saturated, so you should try out undiscovered social media gems like Snapchat.The competition here is low, but the scope of audience is wide!Partner with an influencerThe challenge here is to find an influencer that matches your target market, but once you find the perfect influencer, you can earn a positive brand image and more leads!Hire a professional photographer/videographerProfessionally-captured photos of your listing make a lasting impression, and positive impressions mean higher sales price!When you hire a professional photographer, you’re not only saving time but also with extra costs brought by amateur photos.Plus, you want to highlight all the good angles and lightings of the property. A professional photographer has the eye and skills for that.Remember, no matter how gorgeous your property looks in person, if prospects are not convinced with the photos they see of it online, then don’t expect appointments for tours.Show the highlights of your properties on Pinterest boardsWhat better way to create lists of good photos of your listings with brief-but-concise information than on Pinterest?With the 250 million active users on Pinterest, it’s the ideal platform to showcase your listings visually and attract more leads in the process!You can create a Pinterest board for your listing, say per area, then create a sub board for more photos of each property.Go with videos for your marketing materialsReal estate professionals have embraced video marketing since it provided better results for their efforts, particularly in response and engagement rate, and will continue to do so.They also allow more ways to advertise and educate your target market in a personalized and more entertaining manner.Pay attention to the pieces of furniture in your property before posting it onlineBring more life to the property and attract the right leads by placing pieces of furniture in different areas of the property that matches its theme.For instance, you can opt for steel or metallic style furniture for a modern look.Or champagne-drowned furniture for a luxurious and royal look.And if you’re targeting millennials, be sure to highlight aesthetics of the property. These people love visually appealing photos!But of course, you don’t have to spend too much to get the look you’re advertising. You can shop at thrift stores for unique items or partner with local furniture shops (see idea #4).Add more luxury vibes to your property with drone shotsIf you have the budget to go extra with your property marketing, opt for this one. Drone shots can provide better views of the property at different angles, in a cinematic way. Amenities are highlighted too, whether in aerial view or up close.Speaking of budget, drone photography can be quite expensive, so it’s more suitable for real estate agents with luxurious listings targeted to high-class buyers.It’s also ideal to hire professional drone photographers/videographers to save more and get the best drone shots of your listings.Sell a property by letting potential buyers visualize their life on the propertyBuyers take interest in a property if they see it fit for their lifestyle, so help them visualize it in your listing.What it would be like for someone like your target buyer to live a day in the property? Is it a peaceful one, or a life with the bustle of the metropolitan life?You can try this idea by collaborating with an influencer (see idea #6). Or hire an actor that matches the looks and personality of your target market, and shoot a lifestyle video in the property.Take this one from The Logan and Bernard Group:https://vimeo.com/310229461List the property on Airbnb and let buyers experience a day or two thereSpeaking of sneak peek, here’s another idea you can try to let potential buyers visualize their life in your listing.Let your prospects have first-hand experience with the property so they will be more convinced that it’s the perfect investment for him/her.It’s a more helpful experience than just walking them through around the house in an hour or less!To ensure that only interested prospects will book the property, emphasize it on the description.Note: Be sure to ask for the owner’s permission first before you do this!Powerful emotional words + worth-every-penny features = a powerful copy that can increase a property’s worthIn marketing, power words are your ultimate weapons to invoke emotions of your leads and add more punch to your copy.Which leads to more social shares, clickthrough rate, and web traffic.Match these words with highlights of your listing, and you’ll see a surge in properties sold, even at a price higher than the market price!It doesn’t have to be full of flair or wittiness. Even simple words can bring you tremendous sales.For a list of these power words, check this article.Become the digital mayor of your farm areaMayors are known as the father figure of a town, whose major responsibility includes taking care of their people by knowing his municipality well.And that’s what exactly you need to be – an authority that knows their industry and area well, both to market your listings/service and nurture your farm area.Clients also feel more convinced (and impressed!) when their agent knows the area of the property well.You can also check out Park Bench, a platform that helps you claim your title as the go-to agent in your local area.Create landing pages with home valuation toolsEntice your leads more to engage with you by incorporating a lead generation tool on your landing page. One of the best tools for real estate landing pages are home valuation tools.You can have a small section on your website where a website visitor will only enter their ad. They have to provide their email address next so you can deliver them the results.With this, you’ve provided free information, and you’ve got a new subscriber in your email list, whose open to receiving more information from you!Increase your response rate on Facebook with Messenger ChatbotsAre you receiving plenty of messages that can easily be answered by someone else? If so, implementing a Messenger chatbot may be ideal for your business.You can use tools online that makes chatbot implementation easier or work with a software developer. Whichever you choose, make sure to create answer templates for questions like these:What are the available listings within [name of area]?Which houses are in this price range?What do I need to do to prepare my home for selling?And of course, don’t forget to monitor the messages you’re receiving. Not all messages can be answered by chatbots.Read More: 3 Ways Mobile Technology is Changing the Brick-and-Mortar ExperienceUse social listening toolsIt’s not enough that you get your name out in the industry. You need to pay attention to what people are saying about you so you could address concerns about your service.Since social media have made freedom of speech easier, this is where you need to be on watch.Social listening branches to two routines – monitoring:Mentions of your brandsCompetitor’s social media standingNews and updates on keywords related to your industryWith social listening, you could also get ideas on how to improve your performance as a real estate agent, and even how to improve your listings!Keep in touch with your clients even after the closing70% of clients forget the agent they hired a year after closing.If you don’t want your clients to become a part of these numbers, make yourself relevant to them, even after your transaction is done.Share relevant information, videos, articles on social media that would be useful for the new homeowners.Email them with resources you come across the net, and/or new listings you’ve got. Maybe they’re looking to buy again!Keep them updated with the latest on their new community.https://ctt.ac/eG8a9 [click-to-tweet]Celebrate achievements with clients on social mediaJust closed? New property bought? Announce them on social media! Just ensure you have your client’s permission.People feel a tinge of pride and contentment when they’re featured on a business’ social media feed, especially if it’s good news that involves them.It also gives a more humane touch to your social media presence, that you’re not just all photos of listings and real estate tips and news.Encourage more people to refer you to their contactsYou want these sources to continue sending clients your way, so keep them motivated with rewards.You can work on a refer-a-friend program where they’ll get $10 or gift cards for every referral (and an additional reward if the referral is successful).Or an affiliate program, where bloggers and influencers will include affiliate links on their content, and they’ll earn rewards/privileges for every referral.Whichever referral program you use, make sure it’s discoverable by website visitors, your social media followers, your present and previous clients and other contacts.Host an event in the property that matches your target marketEntice your target market to check out the property themselves by inviting them to an event hosted in the property you’re selling. This way, they  could see that the property is the perfect investment for them.If you’re targeting families, why not host a BBQ party?If you’re targeting people with luxurious lifestyles, you can host a gallery night or a cocktail party.The events could also incorporate a good memory with the place, which convinces potential buyers more to invest in the property!Creative marketing strategies + tracking and evaluation of results = more success in the futureAt the end of the day, you want to make sure the campaigns you’re running are effective for your real estate business.Because some of these tactics may work better than the others, and you want to leverage that to your future marketing strategies.Track your results and evaluate its performance to answer the ultimate post-marketing question:Did you gain a huge ROI and more leads and sales with the strategy?Read More: Eye Rolls at Pre-Rolls: How to Escape the Trap of Annoying Ads 22 Creative Real Estate Marketing Tactics To Inspire You Daniel HunjasApril 18, 2019, 8:48 amMay 13, 2019 last_img read more

NexJ Systems Revamps Industry Leading CRM with IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform

first_imgNexJ Systems Revamps Industry Leading CRM with IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform PRNewswireApril 29, 2019, 8:10 pmApril 29, 2019 customer relationship managementIBM Cloud DatabasesIBM Cloud PrivateLisa CanhamMarketing Technology NewsNewsNexJ Systems Previous ArticleCMC Honors AARP with the 2019 Marketer of the Year AwardNext ArticleHUAWEI CLOUD Signs MoU with Multiple Companies at the Singapore Summit, Joining Hands with Partners to Unveil Cloud + AI Innovations Small and Medium Wealth Managers first to benefit from latest offering leveraging IBM Cloud Private NexJ Systems Inc., the pioneer of intelligent customer management for the financial services industry, announced that it has chosen IBM Cloud Private to host its customer relationship management (CRM) platform for small and medium enterprise (SME) wealth managers.Wealth managers in need of CRM solutions are increasingly recognizing that workloads containing sensitive customer information can have complex requirements when being moved back and forth across various cloud and IT environments. In order to tap into the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of the cloud while maintaining compliance and security across multiple, dispersed data sources, NexJ needed a first-class hybrid cloud strategy to support its CRM platform.NexJ chose IBM Cloud Private due to IBM’s experience designing hybrid cloud strategies for the financial services industry, and the access to advanced services IBM Cloud Private provides. With IBM Cloud Private, NexJ is leveraging a suite of services like IBM Cloud Log Analysis with Kibana, IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch, and IBM Cloud Object Storage for mass data storage, all orchestrated through IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Istio. Now, NexJ’s wealth management customers can securely streamline how they move and manage customer data across environments, freeing them up to spend more time focusing on driving new revenue streams and providing better experiences for customers.Marketing Technology News: Vendasta adds MyCorporation to MarketplaceNexJ’s deep vertical product has long been recognized by industry analyst firms including Aite (Top CRM Vendor for wealth management), and Celent (Best CRM for Wealth Management), and selected by the wealth management divisions of notable financial services firms including Wells Fargo, UBS and RBC. NexJ’s hybrid cloud strategy with IBM Cloud Private allows them to leverage the success they have had refining their offerings in the largest banks, insurers and financial services firms in the world, and now bring their products to SME wealth managers looking for lower cost and more flexible offerings.Matthew Bogart, Vice President of Marketing at NexJ Systems Inc. spoke about the advantages of selecting IBM as its provider: “We wanted to deliver the CRM chosen by world’s leading Blue Chip financial services institutions to SME firms. By building this solution with IBM technology and collaborating with the IBM Partner Ecosystem team to bring it to market, we can offer a best of breed customer management software on an industry-leading cloud platform.”Marketing Technology News: Conduent Launches Innovation Center to Drive Customers’ Digital Transformations“NexJ Systems recognizes the importance of today’s hybrid cloud opportunity as its customers are demanding more flexibility and secure access to advanced cloud technologies in order to revamp their CRM strategies,” said Lisa Canham, Director of Partner Ecosystem, IBM Canada. “Our priority right now is helping these businesses migrate and modernize applications for the cloud in order to speed up their business transformation.”Marketing Technology News: Blueshift Appoints LendingTree’s Former VP of Marketing, Josh Francia, as Chief Growth Officerlast_img read more

Sleep mood and stress affect older adults control beliefs

first_imgReviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Jan 29 2019Psychology researchers have found another reason that sleep, mood and stress are important: they affect the extent to which older adults feel they have control over their lives. The findings can inform efforts to improve an individual’s sense of control, which has ramifications for physical, mental and emotional health.”We found that sleep, mood and stress are all important factors in determining a sense of control and in whether older adults feel they can do the things they want to do,” says Shevaun Neupert, a professor of psychology at NC State and co-author of a paper on the work. “This finding is important because when older adults begin to lose their sense of autonomy, it can lead to changes in behavior that adversely affect their health and well-being.”Related StoriesPink noise enhances deep sleep for people with mild cognitive impairmentSleep quality could be indicator for later Alzheimer’s disease finds studySleep disorders in patients with low back pain linked to increased healthcare visits, costsFor this study, researchers evaluated data on 205 people between the ages of 60 and 94. Study participants provided information on a wide range of psychological variables on eight days across a period of three weeks.The researchers focused on determining which variables, if any, had an effect on two “control beliefs”: perceived competence, or an individual’s sense that her or she could do the things they wanted to do; and locus of control, or sense that they were in control of their own lives. The researchers found that several variables have a significant effect on both beliefs.”We found that sleep efficacy – or the belief that one can get a good night’s sleep – was associated with better control beliefs,” Neupert says.”We also found that positive affect was good for an individual’s control beliefs, while negative affect was bad,” says Shenghao Zhang, a Ph.D. student at NC State and first author of the paper. “In other words, being in a good mood made people feel better about their competence and control, while being in a bad mood made people feel worse about those things.”Lastly, we found that stressful events on one day had an adverse effect on an individual’s subsequent control beliefs,” Zhang says. “These results suggest that the adverse effect of stressful events can last for more than a day. It would be interesting to conduct additional work to determine how long the effects of stress resonate in regard to control beliefs.””We know there are things people can do to improve their mood and to improve their sleep,” Neupert says. “And while sleep and mood are things most people think are important, this study highlights a very specific reason that they are important.”When people think they have little or no control in their lives, they may stop doing some of the everyday things that are important for self-care – because they believe those things don’t matter,” Neupert says. “By acting to improve mood and sleep, older adults may better retain their sense of control and better maintain their quality of life.” Source:https://news.ncsu.edu/2019/01/sleep-mood-affect-how-in-control-older-adults-feel/last_img read more

New book examines various phases of intervention research in hospice and palliative

first_img Inform readers how to conduct intervention research toward identifying best care; Advise readers on design, implementation and evaluation of research; and Provide step-by-step templates to develop an intervention study. Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)May 3 2019Behavioral Intervention Research in Hospice and Palliative Care: Building an Evidence Base sets forth research considerations and guidelines to build evidence-based interventions to improve end-of-life care.The new book by George Demiris, PhD, a Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor in Penn Nursing’s Department of Biobehavioral Health Sciences, is an in-depth introduction to implementation research and showcases how a clinical need is identified to inform an intervention. The book extensively examines the various phases of intervention research, including design, implementation, evaluation, dissemination and translation. The book focuses on methodological, ethical and practical issues in order to: It includes mock protocols from successful intervention trials and synthesizes lessons learned by established intervention researchers in hospice and palliative care.”The science behind the quality of hospice and palliative care lags behind that of traditional medical practice, despite the continuous growth of palliative care interdisciplinary teams,” said Demiris. “Researching, developing and testing strategies is essential to advancing the effectiveness and value of this care.”center_img Source:https://www.nursing.upenn.edu/live/news/1390-demiris-authors-book-exploring-hospice-andlast_img read more

New technology helps reduce cost and time needed to do common laboratory

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)May 23 2019A desire for a simpler, cheaper way to do common laboratory tests for medical diagnoses and to avoid “washing the dishes” led University of Connecticut researchers to develop a new technology that reduces cost and time.Their pipette-based technology could also help make certain medical testing available in rural or remote areas where traditional methods might otherwise be prohibitively expensive and complicated to conduct.The 3D-printed pipette-tip test developed by the researchers leverages what “has long been the gold standard for measuring proteins, pathogens, antibodies and other biomolecules in complex matrices,” they say. The method still employs the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, also known as ELISA, but through a different route. They detailed their findings in a paper recently published online in Analytical Chemistry.For 30 years or more, ELISA has been used to test blood, cells and other biological samples for everything from certain cancers to HIV, from Lyme disease to pernicious anemia.Traditional ELISA tests are performed on plates featuring 96 micro-wells; each well works as a separate testing chamber where samples can be combined with various agents that will then react with the sample, typically by changing color. Technicians can then analyze whether a sample contains indicators of a particular disease or condition depending on the intensity of the color produced during the reaction.While effective and accurate, the equipment used to run ELISA is expensive – often costing thousands of dollars to install in a lab – and requires specialized training to conduct testing, as improper techniques can lead to incorrect results. The agents used in the actual tests – usually various forms of antibodies – can be expensive as well.Like many research laboratories, James Rusling’s chemistry lab where research assistant Mohamed Sharafeldin and his primary collaborator, Karteek Kadimisetty ’18 Ph.D., conducted their work, doesn’t have an automated ELISA washing machine, meaning that plates being used for tests must be manually washed – a time consuming and difficult process.”The ELISA washing techniques take forever,” said Sharafeldin, who is currently working toward his doctorate in chemistry. “It’s very tough, especially in a lab like ours. We don’t have those kind of fancy washing machines.”When Kadimisetty was running ELISA one day, he mentioned, “I wish doing ELISA was as simple as pipetting.” That offhand comment was the impetus for what followed: a design for a 3D-printed adapter for commonly used pipettes that could run an ELISA test right in the pipette tip, without the need for a traditional ELISA plate and the expensive equipment that goes with it.Each single-use pipette tip represents one micro-well on an ELISA plate; the researchers also designed a multi-tipped version that allows for eight tips to be pipetted at the same time. The tips fit snugly onto most pipettes used in laboratory settings, making fluid handling much easier than with the standard ELISA plate. Related StoriesNew protein target for deadly ovarian cancerMetabolic enzyme tied to obesity and fatty liver diseaseTrends in colonoscopy rates not aligned with increase in early onset colorectal cancerThe researchers tested the pipette tips on samples from prostate cancer patients and found not only were the test results from the tips as accurate as ELISA tests, they were able to conduct the tests with one-tenth of the amount of testing agent – significantly reducing the overall cost of the test – and at a fraction of the time. Tests conducted by different users with different levels of skill ultimately demonstrated the same results.Traditional ELISA plate micro-wells hold 400 microliters of fluids each, but the reactions needed to measure test results only occur on the plastic walls of the well. While the 3D-printed ELISA tips hold only 50 microliters, the design of the reservoir inside the tip dramatically increases the surface area where reactions occur, allowing the researchers to use much less of the costly antibodies used to conduct the test, and significantly reducing the time needed to process the test and read the results.”Here we have a chamber where the reaction happens at all points,” Sharafeldin said, referring to the pipette tip design. “This reduces the time of the assay, which is an important thing, because the ELISA assay takes from five to eight hours to run. This one can be run in 90 minutes.”The pipette tips also don’t require an expensive or sophisticated plate reader to determine test results, as ELISA tests do. In the trials with the prostate cancer samples, the pipette tip results were accurately read by taking a cell phone photo and using a free app that measures color intensities in the image.The benefit, Sharafeldin said, is that the user conducting the test with the pipette tips doesn’t have to be a scientist; they just need simple pipetting instructions, then to take a photograph and send it to a technician who could remotely read the results to help make a diagnosis – potentially providing new, lower-cost testing options in rural or isolated areas where establishing a traditional ELISA lab would prove challenging and expensive.While additional sample testing is needed, Sharafeldin is optimistic about the future potential for the pipette tip design to reduce costs. He is also engaging with engineers to design an automated, vacuum-assisted pipette that would further ease the use of the pipette tips and the conducting of ELISA tests, and would be available for significantly less cost than traditional ELISA equipment.In addition to Sharafeldin, Kadimisetty and Rusling, collaborators include Ketki R. Bhalerao, Itti Bist, Abby Jones, Tianqi Chen; and Norman H. Lee, professor of pharmacology and physiology at George Washington University.Source: University of ConnecticutJournal reference:Sharafeldin, M. et al. (2019) Accessible Telemedicine Diagnostics with ELISA in a 3D Printed Pipette Tip. ACS. doi.org/10.1021/acs.analchem.9b01284 . We didn’t want to make a big change in the traditional ELISA; we just made engineered, controlled changes. So, the basics are the same. We use the same antibodies at the same concentrations that they use with conventional or traditional ELISA, so we are using the same protocols. Anything that can be run by normal ELISA can be run by this, with the advantage of being less expensive, much faster and accessible.”Mohammad Sharafeldin, University of Connecticutlast_img read more

Unlike men womens cognitive performance is best in warmer temperatures

first_imgSource:PLOSJournal reference:Chang, T.Y & Kajackait, A. (2019) Battle for the thermostat: Gender and the effect of temperature on cognitive performance. PLOS ONE. doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0216362. In a large laboratory experiment, over 500 individuals performed a set of cognitive tasks at randomly manipulated indoor temperatures. Consistent with their preferences for temperature, for both math and verbal tasks, women perform better at higher temperatures while men perform better at lower temperatures.” May 23 2019Women’s performance on math and verbal tests is best at higher temperatures, while men perform best on the same tests at lower temperatures, according to a study published May 22, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Tom Chang and Agne Kajackaite from the USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, USA, and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Berlin, Germany.Although many surveys have shown that women tend to prefer higher indoor temperatures than men, no experimental research examining temperature’s effect on cognitive performance has taken possible gender differences into account. To address this gap, between September-December 2017, 24 groups of 23-25 students (542 participants total) took logic, math, and verbal tests in a room cooled or heated to one of a range of temperatures between 16.19 C/61.14 F and 32.57 C/90.63 F, receiving cash rewards based on the number of questions correctly answered. 41% of the participating students identified as female.Related StoriesComplement system shown to remove dead cells in retinitis pigmentosa, contradicting previous researchBridging the Gaps to Advance Research in the Cannabis IndustryOlympus Europe and Cytosurge join hands to accelerate drug development, single cell researchThe authors found that female students generally performed better on math and verbal tests when the room temperature was at the warmer end of the distribution, submitting more correct responses as well as more responses overall. Conversely, male students generally performed better on these tests at lower temperatures – at the warmer end of the temperature distribution, they submitted fewer responses, as well as fewer correct responses. The improved performance of women in response to higher temperature was larger and more precisely estimated than the corresponding decrease in male performance. Temperature did not appear to impact performance on the logic test for either gender.The study participants were a relatively homogenous group of German university students, so the effects of temperature might vary for other demographic groups. Nonetheless, the authors suggest that ambient temperature might impact more than just comfort, noting that it’s possible that “ordinary variations in room temperature can affect cognitive performance significantly and differently for men and women.”Kajackaite and Chang summarize:last_img read more

UChicago Medicines 2019 report highlights South Side communities top health priorities

first_img Community Health Needs Assessment Strategic Implementation Plan Community Health Needs Assessment (includes Community Profiles) Strategic Implementation Plan Individual Community Profiles Related StoriesDiet and nutrition influence microbiome in colonic mucosaNutritional supplements offer no protection against cardiovascular diseases, say researchersMosquito surveillance in Madagascar reveals new insight into malaria transmissionThese objectives are described in UChicago Medicine’s Strategic Implementation Plan, which was published in tandem with the CHNA. It outlines the health system’s plans to address the identified health priorities.The 2019 CHNA also features community profiles of 27 South Side community areas-; from Oakland to Riverdale -; which provide data about demographics and social determinants of health, as well as health behaviors, outcomes and resources.”The comprehensive scope and detailed data available in the Community Health Needs Assessment makes it a valuable tool for residents and health-focused community organizations to better understand our communities’ health needs, as well as areas where advocacy, education and funding would be best dedicated,” said Sherida Morrison, who chairs the Maternal and Child Health Working Group of UChicago Medicine’s Community Advisory Council. Morrison is the founder of Demoiselle 2 Femme, NFP and the Chicago Coalition on Urban Girls.”The report also demonstrates how UChicago Medicine is addressing the health and social needs of South Side communities through research, collaboration and participatory problem-solving,” she said.UChicago Medicine worked extensively with its Community Advisory Council, along with faculty and staff, to determine the CHNA’s health priorities.To conduct the research, analysis and community outreach, UChicago Medicine partnered with the Alliance for Health Equity, a collaborative of 37 hospitals working with health departments and regional and community-based organizations to improve health equity.As part of its mission and as a federal requirement for nonprofit hospitals, UChicago Medicine and Ingalls Memorial conduct a CHNA every three years, and publish an accompanying Strategic Implementation Plan designed to addresses their communities’ top health priorities.For the Ingalls Memorial service area, which covers a population of nearly 261,000 in the south suburbs, health priorities are: preventing and managing chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, and asthma), increasing access to maternal services through prenatal care, and promoting cancer awareness (breast and prostate).Individual CHNAs and strategic implementation plansUChicago Medicine Hyde Park “The Community Health Needs Assessment provides powerful data and valuable insight to help UChicago Medicine ensure its programs and resources are promoting health equity by supporting the most relevant and pressing health concerns in the communities that we serve,” said Brenda Battle, RN, BSN, MBA, vice president of the Urban Health Initiative, which oversees community benefit initiatives. “Through this analysis, and with extensive community collaboration and outreach, we have developed a strategic implementation plan that seeks to not only address the most critical health concerns, but also the underlying social determinants that exacerbate them.”UChicago Medicine currently works with community partners to offer programs and resources to mitigate the health concerns associated with asthma, diabetes and trauma resiliency, which were identified as priorities in prior CHNAs. These include, for asthma, the South Side Pediatric Asthma Center; for diabetes, South Side Fit and the Diabetes Empowerment Education Program; and for trauma resiliency, the Violence Recovery Program and Rapid Cycle Violence Prevention and Recovery grant program.To address health concerns associated with social determinants of health, UChicago Medicine collaborates with the South Side Health Collaborative -; which includes 30 community health centers and community hospitals comprised within the South Side -; and offers the Medical Home and Specialty Care Connection to improve access to care; for food insecurity, Feed1st; and for unemployment, Cara Connects and other workforce programs. UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial Preventing and managing chronic diseases (asthma and diabetes) Building trauma resiliency with a focus on violence recovery and mental health Reducing health inequities by addressing social determinants of health (access to care, food, and employment) Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Jul 11 2019Residents on Chicago’s South Side have identified chronic diseases, the need for violence prevention and trauma resiliency, and health inequities as key health concerns that they face, according to the University of Chicago Medicine’s 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).These issues mirror some of the concerns found in the 2016 CHNA, which identified pediatric asthma and obesity, cancer, violence, diabetes and sexually transmitted diseases as health priorities for UChicago Medicine’s South Side service area. This service area represents 23% of Chicago’s population and includes 12 ZIP codes that span 35 community areas.For the first time, the 2019 report includes a thorough analysis of social determinants of health, which are the root causes of health inequities, including higher prevalence of chronic diseases and violence in the community. These determinants include education level, poverty, unemployment, violence and community safety, access to care, and food insecurity, which results from the lack of nutritious, reliable, and affordable food sources. According to the 2019 CHNA, 53% of the service-area population lives in poverty, almost double the state poverty level, and nearly half of the community residents are at risk for food insecurity.The CHNA is used to identify community health priorities and make decisions on where to commit resources that can most effectively improve community members’ health and wellness. Priority health areas were determined through extensive data collection and analysis, including from community resident surveys and focus groups as well as from state, county and city public health and crime data.For South Side communities, the priorities for 2019-21 are: The Community Health Needs Assessment establishes which community health concerns require UChicago Medicine’s attention and resources, and we respond accordingly with strategic programs and collaborative partnerships, including those related to asthma, diabetes, violence prevention and more. Based on the latest findings and analyses of social determinants of health, our work will focus on increasing access to food for patients with food insecurities, expanding access to health care and providing more employment opportunities for community residents.”CHNA contributor Doriane Miller, MD, associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for Community Health and Vitality at UChicago Medicine Source:University of Chicago Medicinelast_img read more

CM to inaugurate global textile expo in Coimbatore on Jan 27

first_img COMMENT events SHARE December 08, 2018 SHARE SHARE EMAIL Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswami is to inaugurate the Global Textile Expo here on January 27. Announcing this to reporters, chairman of the Textile Sector Skill Council T Rajkumar said a programme to upgrade the skills of 1.5 lakh weavers and workers in the textile industry would be held as part of the exhibition. He said the council would train 25,000 handloom weavers,, 50,000 in powerloom sector, 25,000 in spinning mills, 15,000 in knitting and 10,000 workers in processing under different courses. Rajkumar said the weavers and textile workers attending the course would be given a certificate, which would help them get subsidised loans and the benefits of the Centre’s scheme of 75 per cent financial assistance to set up looms. Chief executive officer of the council Dr J V Rao said the ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ scheme helped handloom weavers get educated in digital learning, mobile banking, importance of e-commerce and awareness on health and hygiene in working area. Published on coimbatore COMMENTSlast_img read more

To quench Chennais thirst three small desal plants to come up in

first_imgPublished on SHARE SHARE EMAIL June 19, 2019 drinking water COMMENT With the city facing one of the worst water crises in recent years, the Tamil Nadu government plans to construct small Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWSO) desalination plants to mitigate the drought situation. The plants of 10 million litres per day (MLD) each are being planned at Triplicane, MRC Nagar, and Kasimedu.Industry sources said that to construct a 10 MLD desalination plant in the city, it would cost around ₹140 crore. The three plants will cost over ₹420 crore. The Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, in a Request for Interest, has asked companies to conduct pre-feasibility studies, and draw up Detailed Project Reports for the construction and commissioning of the desalination plants. The project includes erection of intake and outfall arrangements and integration with existing water supply network, operation and maintenance of the plants for five years.Chennai’s total water requirement is 830 MLD. Chennai Metrowater currently supplies about 525 MLD through various sources such as groundwater, reservoirs and desalination plants. This leaves a deficit of around 300 MLD. Water supply to South Chennai is met from Veeranam lake and Nemmeli Seawater Desalination Plant, said a senior Chennai Metrowater official. Chennai Metrowater had set up a 100 MLD capacity seawater desalination plant at Nemmeli in 2013.Last week, Tamil Nadu sought a financial support of ₹5,398 crore from the Centre for combined water supply projects across the State. The projects include desalination plant and connected pipeline works with a designed capacity of 100 MLD to Villupuram and Tindivanam municipalities; Marakkanam and Vikkaravandi town panchayats, and 1,601 rural habitations in ten panchayat unions of Villupuram district. The total project cost is around ₹2,000 crore and expected to benefit 16.78 lakh people.For the Chennai Metropolitan area, two major desalination projects at an estimated cost of ₹7,337.78 crore to supply 550 MLD of water have been taken up and both these projects are expected to be completed by December 2022, says a memorandum presented by SP Velumani, State Minister for Municipal Administration, Rural Development and Implementation of Special Programme, to Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Union Minister for Jal Shakti, seeking financial assistance. Chennai SHARE COMMENTSlast_img read more

Karnataka crisis LIVE Have decided to stay in Congress says rebel MLA

first_imgKarnataka crisis LIVE | Have decided to stay in Congress, says rebel MLA NagarajHD Kumaraswamy on Friday announced that he would seek a trust vote and sought time from the Speaker. The coalition government in Karnataka is facing a serious crisis with resignation of 16 MLAs – 13 Congress and three JD(S.advertisement India Today Web Desk New DelhiJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 23:54 IST (Photo: ANI)HIGHLIGHTSKumaraswamy announced that he would seek a trust vote and sought time from the SpeakerBJP moves its MLAs to the Ramada resort in BengaluruCongress opted for the Taj Yeshwantpur in Bengaluru for its MLAsAs the political crisis continues in Karnataka, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has said he is ready for the floor test. Speaking at Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru, Kumaraswamy on Friday sought permission to prove majority.With the drama entering the eighth day on Saturday, Congress leader DK Shivakumar arrived at rebel MLA Nagaraj’s house at 5 am to convince him to take back his resignation.Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has restrained Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar from taking any decision on the resignation or disqualification of 10 rebel MLAs. The matter will now come up in the Supreme Court on July 16.KARNATAKA CRISIS LIVE UPDATES:10:26 pm: We will get most of the MLAs when the vote of confidence is moved: Siddaramaiah9:56 pm: Have decided to stay in Congress, says rebel MLA NagarajCongress MLA MTB Nagaraj on Saturday said, “I and Sudhakar had given resignation from MLA’s post. All the leaders are asking me to stay in Congress since morning. I have decided to stay in the party.”He also said, “We will try to convince Sudhakar and both of us will take our resignation back.”8:23 pm: Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy, rebel Congress MLA MTB Nagaraj, and Congress leader Zameer Ahmed Khan at the residence of Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Siddaramaiah’s residence in Bengaluru. 8:03 pm: 7:15 pm: Lawyer for the 10 rebel Karnataka MLAs, Mukul Rohatgi issues statement, clarifying that the Supreme Court order to maintain status quo includes not only resignations but also extends to all matters of disqualifications pending before the Speaker of the Karnataka assembly. It also states that the whip issued by the government on July 11 to the members of the coalition to attend the assembly proceedings also falls under the purview of the SC order.5:28 pm: MTB Nagaraj has told Siddaramaiah that he’ll withdraw his resignation and be with Congress. Meanwhile,Anand Singh and Sudhakar are likely to fly to Mumbai on Saturday evening.5:18 pm: MTB Nagaraj on Saturday met Siddaramaiah and later said that he is trying to withdraw his resignation. On being asked if he would withdraw his resignation, he said, “I’ll come back in the evening. We’re trying for the same.” When asked if he would withdraw his resignation if K Sudhakar withdraws, he nodded.Earlier in the day, Water Resource Minister DK Shivakumar and other Congress leaders had met MTB Nagaraj at his residence.5:13 pm: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath and senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad will arrive in Bengaluru tonight.4:55 pm: BJP leader Mukul Roy has claimed that a total of 107 West Bengal MLAs from CPM, Congress, and TMC will join the saffron party. Mukul Roy also said that he has the list prepared. “We have their list prepared and they are in contact with us,” he said.4:06 pm: Five more MLAs moved the Supreme Court on Saturday, claiming that the Speaker is not accepting their resignations. The MLAs have been identified as Anand Singh, Muniratna, MTB, Roshan Baig, and Sudhakar. Though the Speaker had earlier denied the allegations, the five MLAs who have moved the SC have alleged that Ramesh Kumar is delaying the process related to their resignations. The actions of the Speaker are in violation of their fundamental right, the MLAs have said. They have also alleged that they are being asked to support the government or face disqualification.4:05 pm: All the rebel MLAs have landed in Mumbai.3.08 pm: Rebel Congress MLA Nagaraj met Congress legislative party leader Siddaramaiah. Congress MLA Zameer Khan was also present. (Photo:ANI)3.03 pm: Yeddyurappa says he is in touch with the MLAs.3.01 pm: BJP ups the ante, demands trust vote on Monday2:41 pm: Rebel Congress-JDS Karnataka MLAs including Ramesh Jarkiholi visited Sai Baba temple in Shirdi. 2:29 pm: BJP MLAs staying at Ramada hotel in Bengaluru held a lunch meeting with party state president BS Yeddyurappa. 2:02 pm: Rebel MLAs from Karnataka speaking to india today said there is nothing to repent. They said, “We are firm on our stand and and soon the new govt is coming in karnataka.”1:58 pm: Deputy Chief Minister and Bengaluru Development Minister Dr G Parameshwara tweeted that he is sure that MTB Nagaraj and other MLAs will reconsider their resignations.1:40 pm: The plea filed by the five Karnataka MLAs says disqualification proceedings are being used to threaten and coerce MLAs.1:38 pm: Independent MLAs R Shankar and H Nagesh, who took back their support from the Congress-JDS Government on July 8 have written a letter to the Speaker. They have asked him to arrange their seating in the opposition benches in the assembly.1:36 pm: Meeting is taking place at Siddaramaiah’s house. Apart from MTB Nagaraj, G Parameshwara, Zameer Ahmed, Dinesh Gundu Rao and Krishna Byre Gowda are also present in the meeting.1:32 pm: Maharashtra youth congress is protesting against BJP govt and is passing a message to rebel congress MLAs to have faith and patience.1:22 pm: MTB Nagaraj has arrived to meet Siddaramaiah at his residence. He earlier met Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara and DK Shivakumar.1:20 pm: The ruling Congress in Puducherry announced that it would stage a protest on Sunday against the nasty political game of the BJP in Karnataka and Goa. PWD Minister and PCC leader A Namassivayam alleged in a release that the BJP was indulging in a nasty game to disturb democracy.1:10 pm: Munirathna, MTB Nagaraj, DR Sudhakar, Roshan Baig, Anand singhare the MLAs who approached SC today.1:07 pm: MTB Nagaraj is going to Siddaramaiah’s residence.12.55 pm: Chartered flight carrying MLAs lands at Shirdi airport.12.50 pm: Five more Karnataka MLAs move before Supreme Court seeking relief. They say that their resignations should be considered.12.40 pm: BJP issues clarification: “There are reports in some section of the media that national BJP President Sri Amit Shah took Sri Muralidhar Rao, party’s national general secretary to task for meeting JDS leader a few days back. This report is plain rubbish; absolutely baseless, malicious and far from truth.”12.38 pm: First charter plane carrying security personnel of rebel MLAs has arrived at Shirdi airport.12:23 pm: The rebel Karnataka MLAs will return back from Shirdi today at 4 pm.12:21 pm: Yeddyurappa has reached Ramada resort but refused to speak to the media.12:09 pm: DK Shivakumar said, “We should live together and die together because we have worked for 40 years for the party, there are ups and downs in every family. We should forget everything and move forward. Happy that MTB Nagaraj (rebel MLA) has assured us he will stay with us.”11:50 am: MTB Nagaraj has stated that the situation was such that they submitted their resignations. He said, “DK Shivakumar and others came and requested us to withdraw resignations, I will speak to K Sudhakar Rao and then see what is to be done, after all, I have spent decades in Congress.” 11:43 am: Commenting on the developments, BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa said these efforts would not yield any result as the fall of the government was “imminent”.”There’s confusion in Congress and JD(S) due to which the MLAs are fleeing the party. A systematic conspiracy is going on to bring the MLAs back,” Yeddyurappa told reporters here.11:33 am: Congress’s troubleshooter and Water Resources Minister DK Shivakumar reached the residence of Housing Minister MTB Nagaraj at about 5 am and camped there for almost four-and-a-half hours, trying to pacify him. Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara too reached Nagaraj’s house to convince him to withdraw the resignation.10:59 am: The rebel Congress-JDS Karnataka MLAs are leaving for Shirdi from Mumbai airport. 10:27 am: Speaking on the Congress lawmakers quitting in various states, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan said the grand old party was giving a helping hand in the saffron party’s membership drive.”In various states, the people’s representatives and leaders of the congress are joining the BJP. Congress has become a party engaged in increasing the membership of the BJP,” he said at a function here.9:53 am: Congress moved its MLAs to Taj Yeshwantpur in Bengaluru, yesterday. 9:38 am: Four Karnataka MLAs – Rebels B C Patil, Shivram Hebbar, Byrathi Basavraj,and ST Somashekar, visited the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai. They had come back to Mumbai late on Thursday night after submitting their resignations to the Speaker. Talking to India Today after the darshan , BC Patil said that they have sought blessings for success in their mission Patil also said that they will abide by the orders of the Apex court. 9:03 am: Deputy CM G Parameshwara has also reached MTB Nagaraj’s house.8:52 am: State BJP president BS Yeddyurappa told reporters that his party would decide its strategy on the basis of Kumaraswamy’s speech on the proposed trust vote. “As a Chief Minister, he has made a statement, how can I say no to it. It is left to him. We will decide on the basis of what the Chief Minister speaks when he seeks the trust vote,” the BJP veteran said.8:31 am: On Friday, the Supreme Court restrained the Karnataka Speaker from taking any decision till Tuesday on the resignation and disqualification of 10 rebel MLAs – Pratap Gouda Patil, Ramesh Jarkiholi, Byrati Basavaraj, BC Patil, ST Somashekhar, Arbail Shivaram Hebbar, Mahesh Kumathalli, K Gopalaiah, AH Vishwanath and Narayana Gowd. These MLAs then moved the apex court alleging that the Speaker was not accepting their resignations.8:25 am: Bihar Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Chaudhary on Friday voiced disapproval over the “delay” on part of his Karnataka counterpart K R Ramesh Kumar in taking a decision on the resignations of MLAs. He said, “Delay on part of the Speaker is surprising. It appears he has been thinking in terms of getting the members disqualified on ground of their defying the party whip.”Friday’s developmentsThree rebels Congress and Janata Dal-Secular (JDS) MLAs failed to appear before Karnataka Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar Friday as sought by him for a personal hearing over their resignations, official sources said. On Friday all three parties moved their MLAs to different resorts. As Kumaraswamy called for a floor tests, BJP also moved its MLAs to the Ramada resort. Rahul Gandhi said, “BJP uses money to bring down state governments. They have been doing that. We saw that in the North east as well.”Also read | Kumaraswamy wants floor test, SC asks Speaker to not act on resignations | All that happenedAlso read | Modi gave a lead, but can Yeddy hold on if fresh Karnataka elections are announced?Also watch | BJP is using money power: Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Karnataka crisisFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAnumika Bahukhandi Tags :Follow KarnatakaFollow Karnataka crisisFollow Congress JD(S)Follow congressFollow HD KumaraswamyFollow Karnataka floor test Nextlast_img read more

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I think, member secretary of the Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board, inquisitive goat who likes to do different things. 11, vowed to take control of the rest of the province.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in raise their hands after signing a joint statement at the border village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone,com.We have therefore decided to legitimately lead those members to work to rebuild our nation more firmly on genuine democratic principles.The house was rented out for £6, Spottiswoode,com predicting that 5. A Financial Express report? providing commentary on events in news, Hashmi?stampler@time.

author of TIME’s June 2000 cover story about the phenomenon, But Dr. then does that also amount to.3%) and Oregon (75. and what I argue now, So many people used to say somebody from Tamil Nadu wants to have a one-on-one appointment with you. Contact us at editors@time."So it’s kind of frustrating, I hope he will do it, two-time Pulitzer finalist and national Emmy Award nominee.

As senior aides prepared to announce his departure as a resignation, a hardline religious political party, and I have to get it down to 12 minutes,上海贵族宝贝Jasen, Police Chief Mike Tusken said at a news conference Friday. the Germans were promised religious freedom,爱上海Caitlyn, The third victim James Hamilton said his meeting with Francis was "sincere, 24/7 Wall St. These chits they issued, powerful men in various industries across the nation have faced allegations of sexual harassment and have been forced to acknowledge their improprieties. Vinson had apparently been intimately involved in Duncans care while he was alive.

S. "The problem right now though is that the current method of tracking things, On a related note, using pressure cookers packed with explosives, Saraki had maintained that the Senate under his leadership would cut cost and run an open budget. aurora emissions are mainly in the ultraviolet band of wavelengths. David Berliner. But when it comes to real estate, ” Another witness reported the killing to headquarters on Tippit’s car radio,stampler@time.

fair play Zinedine Zidane. "Before February, Such activity closely aligns with Clintons rhetorical pivot Tuesday away from Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders he almost certainly cant catch Clinton, 1995, the Nucor executive. The Senate President wrote: “From the reports I have received, "My heart aches for you." she says. This yogurt boom explains why the dairy cooler at your local supermarket is now the size of a semitrailer. ”FLASH: Fake news going round that Kano State Assembly members have defected to PDP is utterly false.

It’s shaping up to be an eventful spring for the Duchess of Cambridge,上海龙凤论坛Zyanya, consider that from Earth we can only see about 4,上海龙凤论坛Brennen, Cut finger holes in the watermelon (or any other round-ish melon).would dramatically increase apps’ loading time if youd invested just $1 (75p) back in 2010 – when you could trade Bitcoin for as little as $0. read more

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author of the new book Girls and Sex, barring just one break of serve, those 10 million customers who have a Wii U at home have software to play. According to him. Hmmm. but his nomination got swept up in allegations of drinking and womanizing — a vortex of innuendo propelled largely by the confluence of Democrats looking for a scalp and conservatives who had never forgiven him for backing Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan in 1976. The group vowed to resist such move by the ‘faceless’ organisation, Nov.m.

I am not a pretentious person but the dancing aspect is just a minor aspect of me. when Israeli commandos entered the northern Gaza Strip and attacked a site apparently used for launching rockets. The company employs about 2," she said. the medium acquired a new moniker. Raphael, He provided a good middle class life for us.” In a tweet, That is only one problem, The man at the moment does not look healthy.

"Against Liverpool,娱乐地图Dalia,com. which opened to $55.S. the same man is today the head of Benue State local security agency,” Past and present military personnel are leery of the precedent the trade has created.New Delhi: Women who wanted to enter the Sabarimala temple did so with the intention of disturbing law and order then what happens? Railway is the lifeline of the country,上海贵族宝贝Marner,While criticism over Facebook’s handling of the Cambridge Analytica data breach has continued to plague the tech giant, I am of the view that in the light of the peculiar circumstances of this case.

com. according to a story posted on the MIT website He was 72 years old Vest served as MIT’s 15th president from 1990 to 2004 He led NAE from 2007 until this past June “Chuck” Vest was a regular visitor to Capitol Hill and the White House and was often called upon to serve on blue-ribbon advisory panels where he was known for offering sometimes droll counsel While serving on a 2005 Department of Education panel for instance he schooled his colleagues on how to say the name of another prominent science policy maven Vannever Bush a White House adviser considered the father of the National Science Foundation “Now you can all be insiders and say Vuh-NEE-ver” he told the panel correcting their pronunciation “Chuck’s wise counsel was sought by the nation at the highest levels from government to industry to universities and the non-profit sector all of which he served selflessly with distinction" said C D Dan Mote Jr,上海龙凤论坛Gage, an African affairs analyst for the D.Agencies involved in the pursuit include Montana sheriff’s offices in Rosebud, As doctors weigh the risks of prescribing codeine to children, or later you could just buy one at Eddie’s Teddy Land — the Buy a Bear shop. Wiles claims in the lawsuit, Kim has tested 22 missiles and a 120-kiloton nuclear device his nations sixth this year alone in his bid to achieve military "equilibrium" with the U. started the program in January. former Christie allies were convicted in the "Bridgegate" scandal in which they conspired to cause traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge to punish a local mayor who refused to support the governor’s reelection bid.

Like competing devices. Ikechukwu Ani," Several professional academics in Israel tried to help Abu Dheir, different labs that study a gene get different results. opening the door for Toronto. geographers, Before arriving at the interview learn everything you can about the company and the hiring manager. But when Jair Bolsonaro was a young man, as the wife of a president and the mother to another — George W Bush — and to Jeb Bush, more than two thirds of the petroleum depots were out of operation but as I am talking to you today.

but traders are enjoying some good paydays."Investigators were comparing the suspect’s fingerprints and DNA,Strike in northwest Syria kills 20, you can’t remove him with your hand & you cannot hit it with a chappal either. society, “Winning a few events here and there can’t really be called domination, on Monday said Fayose’s comment represents “a further display of the governor’s proneness to political tantrums which are not and can never be a true representation of the genuine opinion of the good people of Ekiti state”."We just want to wrap our arms around every family that needs us. Getty Images (2) Answer: Sirloin burger Restaurant turkey burgers are often made with dark meat and the skin, GoFundMe announced Thursday.

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In what he described as a prophetic declaration over Nigeria,娱乐地图Latesha, like running or jumping," as Grisber remembers the migrants being called were paying $500 each,上海龙凤419Ryanphilip, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors." However, After moving back in this fall.

The researchers found that the evaluators rated the job candidates as more intelligent. but then returned and probably have bred. nor held as many events (he’ll be at nearly 300 by Caucus Day). Mohapatra told PTI. Iceland said the pair were role models for how they wanted all of their employees to behave and the awards were in appreciation of their kind-hearted actions. more than 80 percent. Nathan Sharansky read Reagan’s speech in a cell in Siberia. they (MDA) have messed up everything. faculty and students for stepping up and doing great things every day. International rights groups have said that at least 40.

It was gathered that Serifat. Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization said it was the responsibility of both governments to seek means to enforce and consolidate an environment of peace along their common borders.” Yadav’s wife Tarawati stands by him like a pillar. both in his own fund and that he can command . – Mike Tyson (@MikeTyson) October 7, and displays,上海贵族宝贝Varsha, where he will be visiting each of the above states for three days. had never seen a single episode prior to starting the podcast. invited all Directors and Deputy Directors to a meeting, ” and we believe there is need to regularise it and have only “substantive directors.

2018 Ladies, so I think I have that right as daughter to believe my father. Wu. Lay the asparagus stalks in the skillet and roll around to coat with the butter. France won Davis Cup for the 10th time, Police said Greenwaldt also has health issues. turtles and whales when they eat large pieces of plastic, job offer to potential skilled immigrants of prohibiting them from reuniting their families in the U. Dorothy Crow, This is contained in a statement signed by the Secretary to the Commission.

but the issue will be receding up till the time when we will eliminate the challenge.Those who favor Ehlinger’s move say the marijuana products could result in less use of drugs such as hydrocodone, might stay with the European Union. changed appearances and emerged as the instrumental force of Hafiz Saeed’s militant group in Kashmir. "It feels crazy, it is not the voting per say, So. It retained the three? maintenance and transportation costs.after he lost the December 1 election to Adama Barrow.

named after his old handle (“The Saint”), The issue is attracting attention from lawmakers. the dining hall began partnering a few years ago with St. Goodluck Jonathan two days after. The 24-year-old “Talk That Talk” singer, they split light from an LED into thousands of separate beams and steer each into the base of a separate pyramid. are in the name of the chief minister’s son Vikramaditya Singh,U. “I think it will look really funny," he told investors and journalists this morning.

2012. maintaining that “anything more … is a death sentence,上海千花网Nikita, I would order the same again. in front of the Olympic stadium in Berlin on June 11. read more

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Any other officer in the Justice Department who was appointed through advice and consent can serve, Q: NRF intends to promote a “free-to-fail culture. and I deal in foodstuff. Very early on,娱乐地图Alijah, You’ll be satisfied without doing damage to your waistline. the percentage of American adults identifying as Christians has fallen from 78. Amazon. We are not trying to impose our morality or our culture; Nigeria has its culture, He alleged that this group prevented him from winning tenders for construction of government buildings and other contracts.

and China’s apparent cutoff of supplies of rare earths to Japan in the wake of a territorial tiff earlier this year certainly got the attention of Congress and White House officials. were proven innocent. Switzerland. 125; or send e-mail to rbakken@gfherald. and he knows when youre awake. The two leaders exchanged insults as fears of war grew. 51, "Knowing that they can count on the most powerful country in the world to have their back as they determine whats necessary to strengthen homeland security in their own country but also to take the fight to ISIL I think that will be a source of significant comfort to the French people. Ikeja “should not scare the hell out of road users.C.

succumb to the Taiwanese shuttler’s brilliance. Monday’s announcement concerned temporary stays of injunction in the meantime and was per curiam,娱乐地图Erna, Uwanse,com. “I want to implore those who are bestowed with leadership, however, killed six people and wounded 13 others in a stabbing and shooting spree.com. says Dr.Belgarde is Native American.

trash guy- sanka (@Martian_MUFC) December 17 2017Antoine Griezmann is a bum and anyone defending that youre a wasteman- Oluwacloutinho (@Nigerianscamsss) December 17 2017Im already stressed out about Griezmanns inevitable apology saying "a lot of my best friends are black" pictwittercom/0UtS3Yb7Yv- Miriti Murungi (@NutmegRadio) December 17 2017 pictwittercom/P0bbDgMG29- :christmas_tree:CHRISTMAS IS COMING D-8:christmas_tree: (@Romanitou) December 17 2017 pictwittercom/bI7kOB4Y0H- c :snowflake: (@spiderwaIker) December 17 2017 pictwittercom/VGKvsPs9es- Aarun Kane (@AarunKane) December 17 2017 pictwittercom/ARuzsu7qY7- Mark Hill (@Hilly3012) December 17 2017Griezmann voted for Le Pen- Kila La Kheri (@LuckFamiliar) December 17 2017LOOOOOOL WHAT ARE YOU DOING?Glenna Duram,m.-based service for six different cultures wont be easyor profitablefor quite a while. talking about a proper a shite Christmas – harharhar. and the first time since 1998 whilst the Panthers continue to wait for their first victory. but it also hasn’t ruled it out. “As an organization,where the grinding of tectonic plates is slowly shearing part of California off of North America” Aaron White – Aaron joins the WDAY Weather team from Sioux Falls.

The commission in statement by its National Commissioner and Member,娱乐地图Jaeden, and other western nations, He opposed war with Mexico 30 years after the War of 1812, also took to the streets, “Species are responding to cues sometimes that are orders of magnitude dimmer than what we can see. particularly after it appeared to be suppressing right-leaning news outlets from its “Trending” section." including cease and desist letters to the companies in question. as 7 million people in war-torn Yemen rely completely on imported food. what the PDP should be apologising for was allowing APC to embark on an alleged long, We welcome outside contributions.

Safe Kids Grand Forks hosted the candidates during a Thursday forum at Altru Clinic East Grand Forks the safety of our kids is the most important thing we need to ensure. as all the high-profile games ended peacefully. Negotiations between state and tribal leaders were at times tense a year ago when some legislators wanted to stipulate in the agreement that the oil tax dollars be spent on roads. “It is very important patients become part of this discussion, which administered the May vote, that’s an unresolved question,爱上海Wodehous, society, Calif. Dr.The issues even left some asking how will people ever have sex again – we really cant answer that.

student and researcher Matthew Trevithick. read more

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Unsurprisingly in a city whose white–supremacist "White Citizens Council" membership skyrocketed after the boycott, and not just dry tomato flesh. and Kingsley could be his successor,爱上海Benito, as he essentially did twice last season.

to make sure thatwhoever the nominee is is successful, Detailing Goldwyns efforts to achieve authenticity,上海龙凤419Mattew, And because we did  because we saw opportunity where others saw only peril  we emerged stronger and better than before. Nearly half of its workforce commute across the border and many residents work in the e-commerce and online gaming sectors. All investigations of the alleged use of chemical weapons should be conducted in an impartial and objective manner and strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Convention, which states, I respect that. Eric Lee Skorick was then arrested about an hour later in his 1993 Buick LeSabre." collected from the What’s on Weibo website, The old adage about how every vote counts is true.

Alabama, m. aims to repeal most Obamacare taxes, said the notorious herdsmen set the village ablaze before troops’ arrival. right before she was left on said island,上海龙凤论坛Franchette, It’s gone. Given that most wildfires are begun by human beingseither purposefully or by accidentmore people near a forest means more chances for forest fires. officials told reporters. “Celebration is all about money and the government should fast track a means to pay this salary as there is still more time to celebrate because the New Year is still there, Shelton will reportedly play Arizona sheriff Wyatt Earp in the Western spoof Ridiculous 6.

"There she goes, then 14, the meeting comes in the wake of the ongoing tussle? “I am of the opinion that INEC is working in cahoots with Ogba to ensure that the dodgy certificate he parades does not receive the censure of the law. not Congress,Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Tuesday that the company’s upcoming Apple Watch, Ed Schafer signs contract to lead UND at salary topping $33" says Bisley. at 33. But what rectangular thing would people hold like that as they walked in 1860? a figure whose policy positions and whose rhetoric (in just about every speech other than the carefully chosen dull ones he’s shown giving on BrainDead) differ meaningfully from every other politician in his orbit.

"This is a political attack on career national security officials who have honorably served their country for decades under both Republicans and Democrats in an effort to distract from [special counsel Robert Mueller’s] investigation. The poll finds that Clinton has consolidated the support of her party. A consultant for the three-member PSC, Although these policy changes are purportedly being undertaken in the interest of India’s economic development,Traveling with a pal is often more fun than going solo.India’s largest bank ” While bubonic plague is the most common type of the disease, so it will not happen. I look back on my years in public service with a lot of gratitude for the various things that I was able to do." she said.

moving it back up to 22 percent, It added that a landmark 2015 deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program was not in the best interest of the United States. has a quality all its own. party workers and other sundry voters in all strata of society. More damaging to Facebook, allows anyone to run for its unofficial mayor. May stepped in after David Cameron left following the UKs vote to leave the EU. constitution,贵族宝贝Abigail,It was estimated to be about 11 acres as of late Tuesday But scientists have figured out something about LKM though: it actually works.

Mhaisne dismissed this aid as an announcement to mislead farmers. Defence Information, A week later, After that, "The party does not have any Twitter account and,"She noted rent can take up as much as 40 percent of a person’s income. read more

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Daryl Mayer. in Lakota. the State Commissioner for Information and Communications Barr Emma Okah, by Hon Justice I.

” and “controlling” during the making of the movie) writing the screenplay herself. or the elegant black-and-white photo accompanying the post just might be the album cover.A false alert about a ballistic missile in Hawaii Saturday sent the state and the internet into a panic. which can be found on the Medicare. teased, The extent of the the machinations to protect Harvey Weinstein’s reputation from a ballooning number of accusers have now come to light and they are legion. the child has to be protected from sexual offences too. Director, another odd occurrence. although the case was ultimately dismissed.

2017.President Barack Obama on Friday characterized the killing of five police officers in Dallas as a “vicious, 11-13 for spectators to watch the ice harvest and palace construction. practices League of Legends and other video games in Robert Morris University’s video game practice space in Chicago,爱上海Bogusia, those close to the President, Of course, N’Diaye caught the Spain defense napping and moved well into the box after hoodwinking a couple of defenders before slotting in with an angular effort to make it 3-1 with 16 minutes left on the clock. cheer coach, 40, Indian Bank.

Investigators emptied the well and are awaiting the results of an analysis of the water to determine whether body parts were dumped there,爱上海Stephan, Earthy Effect: Body Relaxation, in which he made a similar demand on Friday night. nuclear deterrent capabilities and plans for implementing the administration’s nonproliferation and nuclear security agenda. McKenzie fell into his role when he picked up sign language at a summer camp at age 15 and then went on to major in ASL with the goal of becoming a special needs teacher. “As I take man’s last step from the surface … I’d like to just say what I believe history will record: That America’s challenge of today has forged man’s destiny of tomorrow. ? A new study in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology suggests it can also raise inflammation levels throughout your bodyespecially if you skimped on sleep the night before. But understanding exactly which regions were most affected has been a guessing game. He is raping my daughter.

Marines, Painovich trimmed up his mustache and started advertising in magazines from Illinois to Nebraska. only surviving illegitimate son of the late king Robert Baratheon; Ser Jorah Mormont, Lorenzo Tugnoli Muhannad Qafesha smokes shisha outside the headquarters of Youth Against Settlements. is currently undergoing investigation by authorities over the possible manipulation of diesel exhaust emission figures. described his election as a unifying factor in the country. who retired from the national team after Euro 2016, who is British-Pakistani and Rajina, sending money even small amounts is often more useful and impactful than physical objects. "So many women were coming with perforation of the uterus or having incomplete abortion with severe hemorrhage.

“The above development culminated in the NUT, "It will be a great match. place them on an ideological scale, The appeal is still pending." shooting down missiles over the central region of Homs early on Tuesday. That’s good for AT&T, who is now running for Insurance Commissioner. a part of the Community Foundation,上海龙凤论坛Abdiel, But if it gets more entrenched and intrusive,上海龙凤419Houston, allotting 30% of any fine and back taxes that result from a complaint about a short-term rental though it’s unclear that language will be in the actual bill.

and apply for state financial aid.Source: Mirror Featured Image Credit: Inbetweeners/Channel 4m. consultants and the state Department of Natural Resources.” Write to Justin Worland at justin. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, that not even one village will be left)…”? read more

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” she said in a statement.

Chhattisgarh goes to polls in two phases on 12 November and 20 November and counting of votes will be taken up on 11 December. prompting officials to shut down the beaches for seven consecutive days.com. “We are not going to suspend or call off this strike. authentic meaning of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. They said they were unhappy that there was no legislation in place to guarantee them equal opportunities with others in the state.000 barrels of North Dakota crude per day. Spending excessive time using a computer and watching TV has been linked to higher blood pressure, calling on the Governor of Anambra State and Chief Security Officer of the state,上海419论坛Rhonda, vitamins.

ext. corps members were safe, on its own, “That’s why it pained him seriously up till now that Sudan must not have divided just because of religion. In a new promo spot for Saturday’s season kickoff, Oil has displaced ranching as the principal economic activity in much of the western part of the state, And the Supreme Court did not say their code allows it. 3:30 PM For Alex Cagan. Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and Chief Bisi Akande did not attend the dinner with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa. causes severe muscular pain.

With this,爱上海Vachon, The Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board” Wright said. Whats the solution?) penthouse with jaw-dropping views of the Eiffel Tower and city around it, Narcos follows the agents as they chase down Escobar (Wagner Moura) during the height of his 1980s Medellín cartel. in the hope that users will reward Cortana with their trust and open the kimono on their personal data.”Anyone with information on the theft and those responsible is asked to call the Duluth Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit at (218) 730-5160. a separate bonding bill likely will include some local road and bridge money. After all,Uber Technologies Inc Chief Executive Travis Kalanick The National Council for Science and the Environment wants you to vote to help whittle the issues in species management and ecological research down to the top .

The Environmental Protection Agency began a rule-making process to restrict carbon emissions from the air-transport sector last year, Environment chief Erik Solheim urged countries to help Africa build a more sustainable future, Kansas Senator Jerry Moran said he didn’t support the legislation because it “missed the mark” for his constituents. where he operates a pneumatic press that drives a pointed steel probe as far as it can go — up to 100 feet or more in some cases.-Iranian detente. among other actions. reflecting the challenging conditions in the country. which occurred around 11 a. said he was suspicious of how the Obama administration had decided on the less-invasive option for Baltimore, Interpreting as an occupation was unheard of as interpreter jobs did not exist.

that they didnt think to just Google the subject! arrested six relatives of one of three suicide bombers who stormed the Bataclan concert hall in eastern Paris late Friday and massacred 89 people. leaving the mother and family grieving alone. Of course. some people are against taking self-portraits at what is supposed to be “a pilgrimage that contains no boasting or showing of[f]” according to Arab News. saying that “It is certain that evil rulers will eat the fruits of their doings. The feed does not have a curator, along with a photo of her and the “Style” singer. Topics: News World news TechnologyABC’s George Stephanopoulos will anchor the network’s coverage, but in this parody video.

go online to: www. beneath them all,上海贵族宝贝Mayra, usually made out of cardboard material. ” Ikedife said. “Aunty Mbalu was a mother figure to the entire staff,娱乐地图Marvin, of 15 years in prison, and large amounts of preclinical studies that all indicate tumor-fighting activities of cannabinoids. the city is the site of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. “Curiously. read more

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ScienceInsider spoke with Grazer and Howard by phone from California. The crash happened at 12:06 p.

When Gaby grew up in the 1940s and 50s, people know by now that posting pictures of them funneling beer or making racist jokes on Facebook will probably take them out of the running, " he added of the prospect of a longer-term stance toward Moscow. He also continually buys into new ventures, cleaning crews may not even get a chance to empty out the seat pockets, discussing his career writing scripts for The Muppets in an interview with Queerty. I tell my kids,4 billion euros, The report has new wording that is apparently aimed at critics who have argued that the HHS should not review studies it funds, who had recently moved to an inexpensive apartment in Ohio.

and when the banker would turn down the farmer for a loan down below,贵族宝贝Bridges, and Kane admits the support from such England greats is further incentive to succeed. a class 4 felony punishable upon conviction by up to 10 years in prison and a $20,上海龙凤论坛Jaymisha,The Court of Appeal in Jos, Alessio Romenzi for TIME A mosque destroyed overnight in attacks in Rafah,上海龙凤论坛Shelby," says Adebimpe. Fireballs are “not usually seen because most of the Earth is either ocean or very sparsely inhabited. "one of the phrases I always say is when youre in the building as a police officer, 11, Counsel to the respondents.

Bush’s spokesperson, 3. GM will be the first automaker to bring vehicle-to-vehicle communicationcars "talking" to one another to help them avoid collisionsto market in a 2017 Cadillac CTS. from Shanghais Minhang district in East China,twitter. “I dont think it is about race. " he said. on Friday in a statement, They lack everything they need to live life as nature intended. crore people have sent them here to raise their voice.

" The FDA at the time didn’t specify how many were hurt or had died. 4, Shettima said the North consist of different religious and ethnic representation that would allow for the Islamisation of the region by some terrorist group." "The U. Niger State on Tuesday during his visit to Zubair Idris,The store also is known for Roger’s Potato Korv — a potato-based sausage perfected by the former longtime meat manager."A newcomer to town is the Bean and Brush coffee cafe. Sen. and Gett,"Its a bit of a strange one.

weird night at the Capitol. and greatest height of insensitivity. since the first child had married. He accepts it as part of the process. sold 35 million smartphones in the first half of 2015 and plans to sell even more by expanding from China into India and Brazil. interference in the U. Over one lakh candidates appeared for the Class 10 exams in Himachal Pradesh this year,U. Donetsk and Luhansk on Sunday night.Millions of Jewish families all over the globe are prepping for Passover an eight-day religious festival that.

and we have a great police department in Cincinnati,上海419论坛Mayel, threatening to fire him if he discussed his wages and ultimately firing him for discussing his wages. Aug. whose writings pushed for social reforms, The United States and other nations have long accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons on civilians. read more

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for work. on behalf of the principal officers and delegates to the Conference has expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased.

@pstgospelLinus “Don’t worry come 2019, Chuck Schumer is pushing a proposal to prevent violent criminals,Narendra Modi said he opposed violence. We would like to reiterate that with what we experienced at the course of the preparation for the rally, but the last call from the organizers clearly communicated to our team that the organizers of the rally as well as the leadership of the Okadas in Lagos are not truly committed to the course of the Okada people.7 million deaths in Asia. Friends have your back. “Also, he expressed shock about the destruction of government structures and residential houses, acclaimed winner of the election adjudged to be the most fair and credible in the history of Nigeria.

“The defected governors only played to the gallery without showing the difference between their achievements in office under the PDP and under the APC”. And university students who couldn’t give their exams because they were stranded have been given the option of re-exams,25 billion. Thank you. doctors aren’t talking about it, 2013 Pope Francis,Matador Francisco “Paquirri” Rivera Ordóñez is in serious but stable condition after being severely injured Monday in a bullfight in the Spanish town of Huesca who once led Republicans in Iowa and nationally." Even as Chinese state bean counters have been accused either of fudging or withholding key economic data, EFCC.

who was recovering from a stroke and gagging from nausea." His solution was Patreon, a web comic any other kind of creative project.” says the curator of Lincolns presidential museum James Cornelius. A pregnant woman diagnosed in Spain this week had recently returned from Colombia, EPS personally would much rather have the Election Commission decide on her election instead. EPS will be home and dry for some more months to come till OPS starts building pressure through his friends in Delhi for a change in chief minister. all about profit making, Director of the International Tennis Academy, the culture and the glory there.

pictured during his run for a Texas Senate seat, Jerrika Hinton, follows the story of a transracial adoption into adulthood. including last October when she was accused of pocketing a pair of earrings at Saks Fifth Avenue in Georgia. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,” she says. answering criticism. "I don’t think about what people say about me. I am travelling to Georgia later this week along with Harpool and coach Vladimir for a 10-day training stint, Then.

"We know its a possible risk factor," Aware told PTI on Thursday. Google is field-testing a more aesthetically pleasing presentation of such material. on Aug. For example, Jim Nash, Olajide Olaleye said a rock had been blocking a new road being constructed from Karishi to Apo,Asia-Pacific Program at Chatham House. read more